Learn about different file types and extensions used by QuickBooks Desktop:

Do you know what file types and extensions are used by QuickBooks? Well, QuickBooks Desktop is a top-notch accounting software preferred by hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. This software has sprawled a widespread revolution in the accounting industry with its uncountable features. It is a software which is used by both small as well as medium-sized companies. Now, as it is used by so many different companies and the regions as well, the preferred file formats are pretty varied from one another, there are a handful of file types and extensions that are used by QuickBooks Desktop. So, in this comprehensive blog, we will go through all of the important and commonly used file types and extensions. By the end of this article, users will be well-versed with all the extensions involved in the software. Thus, make sure to hang around till the end.

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What is Meant by QuickBooks File Extension?

File extensions in QuickBooks desktop are the extensions included at the end of a file name, which define the purpose of the file. The general format of the QB file extension is in form .xxx. The file extension basically will help you in identifying the files and finding out the purpose served by each of the files. QB file extensions are thus very essential for you as to identify the file and avoid any kind of mess related to the data.

Significance of QuickBooks file extensions

It should be noted that every QuickBooks file extension carries a different significance and serves a different purpose. Let us check out how significant are file extensions:

  • Determining the type of content a particular file is containing becomes easy for users with extensions.
  • With extensions, it is possible for you to categorize the same kind of QuickBooks file extension to keep the accounting data categorized and prevent data from merging.
  • The extensions help in identifying the file type, which can ultimately help the desktop to launch the file in the right application.
  • They also assist in verifying the authentication of data files in a manner to secure them.
  • By simply looking at the file extension, you will be able to identify the file type and save a lot of time.

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Types of File Extensions in QuickBooks Desktop

There are different types of file extensions that can be explored below. Extensions related to similar files are categorized below:

Common QuickBooks File Extensions

File Extension File Type Description
QBWQuickBooks company fileWhen you creates a company file, at that very time a file with .qbw extension is automatically created by the QuickBooks accounting software. The file so created basically holds the company file and the other relevant account info. To understand it in a better way, let us take an example, if you create a company with the name My Company, then in that case the file will be saved as Mycompany.qbw by QuickBooks accounting software.
QBOQuickBooks Bank statement fileDuring the process of downloading transactions from the bank, the QuickBooks accounting software opens the transactions from a file with an extension as .qbo. You can easily import a QBO file, in order to get transactions into the bank register in a faster way.
QBBQuickBooks backup file The .qbb extension file, a backup file is crafted by the QuickBooks accounting software, when you take a backup of the original company file.
QBMQuickBooks portable fileTalking about this extension, when a user tries to email or transfer a company file, in that situation the QuickBooks accounting software crafts .qbm extension file, which is a compressed version of a company file.

Additional QuickBooks file extensions

File Extension File Type Description
QWCQuickBooks Web connector fileIf users employ the QuickBooks Web connector, then you might be required to open apps. When the web connector app is opened up by third-party developers, a file with a .qwc file extension is crafted.
QBRQuickBooks Report Template FileIn case you exports a memorized report template, QuickBooks software creates a file with the extension as .qbr
DESLayout Designer Template file  In case you exports a customized form template, QuickBooks accounting software creates a file with a .des extension. QuickBooks offers a variety of templates. You might have to export the custom templates to use in the other company files or share them with others.
Qbstbl2.usaUS Tax Table FileWhile running payroll on QuickBooks desktop, users will be required to get the current tax tables. It has all of the latest payroll information required to calculate payroll taxes.

Accountant files

File Extension File TypeDescription
QBX Accountant’s review copy (export file)At the time when users generate an accountant’s review copy of the QuickBooks company file, the QuickBooks software generates an accountant’s review copy with a QBX extension.
QBJGeneral journal entries fileIn case you wants to add journal entries created by the accountant, then ask them to send a general journal entries file. This file comes with a .qbj extension.
QBAAccountant’s copy fileAn accountant copy is considered to be a file with a .qbx extension sent by a client to the accountant for review purposes. This file comes with an extension as .qba
QBYAccountant’s copy import fileOnce the accountant reviews their account copy and makes necessary changes, they send a file with .qby extension to users. QuickBooks users can easily import or apply changes to the company file.

