QuickBooks Desktop has ushered in an unprecedented wave of revolution in the accounting and bookkeeping sectors. It has propelled evolving businesses of all kinds, be it small or medium-sized enterprises. However, with time, QuickBooks users have been witnessing a spate of diversified error codes and technical issues with the software. An accolade of the QuickBooks software is that it integrates easily with different emails, including Gmail. However, lately, users have been encountering a peculiar issue pertaining to reauthorize QuickBooks Desktop to keep using Gmail.

Google often keeps rolling out with new updates and amends its policies occasionally. Lately, it has revised its privacy statement. By November 11, 2019, any software that makes use of the Google data must be authorized to ensure that it complies with Google’s policy. You’ll notice a message stating that “The app is not verified if it isn’t reauthorized” or “Webmail Authorization – The default browser doesn’t seems to support the webmail authorization”.

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In this article, we shall throw light on the easy yet effective steps to resolve the error in the most convenient manner. So, make sure that you stay glued to this lucid article charted by our experts and perform each step in the same given sequence.

Although the procedure should be easy to implement for the majority of QuickBooks users, some might find it slightly technically intricate to perform. In that scenario, don’t hesitate to call the QuickBooks expert team and let them perform the steps to make your life easier. Our team comprises US-based experts having years of experience in the accounting field, having successfully resolved innumerable technical issues in QuickBooks. The subsequent section shall apprise you of easy steps to follow to get your QuickBooks Desktop software authorized.

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Easy Steps to Troubleshoot Webmail Authorization Fails in QuickBooks

If you’ve set up Gmail for utilizing enhanced security, you’ll be prompted for authorization while submitting a transaction or report from the QuickBooks Desktop software.

Solution 1: Set your email preferences

You need to follow the brief procedure listed below to successfully accomplish the authorization of QuickBooks for Gmail. Make sure not to skip any step.

  • You are initially required to choose Email from a report or some open transaction in QuickBooks.
  • Afterward, choose the Send Forms option. Soon after hitting on the option, you might be asked to enter your Intuit login information.
  • In the Webmail Authorization window that appears, hit on Continue.
Set your email preferences - Image
  • You will need to Log in with your Gmail account information to continue.
Log in with your Gmail account - Image
  • Subsequently, hit on the Allow tab once you have logged into your Gmail account. (This process will give you the permission to your QuickBooks to access your Gmail account so that you will be able to send emails)
Grant QuickBooks access to your Gmail account - Image
  • None of the Google default permissions need to be unchecked.

Note: Once you’ve clicked on Allow, your QuickBooks will now able to send emails using your Gmail account. Close the Google Chrome window. You will also need to hit a click on OK in the Preferences pop-up to save your all changes you have made.

Solution 2: Update QuickBooks desktop to the latest version

  • Initially, you should hit on the Help tab at the top menu bar of QuickBooks software.
  • After that tap on Update QuickBooks Desktop.
Update QuickBooks desktop to Latest - Image
  • The next step is to tap on the Update Now tab.
  • Next, choose the Reset Update option and then hit a click on Get Updates. This will begin the download process.
Update QuickBooks Desktop - Image 1
  • Once you are done, hit a click on OK and then restart QuickBooks desktop.
  • If prompted, choose the Yes option to install the latest release.

After you have updated the software, open QuickBooks Desktop and navigate to the Web Mail Preferences. Now verify your email settings. Follow these steps:

  • At first, you need to choose the Preferences option from the QuickBooks Edit Menu.
  • After that hit on the Send forms option from the left pane.
Send forms option - Screenshot Image
  • Next, navigate to the My Preferences and then choose the Email account you are using, and then hit a click on Edit.
  • Lastly, go to the Edit Email Information screen and choose the SMTP Server Details section. Here you can set the Port and Server name for your email provider settings.
SMTP Server Details - Screenshot Image

Facing issues while verifying the email settings?

If you encounter any issue while verifying your email settings, you need to make sure your default web browser is Internet Explorer. To make sure that is the case, follow the directions below:

  • At the start, launch the Internet Explorer browser from the Start menu.
  • Once open, tap on the Alt + T keys simultaneously to access the Tools menu. You can alternatively access the Tools menu by hitting on the Gear icon.
  • Now, choose Internet Options.
  • Subsequently, opt for the Restore Advanced Settings option under the Advanced tab.
Restore advanced settings - Screenshot Image
  • Hit on OK and afterward, shut off the browser.

