Checkout the DIY methods to resolve checks or paychecks printed in the wrong order in QuickBooks Desktop:

QuickBooks offers a profusion of features to aid accountants in handling their accounting operations quite easily. Users can not only process their payrolls, invoices, checks, and ledgers, but can also print them in QuickBooks. However, several users have encountered an error related to printing – “QuickBooks Checks Print in Reverse order”. This problem is most of the times encountered when making changes to the printer preferences. This results in the printing of the documents in an unusual format.

This printing issue in QuickBooks is encountered when printing Paychecks, Invoices, PDFs, Ledger and other documents via QuickBooks. The current blog anticipates a complete resolution of this printing issue through easy technical methods elaborated within the ambit of this discussion.

What Causes QuickBooks Printing (Checks, PDF, Invoices, Ledger) in Reverse Order Issue?

This issue during the printing process is mostly seen when one makes changes to “printer preferences” option. QuickBooks does not change print preferences for certain checks and transactions, this results in this error. This blog encapsulates easy solutions to fix paychecks or checks printed in the wrong order in QuickBooks Desktop. Thus, keep reading!

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How to Fix QuickBooks Desktop Printing in Reverse Order Error (Checks, PDF, Invoices, Ledger)?

This segment elucidates the different troubleshooting approaches that can be adhered to in order to print your QuickBooks desktop documents in the proper format without facing the reverse order issue. So, keep reading!

Method 1: Updating Print Order Preferences

The steps for updating Print Order preferences are:

  • In the beginning, head to the File tab, and followed by that, hit on the Printer Setup tab.
Printer setup image
  • The following step is to opt for the Transaction Type from the Form Name dropdown
  • The subsequent process requires clicking on the Options tab
  • This will reveal the Page Order field
  • Next, opt for Front to Back or Back to Front option.
  • Hit on Ok for saving the printer settings.
  • After that, tap on Ok to make an exit from the Printer setup window.

Method 2: Alter Printer Properties Settings

Modification of the printer preferences can also fix the reverse order printing issue in QuickBooks. The steps are:

  • In the inception, go for the Start menu and from there, open the Control Panel.
  • After that, visit the Hardware and Sound section, and from there, hit on View Devices and Printers tab
View Devices and Printers - Image
  • The next step is to right-click the installed printer icon.
  • Afterwards, go for the Printing Preferences tab.
Printing Preferences - Image
  • Locate the option which indicates whether the printing starts from the first or the last page.
  • Proceed by hitting on Save.

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Method 3: Load your Checks to Accommodate Reverse Order (RO) Printing

Load your Checks to Accommodate Reverse Order - Image

In case the user is skeptical about making changes in the printer preferences, they should load checks for supporting printing in the reverse-order printing.

Procedure to Reverse Print Order of Checks in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac

For users working on MAC, the steps to reverse printing order of checks are:

  • First, go for the Print option for opening the print dialog box.
  • Following that, go for the Paper Handling option.
  • Now, in the Page Order section, opt for Reverse Print option.
reverse print option

Steps to Convert Reverse Printing to Normal Printing

Have you received a check or paycheck that was printed in the reverse order? Well, you should not to be worry at this time, you can fix it using few simple steps given here:

  • Initially, you need to go to the File menu and choose the Printer setup option.
  • In the Form name drop-down, you need to choose Check or Paycheck opt.
  • Here you need to hit a click on Options tab.
  • Users should know that there printing can be done using two options –
    1. Front to back
    2. Back to front
front to back image
  • Furthermore, most of the times it is the Back to front option which is mostly chosen, and this results in the reverse order printing.
  • So, to switch to normal printing, you should need to choose the Front to Back option, and followed by that, hit on Ok button 2 times.

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Summing Up!

The current article discussed the various methods to fix QuickBooks checks printing in Reverse order issue. This error is experienced while printing Invoices, PDFs, Ledger, and other accounting documents via QuickBooks. We hope that the problem got sorted out in your case. For technical guidance, you can call our QuickBooks desktop support team at 1-800-761-1787.


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