Learn how to resolve the data damage issues on your QuickBooks company file:

QuickBooks data damage is a commonly encountered situation that a user might come across while formatting one or more pages becomes damaged, or there are performance failures, disk failures, power surges, etc. One of the most common issues users may encounter is a corrupted QuickBooks company file. In case users identify any data issues, or if they have done the necessary research and suspect data damage, then they need not worry, as this article would be immensely helpful to troubleshoot data damage on QuickBooks Desktop Company File.

In this article, we will discuss in detail the QuickBooks company file data damages, and its fixation, along with the factors causing this type of issue. On that note, let us buckle up and learn more about this error. Although, if users want our team of experts with years of experience and expertise to resolve the error on their behalf, then they can connect with our team at 1-800-761-1787. We will be there to assist our users in a single call.

Identifying signs for data damage in QuickBooks company file

Identifying the data damage error in QuickBooks company file becomes easy once users go through with the below-listed signs. Let us check them out one by one:

  • Errors like “A data problem prevents QuickBooks from continuing” in the verify data utility or verify target: values in minor do not match major on the screen or in the Qbwin.log file.
  • If there is a negative balance in the transaction history
  • If any of the transaction and entry is missing from the lists
  • In case the paid bills or invoices are shown unpaid
  • If the software itself is running sluggishly
  • Erroneous reports like balance sheets
  • If the software shuts down suddenly, while trying to save or delete a transaction
  • When the user opens the “Send feedback online” and while moving to the Bug report Window, he/she needs to spot the HTML code in the Window.
  • In case, the account’s name is preceded by an asterisk (*). This means that the software created these accounts due to the original accounts were missing.
  • And the list goes on……

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Triggers to the data damage errors in QuickBooks Desktop

There can be certain factors that might trigger the QuickBooks company file data damage. Out of those factors, we have listed some of the common ones below:

  • In case there is any virus attack to the hard drive on which the database is stored, then such an error is probable to appear.
  • If the data file size has expanded beyond the prescribed limit.
  • If there is a sudden power surge or drop, then it might trash the entire hard drive leading to such an issue.
  • Along with that, if the system lacks certain resources, which include, RAM, virtual memory, network interface cards, routers, network cables, etc.
  • Inappropriate shut down of the system might also end up in QuickBooks company file data damage.

Preventive actions

Before users jump on to the quick fixes to data damage in QuickBooks company file, there are certain preventive measures that can be implemented by the users. These preventive actions include the following:

Selecting a hard-wired network over wireless:

This is recommended, as in case users make use of a wireless network, it might enhance the risk of dropped connections, which in-turn creates issues with the data file. These issues can be avoided by opting for a hard-wired network.

Creating a backup within QuickBooks:

Often the files are automatically backed up in QuickBooks, which helps a lot. However, when the log file is created and continues to increase in size, the performance starts getting hampered, and this increases the risk of data corruption unless users take the backup of the data. This backup file is later used by Intuit for data recovery. So, it is recommended to make a verified backup within QuickBooks accounting software on a monthly basis.

Checking the file size:

QuickBooks pro and premier users can go for 250 MB file. Whereas, when the file size reaches 500 MB, it might turn down to sluggish performance. However, QuickBooks enterprise users can go for 500 MB. But when this file reaches 750MB, it might start creating issues. Thus, it is recommended to keep the file in the prescribed limit, in order to avoid any sort of issues. Users can also condense and reduce the file size.

Update patches:

Users can easily spot the release number in the first line of the product information Window. Using the latest patch might not create such an issue later.

Monitoring list size:

QuickBooks users will have to watch the list limits in QuickBooks pro and premier. The most important point to note here is that there will not be any warning sign if the user reaches the upper limit. Moreover, the inactive list items don’t count in this list.

Keeping a check on the database file fragments monthly:

Users might encounter fragmentation if the system gets filled up with the data over time. Also, if users are putting in the data without carrying out a clean-up in it. Users will also have to keep the number below 10,100 to have proper functioning.

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Quick Fixes to Resolve Data Damage on QuickBooks Desktop Company File

Now that users are well aware of the preventive actions, it is the right time to start with the fixes to QuickBooks company file data damage. Let us check out each of the methods progressively:

Quick Fix 1: Manually repair the company file by rebuilding the data

In case users are comfortable in fixing the error manually, then they can fix the issue from the verify results Window. Before carrying out the steps below, it is recommended to back up the company file. The steps to be followed for manually fixing the issue are:

  • Initially, users need to move to the file menu. And then moving on to the Utilities tab.
  • After that, choose the option to verify data.
Verify data utility - Screenshot
  • Followed by letting the tool check the file for any sort of data issues.
  • Next, select expand all to see the errors from the verify results screen.
Verify results screen - Screenshot Image
  • Now choose to see online article and carry out the steps to fix the issue.