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Utility and log files

File ExtensionFile Type Description
IIF Intuit interchange format file When you export the list info, QuickBooks accounting software creates a file with a .iif extension. Users can make use of this file to share the lists with other company files.
LOGEvent log file.log extension is used by QuickBooks to record essential events. There can be two types of Log files:

# Qbwin.log: this records the issues that are detected during a rebuild.
# QWC.log: it records the web connect errors It should be noted that the log files can be used for troubleshooting purposes.
QBPQuickBooks Print fileWhen users set the printing preferences, the QuickBooks software saves them in a file with the extension as .qbp. It should be noted that QuickBooks auto-saves the settings. However, users might be required to make changes to the file, in case of printer issues.
ECMLEntitlement fileAt the time when you install and registers QuickBooks, it creates a .ecml file extension. This file communicates to QuickBooks that users are using a licensed product.
TLGTransaction log fileSince the last backup, any changes made to the company file are noticed by the QuickBooks accounting software. This software saves the information into a file, which is named with the .tlg extension. The next time users take a backup of the company file, QB will automatically reset the file.
NDNetwork data file In the case of multi-user mode, QuickBooks accounting software creates a file with .nd as the extension. This .nd file helps the software in managing your access settings.

QuickBooks statement writer files

File extensionFile type
QSS When you customizes the statements and reports with QuickBooks statement writer, the software saves the settings in a file with .qss as the extension. Users can make use of this file, in order to apply settings to other reports.
QSMIn case you makes use of the QuickBooks statement writer, the software saves the information with the .qsm extension. QSW file can be used in MS EXCEL.
QSTIf a specific layout is required by you, a template file can be used, which is already available. These files generally have .qst as an extension.

QuickBooks for MAC

File ExtensionFile TypeDescription
QB2016Company fileThis is the company file for the 2016 version of QuickBooks for Mac.
PlistApple property list filesThis Plist file stores the registration and preferences.
QB201Company fileSimilar to the QB2016, this is the company file for the 2019 version of QuickBooks for Mac.
DMApple disk image fileThis is the backup QuickBooks company file, which is saved as an apple disk image by QuickBooks.
MAC.QBBBackup fileYou can use a MAC.QBB file in order to move the QuickBooks Mac file over the QuickBooks Desktop for windows.

Miscellaneous File Extensions

File ExtensionFile TypeDescription
Temp 1234.qbtTemp rebuild fileThis file is created during “Pass 1 of the rebuild” & is deleted on its own when the rebuild is finished.
QBwin.logQuickBooks Log fileThe Qbwin.log file is created/updated when you run the verify/rebuild option. This file will help to spot “Log problems and situations corrected”. The Qbwin.log file is generally stored in the QuickBooks installation directory.
QuickBooks Letters Templates folder Letters FolderThe QuickBooks letters templates folders contain the word document templates for the QuickBooks writer letters function.
QBrestor.TMPTemp restore the fileThis file is usually made at the time of restoring the QBB file, which was deleted automatically during the restore process.
Inet FolderInetThis folder was earlier used to store “License information” for QuickBooks.
Images folder Images folderThe images folder stores the temporary copies of images that are used by QuickBooks.
QBInstanceFinder Instance finder fileYou can delete the file, but it might come up again in a few of the QuickBooks versions.
CONNLOG.TXTConnection Log FileThe CONNLOG.TXT file is the online banking connection log file, which is a log of each connection for online banking.
.TDBQuickBooks Pro Timer files There is a time tracking data from QuickBooks timer, which can be found in the QBTIMER directory.
DownloadQBXX folderDownload folderThe DownloadQBXX folder is made by QuickBooks for storing the updates that are downloaded at the time when users make use of the update QuickBooks function.
copy XX/XX/200X ABC.QBWAn archive copy of the data fileIt should be noted that a separate QBW file is made with the name of Archive Copy XX/XX200X with the QBW file name. It is an exact copy of the company file before being condensed. You can use this file in order to view the info that was present in the unmodified file.
QBW.TLGTransaction log file (for QuickBooks company file)This file will help you to retrieve the lost data for QuickBooks company file.
QBW192.168.X.XXmtaTemporary database fileThis file is made by QuickBooks database server manager and is a temporary file. It is generated at the time of opening the company file. The time when users open up the main file, the temporary file gets deleted on its own.

