Are you perplexed by the recurring freezing of the QuickBooks Desktop? It is quite annoying and leads to undesirable delays, thereby hampering your work progress. Besides, it may also lead to damage to your crucial QB-related files. However, this article shall apprise you of all the indispensable information related to freezing the QuickBooks software, including the causative factors and convenient methods on how to Unfreeze QuickBooks Desktop.

QuickBooks has evolved as an effective accounting software sprawling a wave of revolution in the accounting world via its unprecedented features. It has proved its worth by offering unmatchable services to businesses. However, lately, some QB users have been experiencing occasional freezing of the QuickBooks desktop upon opening the software.

Make sure to visit this article till its conclusion and implement each troubleshooting method with utmost care. If, however, you feel that the methods seem to be too arduous or require technical proficiency for implementation, then you may get in contact with our Technical Support team and allow our expert to unfreeze QuickBooks Desktop on your behalf. So, without wasting any time, let us embark forward towards the various contributory causes that lead to the freezing issue.

What causes QuickBooks Desktop to freeze?

The problem of QuickBooks freezing may be caused due to a variety of factors. Such a situation can come up while attempting to print your document through the QuickBooks software. But there may be other factors too that might instigate this error. Some of those factors are listed below:

  • The company file name entered may be too long.
  • The QBWUSER.INI file may be corrupted.
  • Working with an outdated or damaged operating system.
  • The size of your company file may be too large.
  • Issues with damaged or corrupted QuickBooks installation files.
  • Damaged user reference and DDF files.
  • Using a corrupted hard drive for installing the QuickBooks desktop software.
  • The firewall and internet settings may be erroneous.
  • Applications running in the background may be consuming too much space.

QuickBooks Desktop Freezing Issue: Major Signs and Symptoms

Let us now go through the various signs and symptoms that can be witnessed during the freezing of the QuickBooks desktop software. Some most common symptoms relate to this error are mentioned below:

  • A running window may crash quite often and the QuickBooks software starts to freeze quite frequently.
  • All your accounting operations become too arduous and unmanageable to perform on the QuickBooks software.
  • Your PC shuts down after showing the frozen screen.
  • QuickBooks becomes unresponsive to keyboard inputs and mouse clicks.
  • You may witness a sluggish system.

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Easy Alternatives to Unfreeze the QuickBooks Desktop

Having gone through the various causes and conspicuous signs and symptoms behind the freezing issue, let us now go through the various methods to unfreeze the QuickBooks Desktop software. Using the appropriate method to fix the error must be easier now since you are well accustomed to the various symptoms and causes leading to such an issue. If you are still obscure about which troubleshooting method to use, then perform each of the methods and subsequent check.

1st Alternative: Modify the filename of the Initialization file (‘QBWUSER.INI’)

QuickBooks freezing issue can be fixed by renaming the QBWUSER.INI file. The steps to rename the file are enumerated as follows:

  • Before commencing with this troubleshooting method, make sure to exit the QuickBooks.
  • Initially, Open the File Explorer by hitting on the Win + E keys together.
  • Navigate to my computer afterwards.
  • You then need to choose the C: Drive and then hit on the Search button.
  • In the search field, type in ‘QBWUSER.INI,’ followed by hitting on the Ok tab.
  • You are now supposed to right-click the file and hit on Rename.
Changing the name of QBWUSER.INI file - Screenshot
  • Now, include the word ‘.old’ towards the end of the filename. You can insert any other word of your choice. The motive behind altering the name is to prevent the QuickBooks desktop software from accessing this file.
  • When you are done, restart QuickBooks. If the error still stands its ground, jump to the subsequent method.

2nd Alternative: Clearing cache in the Internet Explorer browser

When the cache in IE consumes too much space, the performance of the QuickBooks software gets affected. As a remedy, perform the following procedure to wipe off the cache from your Internet Explorer browser:

  • Initially, you need to launch the Internet Explorer browser. As an alternative avenue, hit on the Start menu and search for Explorer option, followed by double-clicking on the Internet Explorer icon.
  • Now, opt for the Internet Options menu by hitting on the Gear icon.
  • Thereafter, choose the Delete browsing history option.
Cleaning up the history, cache of the browser - Screenshot
  • Make sure that the Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, History, and Form data options are checked. If not, then checkmark the same.
  • Follow it up by hitting on the Delete option.
  • Now, attempt to launch QuickBooks and check if it helped to unfreeze QuickBooks Desktop.

