Learn how to access your data from anywhere using QuickBooks remote access:

Seeking for the process to access QuickBooks desktop remotely? If that is the case, check out this particular segment carefully. QuickBooks has marked its presence in the accounting industry in the past few years. This accounting software has managed to maintain its reputation, and has managed to be on top. QuickBooks is loaded with many advanced functionalities and features. With the growth in demand of this software, QuickBooks remote access has become an essential feature rather than just being a choice. But one of the most commonly raised question is how to access QuickBooks desktop remotely. Considering this question, we have come up with today’s article with an aim to provide the entire guide to remote access. So, stick to this article till the end, and read the article carefully.

Moreover, if you’re looking for assistance from a professional, contact us at any time. We can be reached via our helpline i.e. 1-800-761-1787, and our expert will be delighted to assist you with accessing and making the most effective use of QuickBooks desktop remote access on your desktop.

What do you understand by QuickBooks remote access?

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QuickBooks remote access is basically a secure server that assists users in accessing their PC from any other system. This requires a strong internet connection. It also allows us to access the email, documents, and many other essential things, regardless of the location. This feature also helps in transmitting the files from one system to another. There can be countless benefits of QuickBooks remote access, which will be discussed later in this post.

It should be noted that unfortunately, after may 31, 2020, access to add on services has been discontinued for QuickBooks desktop for Windows 2017. This also includes the versions of QuickBooks desktop pro, premier, and Enterprise solutions 2017.

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What are the benefits of using QuickBooks remote access?

Talking about the benefits of QuickBooks remote access, the list is huge. Let us check out the benefits this feature caters to, before learning the steps to access it:

  • The first benefit of QuickBooks remote access is to transfer file or folder between systems.
  • It saves travel time and infrastructure costs, which would be required to accommodate accounts.
  • We can also copy and paste in between PC’s both local and remote.
  • This also permits various users to work together on the same file of QuickBooks.
  • It becomes easy with the QuickBooks remote access to track the activities of accountants.
  • We can also print documents from remote PC to a local printer with much of ease.

Intuit supported remote access options

We get the below listed option, in case of QuickBooks remote access functionality. Let us check out those options:

Switching to QuickBooks online:

As we all know that QuickBooks online is one of the finest solutions from Intuit that completely carry out its tasks on cloud. This can be accessed anywhere and all it requires is an active internet connection. The number of employees working together can be decided according to the plan one opts for. QBO also safeguards data from unauthorized users, viruses and malware attacks, as it offers countless security measures and storing data in remote servers. The only drawback of QuickBooks online is that it do not offer all features of QuickBooks desktop. It is quite different from the desktop version.

Hosting QuickBooks desktop on cloud:

Another option is authorized hosting of QuickBooks desktop software on third-party servers. Intuit permits authorized hosting of QuickBooks desktop software on third-party servers. This means that the QuickBooks installed on the server of the hosting providers can be accessed by the authenticated users from anywhere using the internet. All the features of the desktop version are available for us and also it support the cross device operations. This service gives an edge for the accounting professionals, as the extra hassle of maintenance of the software is taken care by the service provider. We also gets multi-user collaboration and easier integration of QB add-ons. The security issues are also taken care by the service provider.

QuickBooks remote access tool:

This tool basically allows us to connect with the remote system that has the QuickBooks software installed in it. This tool can be easily accessed on the Intuit official website. Also, many third party software are available in the market having similar functionalities. This can perform the basic tasks such as copying files between local and remote systems, print files on the remote server using the local printer, etc. This software basically works on the Cisco WebEx tool that support communication services and also online meetings. It is an add on to the QuickBooks software, and is available in two versions i.e. QuickBooks Access and Full desktop access. We can purchase this tool directly on the website of Intuit. There are various other remote access software available in the market for similar services.

Cost of accessing QuickBooks remotely

In order to access QuickBooks remotely, we will have to accept the fact that it is not free of cost. We will have to pay a certain amount for this service. This involves two plans namely:

  1. QuickBooks Access ($70.95/month)
  2. Full Desktop Access ($99.75/month)

Security and reliability

The accounting activities are confidential for each business, and the industry they belong to doesn’t matter. Also, there is a need for a security check at each level. The need for a reliable medium to source information and carry out accounting activities for both online as well as offline operations, can’t be denied. QuickBooks remote access tool and QBO are efficient and reliable, which makes them the best suitable option for the current situation. And also, we can easily rely upon these tested solutions.

If we are going for the cloud based solutions like the QuickBooks online or hosting, then the security is reliable. Intuit authorized commercial hosts are screened to make sure that the data of the client is completely safe. Many service providers practice 256 bit encryption. Also, the encryption level with QuickBooks remote access tool and online is more or less the same. Or if we are going with other remote access tools, then the security concerns vary upon the abilities of the tool.

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Steps to access your QuickBooks desktop remotely from anywhere

Steps to be followed to access QuickBooks desktop remotely from your home:

Best Steps to Access your QuickBooks desktop remotely from anywhere - Infographic

If you are wishing to access QuickBooks remotely, then carrying out the below stated steps can be of great help. Let us have a look at those steps:

  1. Visit the Intuit website, and then sign up for QuickBooks remote access
Intuit QuickBooks Remote Access - Screenshot
  1. Log in to the account on QuickBooks remote access website. We are now supposed to launch a web browser on the system that they want to access QuickBooks remotely on.
Intuit QuickBooks Remote Access - Screenshot
  1. Download the remote access tool installation file. Followed by clicking on setup computer.
  2. Now, in the nickname field, we are supposed to enter a computer nickname and hit next.
  3. Place a check mark next to the options to initiate every time a remote session is logged into.
  4. We will get a few options namely: “Use full-screen view by default”, “Disable this computer’s keyboard and mouse”, “Automatically reduce screen resolution to match”, and “Make this computer’s screen blank”.
  5. Place a check mark next to the applications to access remotely on the system. For a minimal monthly fee, we need to access only the QuickBooks accounts. And then click on next.
  6. Check the box for the verification option to use. We can either enter a phone number or enter a pass-code. And after entering the information respectively, hit finish tab. And you are good to go.

Alternative ways to access QuickBooks desktop remotely

The alternate way to access QuickBooks remotely, we can check out the steps below:

  1. Open a web browser from the remote computer.
  2. You need to open remote access website and then sign in to the account.
  3. See the box with the system nickname and then click on the connect option.
  4. Followed by entering the pass-code that will be received on phone.
  5. Click on the drop-down menu of remote access.
  6. And end the process by clicking on end the QB remote access session after the session is complete.

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A final note..!

So, this brings us to the conclusion of this article, and we hope that the details that we’ve shared in the above paragraphs about remote accessibility to QuickBooks desktop will assist you to make the best utilization of this amazing feature. However, in case of any difficulty or if you are facing any sort of error in the entire process, then do not hesitate in calling our professionals anytime.

You can simply ring up a call using our support number i.e., 1-800-761-1787, and allow our QuickBooks Desktop Support team to handle the issue for you. Our U.S based certified accounting professionals will be happy to help you.


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