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File Types of QuickBooks Desktop for Windows

These file extensions are for Windows users and these are divided into several parts as per their nominal features:

Common File Extensions for QuickBooks Desktop

  • QBW (QuickBooks Company File): This file extension format is used by the software when a new company file is created. This file format is useful in case users are looking to hold their account information and company files.
  • QBM (QuickBooks Portable File): This file format is created whenever you creates a new compressed version of the company file which is of the .qbm extension. Also, it is created when users move or e-mail a company file.
  • QBB (QuickBooks Backup file): This format is especially available only in the case of the creation of a backup file. So, in case the company file is backed up, users will get the file with a .qbb extension.
  • QBO (QuickBooks Bank Statement File): This format comes with the files which are Bank statements. Such files are easy to import and are lightning-fast in terms of getting the transactions into the bank register.

Additional QuickBooks File Extension

  • DES (Layout Designer Template File): A .des file extension is created whenever you exports a customized form template. This file is easy to export and can be used in other company files or for sharing with others.
  • QWC (QuickBooks Web Connector File): When QuickBooks users use the QuickBooks Web Connector, then they might be required to open up some apps. Whenever a third-party developer application creates a web connector app, it creates a .qwc file extension.
  • QBR (QuickBooks Report Template File): Whenever a memorized report template is exported, QuickBooks creates a file that is of .qbr extension.
  • QBSTBL2.USA (US Tax Table File): In case you run payroll in QuickBooks Desktop, a qbstbl2.USA file is required to get the current tax table. Now, with this file, you will be able to calculate the payroll taxes.

Accountant Files

  • QBY (Accountant’s Copy Import File): Once the files and accounts are reviewed by the accountant, the file that you sends forward is .qby extension.
  • QBX (Accountant’s Review Copy or Transfer File): Whenever a duplicate or backup of the company file is created, the newly created file comes up in the .qbx format.
  • QBJ (General Journal File): Any changes that are to be made by the accountant in the form of General Journal Entries, the file extension required to complete the same task is .qbj
  • QBA (Accountant’s Copy File): Once a client sends the accounts to the accountant by creating an accountant copy then the created files will be in the .qba file extension.

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QuickBooks for Mac

Following are the file types and file extensions that are available on a Mac OS System:

  • DMG (Apple Disk Image): Whenever a backup of a company file is created, the file is saved as an Apple Disk Image.
  • QB2016 (Company File): This file extension will appear with the company file on the 2016 version of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • QB2019 (Company File): This file extension appears with the company file on the 2019 version of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • MAC.QBB (Backup File): The files of this file extension are used to move the QuickBooks Mac files over to the QuickBooks Desktop for Windows.
  • Plist (Apple Property list files): This file extension is created whenever you stores a preference or a registration.

Fixed Asset Manager Files

  • *.Fx0- Compressed FAM data file. Stores Asset data
  • *.Fx1- Stores system data
  • *.Mx0- Header File
  • *.FPx- Stores report data
  • *.FXR- FAM backup sync log file
  • *.FIM- Stores CSV import data headers

Connectivity factors in file extension

QuickBooks provides easy-to-use components for QuickBooks tasks like adding, updating, developing, selling information, employee information, transaction, etc. QuickBooks lets users access QuickBooks remotely, which includes QuickBooks attach component or free remote connector for QuickBooks utility:

  • Fast performance
  • Fully integrated components
  • Expendable and uniform design
  • Connect to QuickBooks remotely

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Final Words!

These are the most frequently utilized and widely known extensions and file types used by QuickBooks Desktop. The knowledge encapsulated in this article is essential for users to have an idea of the various file extensions and file types. Though we have enlisted the most conspicuous file types in this article, there are still numerous other file types and extensions that are not mentioned in this piece of writing. Therefore, be sure to check for the file-related details prior to making changes to the file’s name, and edit or move any file stored on your network or storage.

For more details, you can get in touch with our 24/7 QuickBooks enterprise support team with the help of our dedicated support line i.e. 1-800-761-1787. Our team will provide you with the most relevant information and will ensure that all your queries related to QuickBooks are answered in the best possible way.


What is extension for QuickBooks Company file?

The Company file extension is QBW.

Which one is QuickBooks Company Backup File extension?

The file extension of Company file backup is QBB.

What is QWC file in QuickBooks?

QWC is “QuickBooks Web Connector”. This file is made when web connector is opened.

What is the QBY in QuickBooks?

QBY is the extension for Accountant’s Copy Import File.


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