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3rd Alternative: Making a Portable Company File

The creation of a portable company file may help to unfreeze the QuickBooks desktop. Here are the steps to implement for creating a portable company file:

  • At first, you launch the QuickBooks software and hit on the File menu.
  • Now, you need to hit on the Make a copy option from the File tab.
  • Subsequently, opt for the Portable company file option and then hit on Next.
Opening a portable company file - Image
  • Afterwards, choose a desirable location for saving the company file. Following that, Save the file.
  • Finally, hit on the Ok tab and double-check whether the foregoing steps helped you to fix this issue.

4th Alternative: Avail the Quick fix my program feature of Tool Hub

The QuickBooks Tool Hub program comes with many helpful features that can assist you in troubleshooting a myriad of technical issues. One such feature is the Quick Fix My Program feature that assists users in quickly repairing all QB-related issues.

Perform the actions outlined below to make use of the tool:

  • To begin with, you need to launch the QuickBooks tool hub.
  • After that, hit on the Program Problems option in the Tool Hub.
  • Next, choose the Quick Fix My Programs option.
Program Problems tab in tool hub - Screenshot Image
  • Be patient, as it may take some time to complete and resolve the problem.
  • Restart your computer after the task is finished.

5th Alternative: Edit the filenames of DDF and DAT files

  • Initially, make sure to close all company files.
  • Afterwards, visit the QuickBooks directory and Search for the DAT and DDF files.
  • Upon locating the files, right-click on each of them and choose the Rename option.
  • Add ‘.old’ at the end of the filenames.
  • Subsequently, open the QuickBooks software and check if the QuickBooks Desktop Freezing Up issue got sorted out. If not, proceed to the following method.

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6th Alternative: Running the Rebuild Data utility

If the company file has data damage, it could take some time for QuickBooks desktop to open. However, the user should run the rebuild data utility, if there is any data damage found.

  • Launch the QuickBooks software.
  • Subsequently, choose Utilities from the File menu.
  • Follow it up by opting for the Verify data option.
Utilities (Verifying the Data or Rebuild Data) - Screenshot
  • In case any issue is identified, again head to the File menu and opt for the Rebuild data option.
  • After that hit a click on Ok button.
  • Wait for the tool to rectify the issue; the process may take some time.
  • Upon the completion of the process, hit on OK button.
  • Finally, run the Verify data tool once more and see if any error gets identified this time around.

7th Alternative: Employing QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool - Image

The freezing issues can also be resolved by using the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool. Follow the brief walk-through below to use the tool.

  • At first, download the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool from the official Intuit website.
  • After that you need to save the downloaded file on your desktop or any other suitable location.
  • In the next step install the tool by adhering to the on-screen prompts and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  • Afterwards, close all the active application running in the background and double-click on the QBInstallDiagnosticTool.exe to install the program.
  • You are now required to wait till the process completes.
  • Finally, restart the computer after the process culminates.

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Concluding lines..!

We have a firm hope that all the methods mentioned in this article served your purpose by assisting you to Unfreeze QuickBooks Desktop software. If, in case, you found the procedure too difficult to implement or faced any issue while performing any step, feel free to call our QuickBooks error support Team via our helpline i.e., 1-800-761-1787. You may approach us through the helpline or through the Live chat option.


What is the cause of QuickBooks freezing?

QuickBooks Desktop may freeze due to multiple causes that include corrupted Company files, incomplete QuickBooks installation, or file corruption in the QB folder.

How to ensure that QuickBooks does not freeze?

The user should go for frequent antivirus checks, create a backup of the company files, and use various tools offered by Intuit in Tool Hub program.

Can Verify and Rebuild Tool fix the Freezing issue?

Yes! The Verify and Rebuild tool can resolve this problem in case it is related to a damaged company file.

What tools can fix the Freezing issue?

Users can use different tools like the Install Diagnostic Tool, Quick Fix My Program, QuickBooks File Doctor tool that are available in the QuickBooks Tool Hub.


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