QuickBooks has proved its viability in the accounting world through the wide range of services that it has on offer for accountants. However, at times, when you try to perform some important tasks on your QuickBooks software, an error might pop up and irritate you. QuickBooks Update Error 15227 is one such error we’ll be talking about. You might come across this error when the device shuts down and adhered to a certain degree, during a program update, or when Windows starts or turns off, another situation can be during Windows installation. Furthermore, you might bump into this bug with a warning message that says:

Warning“Error 15227: QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience”.
QuickBooks Error 15227 - Screenshot Image

Just in case you are a victim of an identical error, then this piece of writing can be a savior for you. Scroll through this space and get the fixes for QuickBooks error code 15227 on your tips. You can also grab your phone and ring up our technical team for any further assistance.

Detrimental effects caused by QuickBooks error 15227

Every error comes with certain changes that aim at damaging your invaluable data, and the same is the case with QuickBooks payroll error 15227. To get a better brief, check the negative effects of this error below:

  • The error message appears on the screen and blocks the process.
  • The current window of QuickBooks might shut down inappropriately.
  • This technical error may adversely affect the speed of the system.
  • Another effect can be that your device might not accept the given commands in a proper manner.
  • You might also face certain issues with the apps that are related to security.
  • And you might also not be able to spot the taskbar.

Potential causes of QuickBooks error 15227

The following causes are the major triggers that lead to this error. Let us explore further:

  • Just in case you have any corruption or damage in QuickBooks downloaded file, the error 15227 may show up.
  • You might face this error, or a similar error, in case of an incomplete or partial installation.
  • Another trigger can be if there is any virus or malware attack.
  • You might also end up in such an error if some conflicting background program deletes necessary QuickBooks-related files.
  • The error may also display if the software package modifications related to QuickBooks lead to corruption in the Windows registry.

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Effective Steps to Resolve QuickBooks Payroll Error 15227

If you follow the steps given below carefully, getting rid of the QuickBooks payroll error 15227 will be a little easier. Follow each resolution and subsequently check if the issue got rectified. Check them out:

Step 1: Reinstalling the QuickBooks update

It is recommended that you delete the files related to the previous update and re-install the QuickBooks updates. This is considered to be the most effective measure to troubleshoot such error in the accounting software. Follow the easy guidelines below:

  • You would first need to Reboot the system.
  • Once your system is restarted, open the QuickBooks desktop by right-clicking on its Desktop icon and opting for Run as Admin.
  • Later on, Install the updates if it is indicated to you. In case the update isn’t installed, then you can head to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\ Application Data\Intuit\QuickBooks <versionXX> \ Components (where xx denotes the QuickBooks version) and Delete the file.
  • Relaunch the QuickBooks desktop and choose the Update QuickBooks option available in the Help menu.
Update QuickBooks desktop to Latest - Image
  • After that, you will need to Download the updates again and launch the QuickBooks software.
  • Lastly, hit a click on the Install now when the QuickBooks desktop update services show up.
QuickBooks desktop and install updates - Screenshot Image

Step 2: Perform a Disc Clean up

At times, an excessive accumulation of system junk and corrupted files may be a potential reason contributing to Error 15227 in QuickBooks payroll. To handle this, you should use the Disc Cleanup utility to ward off any junk files.

  • Under this step, you need to start a Disk cleanup along with a Complete scan for viruses and malware for the system files.
Run disk cleanup - Screenshot
  • Head back to the Recent updates and check if you see any issues.
  • The system file checker tool can be quite effective to identify and repair any files on the system.

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Step 3: (Clean install) Re-installing the QuickBooks software

If the steps mentioned here to fore fail to resolve the error, then you should go for a clean installation of the software. This can be either accomplished manually or by the use of the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool.

Hide all Microsoft services - Screenshot Image
  • Open the Run window through the Windows + R keyboard keys.
  • When the Run box displays on your screen, type ‘Msconfig‘ and hit the Enter key.
  • The System Configuration Window will now be visible on the screen. tap on the Services tab.
  • Here, you need to Hide all Microsoft services and Disable all the remaining services.
  • Following that, head for Selective startup and Load system services in the General tab.
  • Ensure that the Windows installer is checked and then hit on Restart.
  • Follow these steps with a QuickBooks desktop clean install. You can also uninstall QuickBooks Desktop manually via the Control Panel.
  • At last, open the system configuration window and choose the Normal startup after that choose Reboot.

Step 4: Windows should be updated to the latest version

Using an out-to-date O/S can contribute to the QB Error Message 15227. As such, it is recommended that you make sure that the O/S installed on your system is equipped with the latest updates. Follow the brief steps provided below:

  • To begin with, you are required to access the Settings from the Windows Start menu.
  • Under Settings, you then need to choose the Update and Security option.
  • Afterward, hit on Check for Updates option.
Check for updates in windows 10 - Screenshot Image
  • Ensure that you download all the relevant updates essential for your system.

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Step 5: Cleaning off any temporary files

Run disk cleanup - Screenshot

Follow the steps below to remove temporary files from your system.

  • You first need to hit the Win + R keys to access the Run box.
  • Within the Run window, you are supposed to type ‘Cleanmgr.exe.’
  • Choose OK or alternatively, hit the Enter key to launch the Disc Cleanup tool.
  • Afterward, hit on the Clean Up System Files.
  • Hit on the Yes button afterward.
  • A list of files to remove will be visible on the screen. Check all of the items and afterward, hit on the OK button.
  • Then, choose the Delete Files option to wipe them off your system.
  • Another alternative method to remove the temporary files is to launch the run command window and then type %temp%, followed by hitting on the Enter key.
  • After that, the folder containing the temporary files will be displayed. Now, you need to choose all the files through the Ctrl + A keys and then hit the Delete (or Ctrl + Shift + Delete) keys to wipe off the unnecessary temporary files.

Step 6: Using the System File Checker

This step necessitates the inspection of the system files to check for any error(s). To do so, simply proceed to the Command Prompt and type the SFC command. Follow the below-mentioned steps to get a better insight:

  • Hit the Windows key in the beginning.
  • In the search bar that shows up after clicking on the start button, you need to type ‘Prompt.’
  • Now, choose Run as administrator after right-clicking the Command Prompt.
  • Afterward, type the following command: ‘SFC /scannow.’
Type sfc-scannow - Screenshot
  • Finally, hit the Enter key to initiate the scan process.
  • Let the process conclude. When it finishes successfully, launch Quickbooks once again and verify if the error got arrested.

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Step 7: Opting for Windows Restore

If none of the steps discussed by now come to the rescue, then we suggest that you go for restoring your Windows, an easy process involving the following steps:

Restore your computer - Screenshot 1
  • Initially, click on the Windows Start button.
  • After that, search for Restore and click on the Windows Restore icon.
  • The window will open, wherein you are required to choose a restore point, followed by proceeding ahead with the process of restoring the system.
  • Finally, restart the PC and start with your QuickBooks Desktop application. You are good to go!

Step 8: Run QuickBooks Quick Fix My Program Feature

  • This step requires installing the QuickBooks Tool Hub program from the website of Intuit.
  • Subsequently, run the tool and make a move to the Quick Fix My Program feature.
Program Problems tab in tool hub - Screenshot Image
  • Upon performing the scan, the next step is to run QuickBooks as an admin, and then update the software from the Help tab.

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Concluding lines!

This piece of writing has attempted to brief you on the proper steps to implement and troubleshoot QuickBooks error 15227. However, if you don’t have much time to spend on fixing this issue, or face any other technical issue while performing the steps, then you can simply get in touch with our QuickBooks payroll error support team at 1-800-761-1787.


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