Learn the process to Fix data damage on your QuickBooks Desktop company file:

QuickBooks transactions form one of the essential aspects of the QuickBooks Software as they assist users in financial dealings. You may be very much familiar with the technical intricacies caused by damaged transactions. These damaged transactions severely threaten your company file(s). The company file is of utmost importance as it houses all the necessary information related to the company. As such, any damage caused to it can lead to disastrous consequences.

Fixing the damaged transactions doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Strict adherence to a few simple steps can rectify them. In this post, we shall discuss the causes contributing to damaged transactions and shall also throw an intense light on the various fixes for Damaged transactions in QuickBooks desktop. However, you can also contact our certified experts using our dedicated helpline, i.e.,1-800-761-1787. Our diligent team of professionals will be happy to fix this problem on your behalf.

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What can lead to Damaged Transactions in QuickBooks?

There can be a vast array of factors contributing to damaged transactions in QuickBooks. These are earmarked as follows:

  • Sudden power surges can force the hard drives to overwrite data, thus affecting your transactions accidentally.
  • Abruptly exiting the QuickBooks desktop software without exiting the company file.
  • Network glitches are caused while the QuickBooks software is being used over a network.
  • Over-sized company files.
  • Some virus infections or malware attacks infecting your PC can easily damage your transactions.
  • In case you use journal entries instead of preferred data entry methods for accounts receivable or accounts payable etc., it might damage the transactions.
  • Using QuickBooks when the system is running low on resources.

Steps to Fix the Damaged Transactions in QuickBooks Desktop

You can simply fix the damaged transaction in QuickBooks Desktop by implementing the steps below:

Step 1: Launch the Rebuild and Verify Data utility

  • Initially, you need to run the rebuild and verify data utilities.
  • The next step is to Repair the company file using the rebuild data tool.
  • For this, proceed to the File menu and then head to the Utilities tab.
  • Subsequently, choose the Rebuild data option.
Rebuilding the data file - Screenshot
  • Afterward, choose OK in the information window, and then follow the on-screen guidelines to Save the backup.
  • Now, let the tool to Repair the file. This might take some time, as QuickBooks may seem stuck, but as long as you could move the mouse, tool is working.
  • Once the process ends, choose on the OK tab.
  • Now move to the File menu and then hover over the Utilities option.
  • Finally, choose the Verify data tab.
Verify data utility - Screenshot
  • Allow the tool to check the file for any Data issues.

You can also go for the manual process to Run the rebuild and verify data utilities. The steps involved are earmarked as follows:

  • In the inception, proceed to the File menu, and then opt for the Utilities tab.
  • Choose Verify data.
  • The tool starts checking the file for Data issues.
  • When the check is over, from the Verify results screen, choose the Expand all option to inspect the issues.
  • Next, choose the option to see online article to fix the error.

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Step 2: And then, identify damaged transactions based on the QBWin.log

Step 3: The next step is to apply the appropriate fix on the transactions

Damaged link or date

  • At the first, you are required to open the Damaged transactions.
  • Once opened, change their date to 20 years after.
  • Following the alteration, opt for the Save and Close options.
  • Now, re-open the damaged transaction.
  • Follow it by reverting the Date back to the original date.
  • Lastly, hit on the Save and Close options.

Transaction out of balance

  • You need to first open the Damaged transactions.
  • Then, Add any item.
  • After adding any item, hit on Save and Close.
  • The next step is to reopen the damaged transaction.
  • Remove the item that you added in the preceding step.
  • Finally, end the process by choosing the Save and Close option.

Damaged item history

  • Move to the damaged item history and access the damaged transaction.
  • Visit the First blank item line.
  • Type in Three periods in the description column.
  • To conclude and save the changes, hit on the Save and Close option.

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We have firm confidence that the above-illustrated steps worked for you and went a long way towards repairing the damaged transactions in QuickBooks desktop. However, if a situation arises when any of the steps doesn’t work out, then in that case, you can contact our 24/7 QuickBooks error support team at 1-800-761-1787. Feel free to give us a call. Our dedicated accounting experts having profound experience in the field will help you fix the error on your behalf.


Que. How to Fix data damage on QuickBooks company file?

Ans. Data damage on QuickBooks company file can be fixed by repairing the company file, with the help of the Rebuild data tool. This is a built-in tool that automatically fixes some minor company file data issues. You can also make use of the QuickBooks file doctor tool, in order to get rid of the error.

Que. How to fix QuickBooks desktop install errors?

Ans. QuickBooks desktop install errors can be encountered at the time of installation of the software. And can also be resolved by using the QuickBooks install diagnostic tool. One can use the QuickBooks tool hub to access this tool. Or can also access the tool directly from Intuit’s website. You can also manually fix the Windows components and try resolving the error.

Que. Fix beginning balance issues in QuickBooks desktop

Ans. You might see the beginning balance as zero or incorrect when you open up the begin reconciliation window and then select the account to reconcile. This error can be fixed by recreating the opening balance. Whereas an incorrect balance issue can be resolved by correcting edited, deleted, or cleared transactions.


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