Many QuickBooks users, while attempting to move their crucial QuickBooks files across different systems, may bump into the QuickBooks migration failed unexpectedly error. This error message leads to an abrupt stoppage of your QuickBooks Migration Tool and thus lays grounds for unwanted delays in the work operations. In this illustrative blog, we shall be dealing with all the aspects of this migration error and shall also discuss the potential remedies to fix QuickBooks Migration Failed unexpectedly error. Technical aberrations in QuickBooks are quite common, and it is a challenging task to deal with these issues without seeking any technical guidance. If you feel the need for a technical hand in dealing with the QuickBooks migration error, just ring us a call at our dedicated helpline given above.

What Files Cannot be Migrated by Using the QuickBooks Migration Tool?

QuickBooks Migration Tool, no doubt, is an impeccable data transfer tool for QuickBooks, but it has certain restrictions when it comes to the file types to be migrated. Some of the common file types that cannot be migrated through the Migration Tool are given as under:

  • Backup Files
  • Multi-use setup
  • System Configuration file
  • Out-to-date Company files cannot be migrated
  • QuickBooks Desktop U.S. files to other versions of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Intuit Data Protect (IDP)
  • U.S. multi-currency files

What Are the Causes Behind QuickBooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly Error?

The list of potential factors that may instigate this error while using the Migration tool is given as under:

  • The error may show up if you attempt to transfer any of the above-mentioned files using the QuickBooks Migration Tool.
  • The files related to the QB Migration Tool might be damaged.
  • Your system may not be meeting the minimum system requirements to run the QuickBooks Migration Tool.
  • Some system-related issues may also incite this error.
  • Using an out-to-date version of QuickBooks and Windows O/S may also provoke QuickBooks Migration failed unexpectedly error.

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Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly Error

Perform the below-given solutions so as to annihilate the migration error once and for all.

1st Solution: Getting some QuickBooks files transferred to some other location

This solution requires you to copy the backed-up company files to the new system. Perform the below-mentioned steps to move your company files to another folder.

  • Start off by visiting the QuickBooks folder and then find the folder containing the QuickBooks backup files.
  • Once you locate the folder, open it and right-click on the below-given files, and then choose the option to Copy. You are supposed to copy the following files:
    • Cash flow Projector
    • Printer Settings
    • QB Letters
    • Financial Statement Designer
    • QB Templates
  • Now, proceed ahead by pasting these files to some other location of your choice.

2nd Solution: Restore your Company files

The steps for restoring the Company files are given as under:

  • The inceptive step requires installing QuickBooks on the new system.
  • Subsequently, perform the following steps on your old system:
  • Open QuickBooks on your old computer.
  • After that, switch to the Single-user mode in the File menu.
Switch company file to single-user mode - Screenshot
  • Within the File menu, choose the Company Backup option.
  • Subsequently, pick the option to Create Local Backup.
Create a Local Backup in QuickBooks - Screenshot Image
  • Opt for the location/folder where you want the backup files to be stored.
  • Hit on Ok, followed by Save.
  • Finally, hit on Finish.
  • The subsequent step requires copying and pasting these backup files to the new computer system.
  • Run QuickBooks on your new computer.
  • Click on the File menu and then choose the option to Restore the backup file.
Restore backup -screenshot
  • Wait for the process to conclude.

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3rd Solution: Moving the Data folder of QuickBooks

  • To start, open the QuickBooks program.
  • Press the F2 key on your keyboard to go to the screen for Product Information.
Product Information 2022 - Screenshot Image
  • Here, visit the File Information section and note the location of your QuickBooks company files.
  • Now, make an exit from QuickBooks.
  • After that, click on the Start button and open the file manager.
  • Navigate to your company file location and right-click on the company file folder and choose the option to Copy.
  • The next step requires pasting these copied files to a different location by hitting the Ctrl + V keys.

4th Solution: Using Intuit Data Protect (IDP)

Intuit Data Protect Diagnostic Tool - Image
  • The first step demands logging in to Intuit Data Protect (IDP) on your new system where you want your data to be migrated.
  • After that, open QuickBooks and hit on the File tab.
  • Click on the Backup Company option.
  • Select the option to Set up online backup or Activate online backup.
  • Thereafter, pick the company file in QuickBooks and then hit on the Continue option.
  • Make sure to mark the option beside Backing up local copies of selected documents.
  • The folder will contain the files, including Planner Files, Transaction Log Files, Cash Flow Projector Files, etc.

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5th Solution: Update QuickBooks

Update QuickBooks desktop (Screenshot)

The update process for QuickBooks requires adherence to the below-given steps:

  • You are initially required to Run QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Now, hit on the Help tab and then choose the option to Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Subsequently, choose the Update Now option and then click on the Get Updates option.

How to fix technical issues while updating QuickBooks Update?

While attempting to bring the above-mentioned steps into practice, if you stumble upon technical errors, then it is recommended to end all QuickBooks processes in the task manager and then restart QuickBooks to begin the QuickBooks update process once again.

  • Press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys and then choose the option to Open Task Manager.
  • After that, look for QuickBooks-related files like Qbw32.exe, QBCFMonitorService.exe, and Qbupdate.exe, including others, and then individually hit on the End Process button.
End task (QuickBooks.exe) - Image

6th Solution: Run the QuickBooks Migration Tool in the Compatibility Mode

It might be possible that the QuickBooks migration Failed unexpectedly error is showing up due to compatibility issues between the migration tool and your Operating System. To make sure that any such causes of this error are kept in check, make sure to run the migration tool in the compatibility mode, the steps for which are given as under:

  • Right-click the .exe file of QuickBooks Migration Tool and then hit on Properties.
  • Now, head to the Compatibility tab and then mark the option to Run This Program In Compatibility Mode.
Compatibility view in internet explorer - Screenshot Image
  • Now, attempt to migrate your QuickBooks data to check if QuickBooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly error got fixed.

7th Solution: Update the Operating system

An outdated Operating system may also cause this error as it may not be meeting the minimum requirements for the QuickBooks Migration Tool. It is therefore recommended that you update your Operating system to the most recent version. The steps for the same are given as under:

  • Click on the Start button on the Taskbar.
  • Now, type, ‘’update’’, and then click on the Windows update icon.
Windows Update - Screenshot
  • Choose the option to Check for updates.
Check for updates in windows 10 - Screenshot Image
  • If any updates are available, choose them and get them downloaded.
  • Restart the system and allow for the automatic installation of these updates.
  • Now, try using the QuickBooks Migration Tool once again and check if the error got resolved.

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Final Words..!

We reach the conclusion of this article where we hope that the guidelines provided in this article to fix QuickBooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly error helped you. If you want our certified QuickBooks error support experts to guide you, connect with our team via the dedicated helpline i.e., 1-800-761-1787. Support is just a call away.


Can I migrate data from any version of QuickBooks to a newer version?

In the majority of cases, you have the leverage to go for the migration of the data from an old QuickBooks version to a new one. However, certain compatibility issues could arise for which the user needs to be vigilant.

Can a large company file size affect the data migration process?

Yes! A large company file size can potentially impact the data migration process. Large files take a significant period for migration, and as soon as the size exceeds the allowable size, the data migration process may be halted.

Is it possible to reverse a failed data migration in QuickBooks?

No! There is no possibility of reversing a failed data migration process in QuickBooks since the process might already have impacted the Company files. A viable option in this scenario requires the user to go for restoring of the backup of the Company file.

Can third-party applications interfere with data migration in QuickBooks?

Yes! Certain unregistered third-party applications on the system can conflict with the data migration process in QuickBooks. To ward this off, the user should close all the background programs when commencing the data migration process.


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