QuickBooks program has proved a marvel for both small and medium-sized businesses as it has accentuated and streamlined accounting operations. Due to its diverse functionalities, this accounting program is prone to vicious technical complications. While some of these complications show up in the form of error codes, others lead to a sudden standstill of the QuickBooks program and any operations being carried out in it. Lately, users have experienced an error while sending emails via QuickBooks.

The error message shows up in the form “QuickBooks unable to send your email to Outlook.” In this blog, we shall be throwing light on the various troubleshooting methods to fix this email error in QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Desktop is Unable to Send Your Emails to Outlook - Image

Major causes leading to the error while sending emails in QuickBooks

The potential causes behind this QuickBooks is unable to send your email to Outlook error are enlisted below:

  • Incorrect email preference settings may lead to such errors.
  • The MAPI32.dll file may be damaged.
  • You may not be running the QuickBooks program as an administrator.
  • Incorrect settings in Internet Explorer may also evoke this QuickBooks error.

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Methods to Fix QuickBooks Unable to Send Email to Outlook Error

Follow the below-given methods to fix the email-related issues in QuickBooks:

Method 1: Running QuickBooks as an Administrator

Insufficient Admin privileges can potentially lead to the QuickBooks unable to send email to Outlook error. To make sure that you possess all the admin privileges when sending your emails through QuickBooks, follow the steps given below:

  • You need to right-click the QuickBooks Desktop icon and then choose the Properties option.
  • Following that, hit on the Compatibility tab.
  • Make sure to choose the option to run the software as administrator.
run as admin-screenshot
  • Also, click on the option to show Settings for All Users.
  • Finally, click on Apply, then hit on Ok to culminate the process.

Method 2: Alter QuickBooks email preferences

Making alterations in the email preferences can fix this error. For this, you need to perform the steps given as under:

  • Open QuickBooks.
  • In QuickBooks, choose Preferences from the Edit menu.
  • Before proceeding ahead, open and log in to M.S. Outlook in case you use it with Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • After that, choose the option to Send Forms.
Send forms option - Screenshot Image
  • Subsequently, select the My Preferences tab.
  • Herein, you are required to opt for option to make Outlook as the default email program.
  • Subsequently, hit on the Ok button.
  • Try sending a test email. If the error still appears, follow the steps given below:
  • Click on the Edit menu, followed by choosing Preferences.
QuickBooks email service in webmail-screenshot
  • You now need to hit on the Send Forms option.
  • After that, click on the My Preferences tab.
  • Choose the QuickBooks Email or Webmail, and then hit on Ok.
  • This action will turn off your preference.
  • Now, click on the My Preferences tab, and then pick Outlook.
Select my preferences option - Screenshot
  • Hit on Ok tab.
  • Close all currently running background programs.
  • Now, restart QuickBooks and try sending yourself a test email. If the error still pervades, move on to the next method.

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Method 3: Change Email preferences in Internet Explorer

 The steps to change the email preferences are given as under:

  • Initially, make an exit from the QuickBooks program.
  • Afterwards, launch the Internet Explorer (I.E.).
  • Within the, I.E., head to Tools, then choose the Settings option.
  • Finally, click on Internet settings.
Internet Options - Image
  • Now, hit on the programs tab and click on the option to Set Programs.
  • The next step requires picking the option to Set your default program.
Set Google Chrome as your default browser - Image 3
  • Next, choose the email provider.
  • Click on Apply, followed by hitting on the Ok button.
  • The final step requires closing Internet Explorer and opening QuickBooks.
  • Now, send a test email via QuickBooks to make sure that the error pertaining to QuickBooks not sending emails to Outlook got rectified.

Method 4: Repairing the .dll file “MAPI32.dll.

An erroneous MAPI32.dll file may also lead to this error in QuickBooks encountered while sending emails. The steps to repair this DLL file are given as under:

Initially, run this test to narrow down the issue:

  • Reboot your system.
  • After that, open Microsoft Word and create a new document on it.
  • Next, choose the File menu and then select Send.
  • After then, hit a click on the Email as PDF Attachment option.

Now perform these actions:

  • Start off by making an exit from all the running programs, including QuickBooks.
  • After that, click on the Windows Start button.
  • Now, open File Explorer by typing “File Explorer” into the search box.
  • Navigate to the System32 folder located in the C Drive.
System32 folder - Image
  • Now, in the System32 folder, you are required to search for the Fixmapi.exe file.
Fixmapi.exe file - Image
  • To perform the repair, adhere to the on-screen directions.
  • The final step is to restart your P.C. once the fix is complete.

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Method 5: Clean Install QuickBooks

The last viable method for resolving this email-related error in QuickBooks is by going for a clean installation of the QuickBooks program. The steps for the same are given as under:

  • Open the Control Panel from the Start menu.
  • Following that, head to Programs and Features.
  • The next step involves clicking on QuickBooks and then hitting on the Uninstall/Change button.
Uninstall your QuickBooks desktop - Screenshot Image
  • Once the uninstall process is finished, rename the QuickBooks folder and then reinstall QuickBooks. You will require your original product keys at the time of activating the QuickBooks program.
  • Now, try to send a test mail via QuickBooks and double-check if the error gets resolved.

Method 6: Install your QuickBooks desktop

  • At first, open the downloaded file QuickBooks.exe.
  • After that, follow the onscreen commands to install QuickBooks Desktop on your system.
  • Next, accept the license agreement of the software and then choose Next tab.
  • Also, enter the Product and License numbers of the software provided by Intuit on your Mail.
Accept the license agreement - Image
  • After that, click on Next.
  • Now you need to choose the Express Start option and then click on Next.
Express Start - Screenshot Image
  • Also, hit a click on the Install button.
  • Once the installation process finishes, choose Open QuickBooks to run your software on your system.

Winding Up..!

In this article, we have covered all the relevant measures to fix QuickBooks Desktop is unable to send emails to Outlook error. For further queries, you may call our qualified QuickBooks error support experts at the helpline i.e., 1-800-761-1787.


Is there a recommended email setup or configuration for QuickBooks to work seamlessly with Outlook?

QuickBooks offers a multitude of options to users for integrating with Microsoft Outlook. For ensuring an unhindered operation, the user should first review the email setup and the instructions for configuring by Intuit.

Can I use an email client other than Outlook with QuickBooks Desktop?

Yes! Users have the leverage to use other email clients in addition to Outlook. The only prerequisite is that the user is required to configure QuickBooks with the specific email clients including Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

Are there any specific Outlook settings that need to be configured for QuickBooks integration?

Yes! The user is required to configure some specific settings in Outlook. These include:
1. The Outlook profile should be correctly set up and configured.
2. The email account should necessarily be configured properly in Outlook.
3. COnfiguring the default email settings corresponding to Outlook.
4. Check the security settings within Outlook to ensure that they are not blocking QuickBooks from sending emails.


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