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A comprehensive guide to access your QuickBooks Desktop remotely using an internet browser or remote desktop connection from your home or office:

In search of the process to host a QuickBooks desktop company file? Well, if yes, then you have landed on the right place. QuickBooks desktop with hosting provides protection anytime, anywhere, and on any device accessing the data. With QuickBooks hosting, the team works with same information at the same time, regardless of the location and the device being used, be it Mac, PC, or tablet. Intuit, the developer of QuickBooks uses Right Networks to power hosted version of QuickBooks desktop. Not only this, there are various other facts associated with hosting a QuickBooks desktop company file, which we will be discussing later in this article. This article will help you take a look at the nitty-gritty involved in hosting QuickBooks desktop company file. Therefore, let us start with the article and explore further information.

Whereas, if you are looking for technical assistance or technical support partner, then you can get on the line with our professionals. Our technical support team will ensure to get back to you immediately with the best possible and most relevant information.

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What is meant by hosting?

Well, hosting is a term used synonymously for cloud. The QuickBooks accounting software and the data is stored on an enterprise level web server at secure facility. The user can access this data over a secure internet connection from anywhere or any device, instead of using the local network. Talking about the safety of hosted QuickBooks desktop company file, these services are offered through Right Networks. This protect the files and transmissions through enterprise class antivirus technology, firewalls, encryption, and multi-layer access controls.

How beneficial is selecting QuickBooks desktop with hosting over QuickBooks desktop?

There is a plethora of benefits that QuickBooks desktop with hosting has. Out of the huge list, we have tried to pen down some of the most effective ones below:

Anywhere, anytime access to applications and data

With the apps and data being hosted, the user is able to connect anytime from anywhere. An internet connection is all what one needs with a simple client program. The user can launch the remote access app and login with the user ID and password, and this will make QuickBooks desktop ready to use. Virtually, the software looks and works just like it does on the system.


No server or network maintenance needed

Talking about a hosted version, it eliminates the need to have the servers and virtual private networks in the office. The data is kept in a protected data center, and the users need not to worry regarding the same. With the apps in Right networks data centers, the user doesn’t require to install and maintain them on the system. A client program is required on the system and nothing else.

Data security

QuickBooks desktop is hosted in top of the line data centers that need true enterprise class scalability and reliability. This will also include full-time security personnel, closed circuit video surveillance, continuous and redundant power systems with backup generators, fully redundant network systems with multiple backbone access, advanced network firewalls, and hazard avoidance and alert systems. The user will be able to access the information from systems situated anywhere, which in-turn keeps the business in check.

Comparing the speed running it on PC

The user will require a good quality, and fast internet connection. The experiences might differ, as faster speeds and functionality can be experienced after switching. In case the user is increasing the number of QuickBooks desktop users, then using a hosted version will permit the user to do so without losing performance.

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Difference between QuickBooks online and QuickBooks desktop with hosting

QuickBooks online is basically a browser-based version, whereas QuickBooks desktop enterprise with hosting is accessed through a remote access app or through Internet explorer. QuickBooks online is designed for early-stage businesses that do not need advanced features and functionalities. However, QuickBooks desktop enterprise with hosting offers advanced functionality for growing, small-to-mid sized businesses. And is designed to manage more complexity and can be operated from multiple locations or facilities.

How does Microsoft word and excel work with QuickBooks desktop with hosting? How does the email work?

Microsoft word and excel work the same way with QuickBooks desktop with hosting, as they usually do with the desktop version. In case the user is having Microsoft Word and excel, they can export QuickBooks desktop repots to excel. Moreover, the user can export estimates, invoices, and statements to word.

The user will also get the option to access hosted versions of word and excel over the internet. He/she can lease Microsoft office directly from Right networks for an additional fee. The Enterprise hosting service will cover the hosting for those apps at no additional charge, which can be accessed over the same connection. For email, the user can use QuickBooks email services, configure QuickBooks to use Webmail, or add Outlook to the Right Networks account.

Number of users one can have and how to add users to Right networks

The Right network users will have to match QuickBooks user count and each user will need their own login info. Such as, If QuickBooks desktop subscription permits around 5 users, and the user can have up to 5 hosting users. In case the user is already having the right number of QuickBooks users and just require to create Right Network users, he/she can add them through the Right Networks My Account Portal or contact Right Networks support.

In case adding more QuickBooks and Right network users is needed, then one can get more seats added to the QuickBooks license. This will allow the user to add the same number of right network users.

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To conclude!

In this piece of information, we have tried to summarize the process to host QuickBooks desktop company file and other related information. Despite the information shared above, if you have any query or if you need any sort of assistance regarding the same, then do not be reluctant in getting in touch with our QuickBooks support team at any point of time. Just ring up at 1-800-761-1787, and we will be there to provide you with instant support services.


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