A Step-by-step procedure to resolve the QuickBooks already has a company file open error like a Pro:

Accounting software is one of the essential tools used by business owners. They make accounting and bookkeeping easier for any user to keep track of all the assets and liabilities along with the day to day expenses and gains of the corporation. One of the most popular accounting software that companies around the world use nowadays is none other than QuickBooks. With its regular updates and user-friendly interface, it is supposed to be one of the best accounting software for small and medium-sized organizations.

But, as the regular updates are made available by Intuit, there are times when users have to face bugs and errors. One of the most common problem of this software is QuickBooks already has a company file open error. So, to help other users and to ensure that they are able to make the best out of this software we will go through step by step and will help the users in order to get rid of this error.

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Understand all about QuickBooks already has a company file open error

Can’t Open QuickBooks - QuickBooks already has a company file open - Screenshot

As the name of the error speaks for itself, in this error message, whenever a user tries to open up a company file, he faces the error message stating:

Can’t Open QuickBooks

QuickBooks already has a company file open. If you want to open another company file, close this one first.

Now, due to this, not only the productivity hampers as the users are not able to work efficiently but also without opening a company file no previous data can be recollected. Thus, this small error can cause a lot of trouble if not fixed on a priority basis.

What are the reasons behind QuickBooks already has a company file open error?

As this is an issue related to the company file, it is hard to determine the exact reason behind this error, however, following are some of the most common issues which we have come across whenever this error pops up.

  • The company file or .QBW file of QuickBooks desktop is corrupted or damaged in some manner
  • There is a possibility of being a Folder Permission issue
  • It can appear in case a QB Company file is actually open

How to fix QuickBooks already has a company file open error?

In order to ensure that all the users will be able to completely fix their system from this error, we have bifurcated the process into several steps. It is essential for all the users facing this issue to follow all the steps in order to fix this error from the system completely. So, let’s get started:

Step 1: Update QuickBooks desktop to latest

Help + Update QuickBooks desktop - Screenshot

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Step 2: Verify the company file

  • Locate the company file and search the folder for the file ending with .qbw (there are a lot of file types in the QuickBooks desktop so ensure that you search for .qbw file only)
  • Manually check whether the .qbw file is opening up or not
  • If the company file is opening up manually then it is an error otherwise the file itself is corrupted.

Step 3: Determine the causes behind the error

  • In order to determine whether the company file is damaged or the QuickBooks program is causing an issue, start with opening the Windows START menu
  • Search for File Explorer and open it up
  • Once the File Explorer is opened up, search for QuickBooks.exe file which will be present in the QuickBooks folder
  • Lastly, hold down the CTRL key and then double click on QuickBooks.exe to open it up. Make sure not to release the CTRL key until QuickBooks Desktop is open.
  • Now, try opening a company file, if it doesn’t open then try one more time with a sample file. In case the sample file also doesn’t load up, there is a problem with the software itself.

Step 4: Disable Hosting on the workstations

For workstations
  • Start QuickBooks on any of the workstations on the network
  • Click on the File menu and check whether or not “Host Multi-User Access” option is available under Utilities. If it appears then the system is not causing any issue.
Hosting Multi-user Access-in QuickBooks - Screenshot
  • In case the “Stop Hosting Multi-User Access” option is popping up, select it. Repeat the same process on all the workstations on the network
Stop Hosting Multi-User Access - Screenshot
For server
  • Open QB desktop and go to Utilities under the File menu
Utilities option - Screenshot
  • If “Host Multi-User Access” option is appearing then select it
Hosting Multi-user Access-in QuickBooks - Screenshot
  • Repeat the process and select “Stop Host Multi-User Access” to reset the multi-user mode
Stop Hosting Multi-User Access - Screenshot
  • Again, one last time repeat the process and select “Host Multi-User Access
Hosting Multi-user Access-in QuickBooks - Screenshot

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Step 5: Move and rename company file

  • On the start menu, search for File Explorer and then search for the company file ending with .qbw extension
  • Copy the company file and paste it anywhere which you can locate easily
  • Once done, go to the folder where the file is present and rename the company file
  • Lastly, open QuickBooks, go to the File menu and then select Open or restore company.
Open or restore an existing company - Screenshot
  • Select the fresh company file placed in the new folder and click on open to complete the process.

Step 6: Rename .ND and .TLG file

Rename the .TLG and.ND files - Screenshot
  • On the start menu, search for File Explorer and then search for the company file ending with .TLG and .ND extension
  • Select both the files one by one and then rename the files
  • Now, open QuickBooks Desktop, it will automatically create fresh .ND and .TLG files

Step 7: Check the file properties

  • To begin with, the user needs to right click the QuickBooks icon or shortcut, and then the user needs to click on run as admin
Run QuickBooks as Administrator - Screenshot 1
  • After that, the user needs to click on preferences on the edit menu
  • After that, click on general in the left pane and then on the My preferences tab, clear the keep QuickBooks running for quick startups checkbox, also click on OK tab
  • The last step is to close QuickBooks and reboot the system
Keep QuickBooks running for quick startups - Screenshot

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Step 8: Run a quick fix my program from tool hub

Run Quick Fix my Program - Screenshot
  • Complete the on-screen instructions to finish the process.

Step 9: Close all QuickBooks processes from task manager

Tip If you don’t want to restart your computer, you can end the appropriate process in Windows Task Manager.

End QuickBooks Processes - Screenshot
  • For this, the user needs to open the computer’s task manager, by right clicking the taskbar at the bottom of the system
  • The user can open the task manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc
  • Now, move to the processes or details tab and also look for multiple instances of QuickBooks processes running
    • The QBDBMgrN.exe is the culprit in the details tab
    • And then right click to close down the processes, while leaving one open
    • The last step is to carry out the steps you were performing in the commerce sync connection
Closing all QuickBooks processes at once

In case the user doesn’t want to close QuickBooks processes separately, then he/she can follow the steps below to close them all at once. The QuickBooks might have different name in different windows system. Closing QuickBooks process all at one time is a bit easy. The steps to be followed here are:

  • The first step is to press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the task manager
  • And then, click on processes tab
  • After that click on QuickBooks and opt for end task option
QuickBooks already has a company file-screenshot
  • Now, reopen QuickBooks and all processes would be closed

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We hope you find this step by step guide helpful in fixing QuickBooks already has a company file open error. In case, the issue persists or you have any more queries, you can contact our QuickBooks enterprise technical support team at 1-800-761-1787. Our experienced team of experts works round the clock and can offer you quick and precise solutions of all accounting related issues.


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