Learn how to fix data corruption in your QuickBooks company file:

If you are a QuickBooks user, then you might also be familiar with what is company file. Intuit developed QuickBooks accounting software and targeted small and medium-sized businesses mainly. This software has become a go-to product, especially when it comes to accounting and bookkeeping activities. The database is the strength of this software, and also it is competent enough to handle pressures and growing demands. But, similar to that of other software, this database can be susceptible to certain errors. Sometimes, QuickBooks breaks into data issue, due to which the need to repair QuickBooks desktop company file arises. Keeping all those facts in mind, we have come up with this article, where we will be discussing the causes and the ways to repair data corruption in QuickBooks desktop company file.

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Signs and Symptoms of QuickBooks Company File Corruption

Well, it is very much important for you to identify the error, which can be done by considering the symptoms below. Keep the below-stated instances in mind, and you will be able to identify the bug with much ease:

  • If the system or QuickBooks shuts down suddenly while you try to save or delete a transaction.
  • Missing transactions or entries from the lists can also indicate the error.
  • Errors like a data problem prevent QuickBooks from continuing in the verify data utility or any other issue might be a factor indicating the error.
  • Any kind of faulty reports like balance sheets where the total assets don’t match the total liabilities and equity.
  • You can identify this error in case of the paid bills, and invoices show as unpaid.
  • You open the send feedback online > bug report Window, and you see the HTML code in the Window.
  • If the account names are preceded with an asterisk (*) because of original accounts missing.
  • QuickBooks is not responding or running slowly, and operations are taking much more time than normal.

Factors leading to QuickBooks company data file corruption

Now that you know the ways to spot the company file error in QuickBooks desktop, it is very much important to learn the factors causing the error. You can check out the below list and explore the reasons causing the issue:

  • A common cause can be lack of resources like RAM, Virtual memory, network interface cards, routers, network cables, etc.
  • A sudden power surge or drop has the capability to trash the entire hard drive, in case the UPS is not proper.
  • Inappropriate shutdown of the system can also be one of the most common factors.
  • You can encounter a similar issue, in case of virus attacks to the hard drive on which the database is stored.
  • The development of bad sectors on the hard drive where the database is stored can be another valid reason.
  • If your QuickBooks database file size is beyond the prescribed limit, then the error is probable to happen.

How to prevent QuickBooks company file corruption?

You can not prevent the error completely, but at the same time try to minimize the risk factors that contribute to its occurrence. The error can be prevented by the below pointers:

  • Make sure to back up your data multiple times, that too at different locations, as this might help you to prevent data lock.
  • You can opt for online banking, as it is also very much effective.
  • You should keep tabs on the size of the QuickBooks database file, and if it threatens to exceed the limit, then try to reduce the size using third-party tools.
  • Also, avoid the other causes of data corruption.

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How to Fix QuickBooks Desktop Company File Corruption?

Now that you have learnt the preventions, causes, as well as symptoms, it is time for you to explore the solutions. So, let us check out some of the most effective solutions:

Solution 1: Repairing the company file using Rebuild Data tool

  • The initial step is to move to the File menu and then hover over the Utilities and choose the Rebuild data option.
Run rebuild data utility - Screenshot
  • Next step is to select OK tab on the QuickBooks information Window. After that, you need to follow the onscreen steps to save the backup.
  • Followed by letting the tool repair the file. It should be noted that the process might take some time, and the QuickBooks might seem stuck.
  • Now select OK after the tool finishes.
  • And then, move to the File menu and then hover over the Utilities tab and selecting the Verify data.
Verify data utility - Screenshot
  • Final step is to let the tool check the file for data issues.

If no error is detected, select OK and Continue using the company file, as the problem is resolved.

Solution 2: Repair manually by rebuilding the data

When none of the above methods works, it is recommended to manually fix the error. For this, the below steps can be carried out.

  • First step is to move to the File menu and then hover over the Utilities tab and select the Verify data option.
Verify hosting data - Screenshot
  • After that, let the tool check the issue.
  • Now select the Expand all option from the Verify results screen and then select Expand all to see the errors.
Verify Results - Screenshot Image
  • Moving ahead, select See Online article and contact support for help repairing the company file.

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Solution 3: Free tools to fix the company file issues

You can simply opt for some free tools to fix the error. The list of tools that can work in this situation is as follows:

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool -Screenshot

The QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool has been designed to manage issues that come up during the installation of QuickBooks Desktop. It also diagnoses and repairs the company file issues, mainly related to the Microsoft .NET framework.

QuickBooks Component Repair Tool

QuickBooks Component Repair Tool - Screenshot

QuickBooks component repair tool is also a very important tool. This tool fixes the error that prevents the QuickBooks from running.

QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

QuickBooks file doctor icon - Screenshot

QuickBooks file doctor tool is integrated or built-in only in QuickBooks 2016 and the later versions. It is mainly developed and designed by Intuit to fix data corruption, Windows setup problems, and network setup problems.

  • You would have to select the Company file issues from the tool hub.
  • Further, choose the option to run QuickBooks File Doctor. This would take some time for the file to open, and also note that if the tool doesn’t open, search for QuickBooks desktop file doctor and open it manually.
  • In QuickBooks File Doctor, you need to select the Company file from the drop-down menu.
  • In case you aren’t able to see the file, and also choose Browse and look for the file.
  • Moreover, choose Check your file and also hit the Continue tab.
  • End the process by Entering your QuickBooks admin password and hitting Next.

The scan time completely depends upon the size of your file.

Run Quick Fix My File

Program Problems tab in tool hub - Screenshot Image

Another tool that can be used to fix company file issues can be the quick fix my file tool in QuickBooks Tool Hub. You simply have to perform the below set of steps:

  • From QuickBooks tool hub, you simply have to go for Company file issues.
  • Heading forward, choose the Quick fix my file option.
  • Hit OK tab and also launch the software.
  • This would rectify the issue up to a certain extent.

QuickBooks Tool Hub

New QuickBooks Tool hub program option - Screenshot

QuickBooks Tool hub is recently introduced by Intuit. It is a multi-functional asset, where you can avail the features of tools like File Doctor, QuickBooks Refresher, Condense Data tool, PDF and print repair tool, Install diagnostic tool, connection diagnostic tool, and a lot more.

Solution 4: Updating and backing up QuickBooks

Once you are done with the procedures to fix the company file, we highly recommend you to create a backup of the company file. Moreover, you are also suggested to check for any software updates. You simply have to choose help option in QuickBooks Desktop and then update QuickBooks desktop. Heading forward, run updates on a regular basis and also verify and re-build the data to help in fixing the issues.

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Winding Up!

This brings us to the end of this post, where we hope that the information we have shared in above and also the solutions discussed might turn out to be helpful in repairing the QuickBooks desktop company file. However, in case of any difficulty, you can simply get in touch with our QuickBooks enterprise support team. Feel free to give a call to our experts at 1-800-761-1787. We are a hub of technocrats, who work round the clock to provide the best possible support services.


Can I repair a company file if it is stored on a network or a shared drive?

Yes! A Company file stored on a network or a shared drive can be repaired. However, you should possess the permissions for commencing the repair process.

Can I repair a QuickBooks Desktop company file if it is in use by another user?

Yes! It is possible to repair the file when it is in use by another user. However, it is recommended not to advance with the process as it may lead to data damage.

What should I do if the repair process makes my QuickBooks Desktop company file inaccessible or causes further issues?

If the company file is inaccessible after repairing it, you should instantly restore the backup of the company file.


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