QuickBooks has evolved as a game changer in the accounting industry and its benefits have been far reaching. The accounting program has however been facing some technical issues that keep annoying its users due to delay in submission of work. QuickBooks Utility Application Pop Up issue has been reported by many users in the QB community. This error appears as a pop up message and prevents the execution of the accounting tasks. This error is generally encountered in the following format “program location: C:/program files..DBManagerEXE.exe” Startserver1028”. You might also get the following error message on your desktop screen:

QuickBooks Utility Application Pop Up Issue - Image

Getting this issue sorted is important to ensure an uninterrupted and un-delayed execution of the accounting operations in QuickBooks. You can follow this article all the way till the end to get knowledge about this issue and the methods to fix it.

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Other issues associated with QuickBooks Utility Application Issue

This error is related to the QuickBooks database executable file. It can be incited by Windows User Account Control (UAC) or other factors. Let us go though the symptoms

What are the Possible Causes of QuickBooks Utility Application (QB Utility)?

The main causes of this pop up are:

  • Corruption in the QuickBooks Database Server Manager, or the Server Manager may be disabled.
  • QuickBooks not installed correctly on the system
  • Not accessing QuickBooks as an admin
  • Using older version of QuickBooks program

Need to disable QuickBooks Utility Application Pop Up

This pop up can be extremely annoying for QB users especially when it appears suddenly while the user is performing accounting operations in QuickBooks. Furthermore, this prompt keeps asking permissions for performing different QuickBooks operations. This prompt shows in the form of the message “This action requires Windows administrator permission

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Steps to Fix QuickBooks Utility Application Pop Up Issue

Here are some steps that you can follow and easily solve the issue QuickBooks Utility Application Pop Up:

Method 1: Disable User Account Control (UAC)

Getting this issue sorted out is pretty easy as the source of this pop up notification is the UAC. As such, turning UAC off can fix this issue once and for all. The steps to disable UAC are:

  • To begin with, the user should open Control Panel via the Start menu.
  • From here, go for the User Account link.
  • Thereafter, choose the option to Change User Account Settings, and once UAC notifies, hit on Yes.
  • To disable UAC, choose the Never Notify option, and then hit on Ok.
User Account Control (UAC)
  • Upon disabling UAC, restart your QuickBooks and check if the Utility Application Pop Up issue got resolved.

Method 2: Login to QuickBooks as an admin

If you do not run QuickBooks with admin privileges, this error may appear. For this, right-click QuickBooks icon, then proceed with Run as Administrator option.

run as admin-screenshot

Now users should also access Windows with administrator account. The procedure is:

  • Inceptive step is to hover the mouse cursor over the Start menu and click on it.
  • From there, open the Control Panel.
  • Now, Advance to the User Accounts section, and once there, go for the option to Manage user Accounts.
  • The next step requires choosing the user account and subsequently, clicking on Manage Account.
  • Thereafter, head to Properties and then make a move to the Group Membership section.
  • Choose the Admin Group and hit on Ok.

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Method 3: Close all the conflicting background programs

Close QBW32.exe process - Screenshot

Users should close all the programs in the background which they suspects of tampering with QuickBooks processes. While the same can be done by closing the program window, the user should terminate the processes related to these programs in the Task Manager. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys together, and then open the Task Manager. Afterwards, under Processes tab, choose the processes corresponding to the unnecessary (and unregistered) programs and click on End Process one by one.

Method 4: Keep QuickBooks updated

The steps to update QuickBooks to outcrop the ongoing issue:

  • To begin with, run QuickBooks by double-clicking its icon on the desktop.
  • The next move involves opting the Help tab, and making a choice for the Update QuickBooks Desktop option.
Update Now Option When Updating QuickBooks - Image
  • Do not forget to checkmark the Reset Updates checkbox. Upon selecting the box, tap on the Get update tab.
Update QuickBooks desktop (Screenshot)
  • When the above mentioned process is implemented, you need to restart QuickBooks and follow up by hitting on Yes on the prompt for installing the updates.

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How to Fix QuickBooks Utility Application Pop Up Issue Prompt for Password?

To prevent recurring prompts for passwords, the user should perform the following steps:

  • At first, head to the Company menu, and from there choose Set Up Users option.
Setup users and roles - Screenshot Image
  • Then, choose Passwords.
  • Subsequent to that, go for the option to Manage Login settings.
  • In the section to Manage Login Settings, opt for 1, 7, 30, 60 or 90 days.
  • To end the process, hit on Ok.

Winding up!

This concise article unraveled the easy procedure of disabling user account control for fixing QuickBooks Utility Account Application Pop up Issue. If you have any queries, you can straightaway reach out to our QuickBooks desktop support team at 1-800-761-1787. They are available 24/7 to solve queries.


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