Learn the easiest ways to download, setup and update the QuickBooks Database Server Manager (QBDBMS)

All set to download, setup, or update QuickBooks Database Server Manager? But hang on! Do you know what all it takes to download, setup and update it? Need not panic; we have got you covered. Well, database server manager is also named Intuit personal Database Manager tool. This effective tool makes it super easy to create network data files for each and every company file on the host system. For the ones who prefer using the multi-user mode, QBDBMS is a must-have tool.

Considering the importance of this amazing tool, we have crafted this piece of writing, where we are going to discuss the entire set of steps that can be followed to simply setup, download, and update QuickBooks Database Server Manager. All you need to do is to go through this write-up carefully, and you will be able to successfully perform the entire process. Whereas, if you are doubtful about implementing the steps on your own, then in that case, we can help you. Simply connect with our tech personnel at 1-800-761-1787, and we will be answering all your queries instantly.

What is QuickBooks Database Server Manager?

QuickBooks database server manager (QBDBMS) is an exceptional utility feature rolled out by Intuit. This tool functions to organize the QuickBooks server folder for multi-user mode. It helps in making the most of multi-user mode, and also, without QBDBSM, it is not possible for you to access multi-user mode. The absence of QuickBooks Database Server Manager will restrict the software use and also will affect the performance. This tool is accountable for sharing the company files with other systems over the network.

QuickBooks Database Server Manager Tool - Screenshot Image

QuickBooks database server manager: Related Facts

There are certain facts related to QuickBooks database server manager, it includes:

  • The QuickBooks database server manager creates .nd files (network data files) on the host system.
  • Database server manager is compulsory in the case of multiple versions of QuickBooks desktop. To use the multiple version of QuickBooks, the QuickBooks database server manager is mandatory.
  • The QBDBSM has multiple versions. It can offer multiple versions of processes, but it can not provide multiple versions of the software.
  • Various QB versions add a user during the installation of the database server manager.
  • In case you are using multi version of QuickBooks desktop, then install each version of the database server manager.

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Steps to Download QuickBooks Database Server Manager

Before downloading the QuickBooks database server manager, it is important to know the exact process to follow in order to avoid any kind of mess. The database server manager can be downloaded without any issue and doesn’t involve a very complex process. However, as per the developers of Intuit and as per observation, this effective tool is part of QuickBooks accounting software. In case you are not acquiring it, then it can be easily downloaded from the official website of Intuit.

Alternative method

In case you found the first option of downloading QuickBooks database server manager a bit confusing, then simply carry out the steps enumerated below:

  • Start off with Downloading QuickBooks Tools hub from Intuit’s website and then move to the downloads by pressing Ctrl + J keys together.
  • Click on the QuickBooksToolsHub.exe file.
QuickBooksToolHub.Exe File - Screenshot 1
  • Hit on Yes in order to allow the app to make changes.
  • Click on Next to install it, and click on Yes to Accept the license agreement.
  • Move ahead by clicking on Next and Install options, respectively. The process might take some time, which demands you to be a bit patient.
  • After the installation is complete, hit the Finish option.
  • Followed by opening the QuickBooks Tool hub icon.
QuickBooks Tool Hub - Logo
  • Now, under the Network issues tab, choose the QuickBooks database server manager option.
QuickBooks Database Server Manager - Screenshot

After the process completes, give all the Users permission to access the company folders. However, by default, the QBDBSM will create a unique user for each installation.

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Steps to Configure QuickBooks Database Server Manager

In case you want to use the default setting, then skip this section. Or else can carry out the steps below:

  • Open the Windows start menu.
  • Type in “Services” into the search tab and then Open Services.
  • Choose and open QuickBooksDBXX.
  • And proceed to the General tab and look for the service status section. In case started or running, hit on the Stop tab.
  • Go for the Automatic option from the startup type drop-down menu.
  • Move to the Logon tab. Also, choose the Local System Account option.
  • Head to the Recovery tab. Subsequently, opt for restarting the service from each of these drop-down menus: First failure, Second failure, and Subsequent failure.
  • Choose the General tab and also choose the Start tab to restart the database server manager.

