All that you need to know about QuickBooks error code 7149

Over the past couple of years small and medium businesses depend on a lot on QuickBooks desktop, the accounting software designed by Intuit. This application is known for handling finances seamlessly. QuickBooks has some really powerful features which enables business operations easier and less time consuming. From financial tracking to inventory management to report generation this software helps business with everything.

QuickBooks Error 7149 - Screenshot

QuickBooks users do reap its benefits but at times they face technical issues like the QuickBooks POS error code 7149. The system generally crashes, and this error message pops up on the screen:

Warning“QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

Sometimes the computer also freezes for few seconds when this error occurs. This problem needs immediate attention but before fixing it is important to understand what causes it.

What triggers QuickBooks error code 7149?

  • Incomplete or corrupt installation: Few times installation process doesn’t get completed or gets damaged and this doesn’t let the computer from copying the files that are important to run QuickBooks desktop.
  • Corruption in Windows Registry: The recent installation or changes in modification causes corruption in Windows Registry which leads to this error.
  • Virus in the computer: Virus threats can be another cause of QuickBooks error code 7149.
  • Other issues: Few of the antivirus software causes hanging of the system or can affect working of QuickBooks. In that case the antivirus or firewall needs to be disabled.
  • System: Each of the computer systems are different and at times some local issues can cause the error.

Signs and Symptoms of QuickBooks error code 7149

You can land into the QuickBooks error code 7149 in certain situations that can be identified using the following signs and symptoms. Let us check out of them one by one:

  • In case the error itself flashes on the screen, then you might be able to spot the issue easily.
  • In case of active application or program window getting crashed, it is probable that you might end up with this error.
  • Another sign can be if the Windows run slowly.
  • Your software freezes again and again.

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Here is how you can fix QuickBooks error code 7149

Below are the methods to resolve the QuickBooks error code 7149:

Solution 1: Repair or Reinstall QuickBooks

You have to open the control panel of your computer and then click on Add or Remove programs. The same can be searched in the Start Menu.

Programs and Features - Screenshot
  • Find QuickBooks and then take your cursor on it and right click on it.
  • Now you have to click on repair and then follow the instructions that come up on the screen.
Repair QuickBooks Desktop - Screenshot
  • Hit a click on the Uninstall tab if you want to uninstall QuickBooks desktop and then again reinstall it.
Uninstall or Reinstall QuickBooks - Screenshot
  • Once done restart your system and the open it.

Solution 2: Fix Windows Registry Key

Fix Windows Registry -Screenshot Image

It is suggested that you seek professional help for this, as trying it without technical knowledge can be quite risky.

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Solution 3: Remove Malware

Scanning the system for malware or virus attack - Screenshot

With the help of your antivirus software, run a complete scan of your computer to check if there any virus or any potential threats that are causing the QuickBooks error code 7149. Once detected by the antivirus all the viruses will be immediately removed. Once done restart your computer and see if its fixed or not.

Solution 4: Disable antivirus for some time

Disable anti-virus on a temporary basis - Screenshot

In case you find out that it is your antivirus that is preventing QuickBooks from working then disable for some time. Once it is done QuickBooks will be able to open normally. You can reboot your system as well and then run in safe mode. Open it and update it also.

  • You need to look for the antivirus icon in the taskbar.
  • After that hit a right click on the same.
  • Once you see the options on the screen, look for the disable tab and hit the same.
  • Later on, try opening QuickBooks after disabling.
  • You might require to start the system in safe mode, and then open the software and update it.

Solution 5: Close conflicting programs

  • Herein, you are supposed to open task manager by clicking on to Ctrl + Alt + Del keys.
  • This will let you see the list of programs running at the moment.
  • You need to then head to the processes tab and stop the programs one by one by highlighting each of the program and also clicking on the end process tab.
End task (QuickBooks.exe) - Image
  • Moving ahead, look carefully at the message, when it occurs at the time of stopping a process.
  • After you are able to spot which process is causing the snag, then you can perform the steps for reinstalling the application.

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Final Note..!

Fixing the QuickBooks error code 7149 is not much of a problem. But if you are having trouble or have some query related to it, then you can seek assistance from QuickBooks error support team. Our accounting professionals are highly trained and equipped with latest edge-cutting tools and the best part is that they are available 24/7 to you out.


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