Learn the best ways to troubleshoot QuickBooks error C=51

QuickBooks is a remarkable accounting software that has marked its presence in the recent few years. Despite of the features that this software caters, there are certain errors that the QuickBooks users could stumble upon. One such error is QuickBooks error code C=51. In this post, we are going to discuss about this error and other facts associated with it. This error appears on the screen to warn you when QuickBooks cannot find TxList. Also, this error code appears when you tries to eliminate the transactions from a report. You ends up in this sort of error while working on transactions in the QuickBooks company file (.qbw). If you are also facing this error, then reading this article ahead can help you.

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What is QuickBooks error code C=51?

QuickBooks error code C=51 basically indicates that the QuickBooks software is unable to find the TxList. This error could be seen when you tries to remove the txList from the list of txLists but unable to spot it. It may also be seen when you tries to remove a transaction from any report. When you faces this type of issue, you need to shut down this application. Closing all windows including QuickBooks and then reboot it again. You will also have to repeat the action in which the C=51 error occurred.

Triggers to the QuickBooks Error Code C=51

Learning the triggers of the QuickBooks error code C=51 makes it easy for you to tackle the issue. The triggers to the error are listed below, let us have a look:

  • Any kind of issues with QuickBooks verification or QuickBooks rebuild error.
  • In case the company files are damaged.
  • Also if the QuickBooks database is corrupted or damaged.
  • Or if there are issues with updating QuickBooks.

Specifications for QuickBooks error code C=51

For tackling the issue, you are required to check out the requirements for carrying out the troubleshooting process. There are three essentials that you can’t afford to miss, in order to rectify the QuickBooks error code C=51. The three of requirements are as follows:

  1. The basic requirement is that the transaction log file (.TLG- in the same folder as the corrupted QBW file).
  2. Also, you could take a note if the QuickBooks data file is corrupted (.QBW).
  3. And the last essential is that any older backup of the QuickBooks data file is a must (.QBW or .QBB or .QBM).

Quick fix to try resolving QuickBooks error code C=51

When the QuickBooks error code C=51 appears, you might face issue with the working of the QuickBooks software. This error might also delete the important data files, which indicates the importance of creating a backup of the file. Below are some quick fixing steps, that you can try before jumping onto the main solutions:

  • You can turn off the QuickBooks desktop, when facing the issue.
  • And can also terminate all the running windows within QuickBooks desktop.
  • After that reboot the QuickBooks software.
  • And repeat the action in which the error appeared.

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Techniques to resolve the QuickBooks Error Code C=51

Now that you know the requirements as well as other related information, it is time to learn the techniques to fix the error. The methods involved to fix the QuickBooks error c=51 are as follows:

Method 1: Updating QuickBooks to the latest version

Update QuickBooks desktop (Screenshot)

The basic method is to update QuickBooks to the latest version. You need to upgrade the software to the latest version and check if the error is fixed. Many times, QuickBooks version leads to certain issues, and it is recommended to opt for this method and try to resolve the issue.

Method 2: Close all the QuickBooks processes

End QuickBooks Processes - Screenshot
  • In this particular method, you need to close all tabs in QuickBooks.
  • And then, shut down all the QuickBooks related files using task manager.
  • Also reopen the QuickBooks and then carry out the same work where the error occurred.
  • And lastly, rebuild the data in a proper format.

Method 3: Verifying and rebuild data in QuickBooks desktop

Step 1: Steps to Verify data

Running the verify data utility method will help you to identify the most commonly encountered issue within the QuickBooks company file. Also, running the rebuild data utility will help you to fix the data integrity issues. You can run the verify data utility by carrying out the steps below:

  • To begin with, hit a click on the file menu and then utilities and verify data option is to be selected.
Verify data utility - Screenshot
  • And then when the message “QuickBooks detected no problems with the data” appears, no further action is needed.
QuickBooks detected no problems with your data - Screenshot
  • Or else, if you get “Your data has lost integrity” message, then it indicates that there is a data damage in QuickBooks company file.
  • After you are able to spot the data damage in the file, it is important to run the rebuild data to fix the error.

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Step 2: Steps to rebuild data

  • For rebuilding data, hit a click on file and utilities tab. Also, select the rebuild data option.
Rebuilding the data file - Screenshot
  • After that, click OK button when asked to back-up the company file.
  • Next step is to select the location where you wish to save the backup and then hit OK button.
  • When you gets the message “Rebuild has completed” and then hit OK.
Rebuild has completed - Screenshot

After that run the verify data utility again to check for data damage. In case the error is still detected, then look for an expert assistance.

Method 4: Using the QuickBooks file doctor tool

QuickBooks File Doctor tool - Screenshot

You can make use of the QuickBooks file doctor tool in order fix the error. This tool can be used through the QuickBooks Tools hub or can be downloaded directly from the website of Intuit. You need to run this tool and it will diagnose and fix the error automatically. You will have to follow the steps below:

  • First of all download the QuickBooks file doctor tool.
  • Look for the QuickBooks file doctor tool and install the software.
  • And then check out the files that are creating an issue.
  • After that use the tool and try to fix the error.

Method 5: Restoring the backup files

Restore company file in QuickBooks - Screenshot

You can restore the backup files to fix the issue. Also, while restoring the backup, it is recommended to use the latest QuickBooks version.

  • After the backup files are restored, you need to hit Ctrl + C and then move them in a new folder.
  • Next step is to verify the file size, and ensure that it meets the limit i.e. 6MB.
  • Also, you need to hit a right click on the file and hit properties.
  • In case the backup file is less than 6 MB then it is the wrong backup file.
  • And you might need to make a backup file again.

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Method 6: Check Network connectivity

Check Network connectivity - Screenshot

Many times, the error could be seen due to network connectivity issues, while the system undergoes the downloading process. This might prevent the transactions from getting downloaded. You should check the internet connection, before beginning with the downloading process.

Solution 7: Try to access the lost or deleted transactions

You might not be able to find a transaction or list of transactions that might have become inaccessible or got deleted mistaken from the QuickBooks company file. In order to restore those deleted or altered transactions, the below steps would definitely work:

Accidentally deleted or altered transaction might be visible in QuickBooks audit trail report. You can restore those transactions by re-entering the information. It should be noted that the audit trail report shows all the transactions that have been entered in that particular company files, along with the deleted ones. This even helps you in displaying any historical changes made on the transactions.

For opening the report, the below steps should be carried out:

  • You are first supposed to open the Reports menu.
  • And then choose the Accountant and Taxes, along with that click on Audit trail.
Audit Trail - Screenshot
  • Now restore the transactions that are lost as a consequence of a technical glitch.

Many times, the transactions can be lost or might not be accessed, due to various technical snags. If the same situation arises, then you can try to restore the lost transactions, along with its data, by using QuickBooks backup file with (.QBB) extension.

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Final Words..!

This drives us towards the end of this post, where we expect that the information scribbled above might be of some help in getting rid of QuickBooks error code C=51. There can be a situation when none of the above methods worked for you, then in that case we recommend you to contact our QuickBooks desktop support team at 1-800-761-1787.

Our certified accounting professionals will help you in dealing with the QuickBooks error code C=51. Feel free to call us anytime.


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