Steps to Set Up QuickBooks Database Server Manager

After downloading the QuickBooks database server manager, perform the setup process. The steps to be carried out in this process are as follows:

Permit QuickBooks database server manager to run on the server computer

  1. To begin with, Configure the firewall manually so that the QBDBSM can run on the server system.
  2. Open the QuickBooks database server manager and hit a click on the Port Monitor tab.
QuickBooks Database Server Manager Port monitor tab - Screenshot
  1. Hit on the Start menu and then look for Windows Firewall and open it.
Windows Firewall - Screenshot
  1. Right-click Inbound rules from the Advanced settings and then choose Rule.
QuickBooks Firewall Port (Create a New Rule) - Screenshot
  1. Opt for Port, followed by choosing the Next option.
Choose Port Option (QuickBooks Database Server Manager) - Screenshot 1
  1. Also, select TCP.
Ensure TCP option is Checked - Screenshot
  1. Type in the specific ports in the Specific local ports option.
Configuring QuickBooks firewall and security exceptions - Screenshot
  1. The port format is as per the QuickBooks currently in use:
    • QuickBooks Desktop 2020: 8019, XXXXX
    • QB Desktop 2019: 8019, XXXXX
    • QuickBooks Desktop 2018: 8019, 56728, 55378-55382
    • QuickBooks Desktop 2017: 8019, 56727, 55373-55377
  2. Hit on Next and Allow the connection.
Allow the connection - Screenshot
  1. Hit Next when needed and Mark all the profiles. And click Next once again.
Firewall Setting up in QBDBSM - Screenshot
  1. Create a rule and also name it.
  2. Hit on the Finish option. Repeat the same steps for outbound rules.

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Steps to Update QuickBooks Database Server Manager

Update your QuickBooks database server manager by following simple steps:

Steps to Update QuickBooks Database Server Manager - Infographic Image

In general, the QuickBooks database server manager gets updated along with the QuickBooks desktop, but in case you wish to manually update it, then the process involves the steps stated underneath:

  1. Open the official Intuit website, and then Download the updated patch for the database server manager.
  2. Reboot the server after the Installation of the patch completes.
  3. The following message will appear on the screen “The company file needs to be updated to work this version of QuickBooks desktop”.
The company file needs to be updated to work this version of QuickBooks desktop - Screenshot
  1. Next step, back up the data, as these updates can make changes in the Database server.
Backup your data - Screenshot
  1. Make sure to carry out the on-screen prompts, and you are good to go.

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Final words.!

The database server manager is an effective feature for QuickBooks users. Without this, you cannot access the multi-user mode. However, at times you might get confused with the download, set-up, and update process of the QuickBooks database server manager. After going through this segment, you might be able to learn a lot of things related to QBDBMS. We hope that this article might be able to help you to make the best use of the database server manager.

Whereas, if you are having any questions in your mind, or in case you got stuck somewhere, then do not hesitate to talk to our accounting professionals, as we will be happy to help you anytime. You can connect with our accounting professionals using our helpline i.e. 1-800-761-1787, and converse the issue with our QuickBooks enterprise customer support team. Our experts will ensure to resolve all your queries in the best possible way. So, hurry up and call us and let our team manage the rest on your behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download Database Server Manager separately?

No! You cannot download QBDSM separately. It is included in the installation package of QuickBooks Desktop.

How can I check the version of QBDSM?

To check the version of Database Server Manager, follow these steps:
1. Open QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
2. Click on the Help menu.
3. Select About Server Manager.
4. A window will appear displaying the version and release information.

Can I install QuickBooks Database Server Manager on multiple computers?

Yes! You can install it on multiple computers if you want to host the company files on those computers. Each computer running Database Server Manager will act as a host for the company files.

Do I need QBDSM if I have a single-user installation of QuickBooks Desktop?

No! QuickBooks Database Server Manager is only required for the multi-user mode of QuickBooks.


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