Quick Fix 2: Repairing the company file using the Rebuild Data Tool

Users can make use of the rebuild data tool which is in-built to QuickBooks desktop and fixes the company file data issues in QuickBooks desktop easily. The steps to be followed here are:

  • At first, move to the file menu and then move to the utilities tab and also choose rebuild data.
Rebuilding the data file - Screenshot
  • After that, the user needs to select the OK tab on the QuickBooks information Window. And follow the on-screen steps to save the backup.
  • Next step is to let the tool repair the file. This process might take some time. And it might seem that the software is stuck, but as long as the user is able to move the mouse, the tool is working.
  • Now hit a click on OK button after receiving the message stating “Rebuild has completed”, and move ahead to carry out the verify utility process.
Rebuild has completed - Screenshot
  • After it finishes, click on OK tab.
  • Also, move to the file menu and then hover over the Utilities tab and also choose verify data.
Verify hosting data - Screenshot
  • Last step is to let the tool check the file for data issues.

In case the software is unable to detect any issue, then click on ok tab. The user can keep using the company file, as there is no data damage.

QuickBooks detected no problems with your data - Screenshot

Whereas, if the software detects an error, then the user will have to select rebuild now tab.

Rebuild now and View errors - Screenshot Image

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Quick Fix 3: Use QuickBooks file doctor form tool hub program

In case none of the above methods worked in fixing the error, users can repair the file by using the QuickBooks file doctor tool. The steps to be followed here are:

QuickBooks Tool Hub - Logo
  • And then, open the company file issues tab from there.
Company file issues - QB tool hub - Screenshot
  • After that, users need to opt for run QuickBooks file doctor. This might take up to one minute for the tool to open up.
QuickBooks file doctor in tool hub - Screenshot Image
  • Now, in the tool, choose the company file from the drop-down menu. And if the file is not identified, it needs to go for browse and search tabs to find the file.
QuickBooks file doctor in tool hub - Screenshot Image 2
  • Followed by selecting check the file option and hitting continue tab.
QuickBooks File Doctor Check Damage File - Screenshot
  • The last step is to enter the admin password for QuickBooks and hit next.
QuickBooks file doctor in tool hub - Screenshot Image 3

The scanning process might take some time, depending upon the file size. After the scan finishes, it is recommended to open QuickBooks and the company file. The error might be resolved by the end of this step.

Quick Fix 4: Deletion of Customer reports and memorized Transactions

Another effective approach for resolving the data damage in QuickBooks involves a wipeout of the customer reports and memorized transactions, an easy process involving the following steps:

Steps for deleting Memorized Reports

  • To start, head to lists, wherein the user should move to Memorized transactions.
  • After that, proceed to the edit option, wherein the user needs to opt for deleting the memorized transactions.
  • Finally, hit on Ok.

Steps for deleting Customer Reports

  • The incentive step requires the user to head for Reports and then proceed to the Reports Center.
  • The user then needs to opt for the reports to be deleted, followed by choosing X.
  • Finally, hit on Ok.

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DIY Steps to Fix Data Damage for QuickBooks Desktop For Mac

Before rebuilding the company file, the user should make use of verify tool in QuickBooks for mac for scan the company file for errors or data damage.

  • Herein, choose file, and choose utilities tab.
  • Furthermore, choose verify data and also choose ok tab to close all Windows.
  • In case the user is able to see “Your data has failed the integrity check” he/she needs to rebuild the file.
  • In case there are no issues with the data, then the user is done with the process.

Steps to rebuild the company file data

After users have verified the data, then they can rebuild the company file to resolve issues related to data or data damage.

  • The user needs to first choose file and choose utilities.
  • Further, choose rebuild data, then choose the Ok tab to close all Windows.
  • The QuickBooks software will ask to make a backup before rebuilding the company file, and choose the ok tab. In case users don’t want to backup, then choose cancel to continue rebuilding the company file.
    • In case users haven’t set up any backup preferences, QuickBooks will ask to update them. Choose backup preferences and edit as required, and hit the ok tab.
    • After the backup is finished, then choose show in finder to locate the backup or select Ok.
  • Once done with that, hit the OK tab, and the rebuild is finished.

In order to ensure that the file is free of errors, users simply need to verify the company file again. In case the users still face issues, then they should rebuild the file again.

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Final Words….!

Towards the end of this article, we hope users will be well-versed in the ways to fix the QuickBooks company file data damages. Whereas, if in case the error continues to trouble again and again, then in that case, we recommend users consult our U.S-based accounting professionals directly using our support line i.e., 1-800-761-1787.

Our QuickBooks error support experts don’t leave any stone unturned to provide the best possible support services. So, do not think much and delay, just discuss the queries with our team immediately.


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