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Solution 3: Change the current Gmail account to use the secure webmail

Just in case the above-mentioned solutions don’t work out in your favor, is advisable to alter your current Gmail account and use the other account for using the secure Gmail. The procedure is quite easy, and requires your implementation of the following steps:

  • Initially, it is crucial that you make sure that your Google account’s 2-step verification has been turned on.
  • Once that is done, run the QuickBooks software and hit on the Edit option.
  • Follow it up by moving to Preferences.
  • Subsequently, opt for the Send Forms option.
Send forms option - Screenshot Image
  • Within this option, choose WebMail.
  • Afterward, hit on the Edit option next to your Gmail User Id.
  • You are now required to pick the Enhanced security option.
Add email info - Image
  • Hit on OK afterward.
  • To conclude the procedure, Login into your Intuit account.
  • A page for signing into your Gmail account will appear on your screen. Log in using your credentials and provide access to Intuit.

What to do if your browser isn’t compatible with the Enhanced security feature?

There might be an instance wherein the default browser enabled on your system is incompatible with the enhanced security feature. In that case, it is advised that you change your default browser (Note that QuickBooks Desktop software uses Internet Explorer as the default web browser). The steps to follow in such a case are as follows:

  • Initially, tap on the Win + R button. You can see the Run window on your screen.
  • Thereafter, type in ‘% AppData%’ and hit the Enter key.
%APPDATA% - Screenshot Image
  • Opt for the View tab and then tick mark the box for Hidden Items.
  • After that, follow the lead to the Start Menu and choose Programs. Afterward, jump into Windows Accessories.
Windows Accessories - Image
  • Now, tap on the Google Chrome shortcut on the desktop and hit the Ctrl + C keys.
  • After that, paste the shortcut (Ctrl+V) into the folder for Windows Accessories.
  • Now, Right-click Internet Explorer, and then choose Rename.
  • Alter the name to Internet Explorer_old.
  • Once finished, make an exit from the QuickBooks Desktop and launch it again.
  • Now, follow the actions outlined in Solution 3 illustrated above, and see if the problem got resolved.

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Solution 4: Set Google Chrome as your default browser

  • At first, click on the File Explorer from the Start button.
  • After that navigate to the Start Menu and then click on Programs folder.
Set Google Chrome as your default browser - Image
  • Also, click on This PC > (H:) > Start Menu > Programs.
  • After then, double-click on Internet Explorer icon to launch it.
  • Once the Internet Explorer browser open on your system, hit a click on the Settings icon and then click on Internet Options.
Set Google Chrome as your default browser - Image 1
  • After that, choose the Programs tab and then choose the Set Programs option under the Programs section.
Set Google Chrome as your default browser - Image 2
  • Now here, you need to hit a click on Set your default programs option.
  • Next step to follow is to choose Google Chrome from the list of programs on the left.
Set Google Chrome as your default browser - Image 3
  • Also, hit a click on Set this program as default and tap on OK.

Winding Up with a concise summary!

That’s it! A mere cakewalk!

We hope that the brief yet indispensable knowledge contained in this article familiarized you with How to Reauthorize QuickBooks Desktop to fix Webmail authorization issue in QuickBooks Desktop. If you meet any technical difficulty while performing the steps, feel free to contact our QuickBooks desktop support Team via our helpline i.e., 1-800-761-1787.

We comprise professionals having profound expertise in the field. Having catered to clients across the globe, we know how to fix the issues and errors encountered while using the QuickBooks software. Our experts are available 24/7 for assistance.


What is the need to reauthorize QuickBooks Desktop to use Gmail?

QuickBooks Desktop should be reauthorized with Gmail since this enables email functionality in QuickBooks. Users can send invoices or reports directly via QuickBooks. Reauthorizing is also important as it confirms the integration of Gmail with QuickBooks in case of updates in the security protocols of Gmail.

Will reauthorizing QuickBooks Desktop affect my existing Gmail settings or emails?

No! Reauthorizing QuickBooks Desktop to use Gmail has no effect on the Gmail settings or emails.

What should I do if the reauthorization process fails or encounters an error?

In case the reauthorization fails, follow the steps below:
1. Ensuring that the net connectivity is seamless.
2. Typing in the correct credentials when reauthorizing QuickBooks to Gmail.
3. Clear the web browser cache and cookies.
4. Conforming to the use of some other web browser for the reauthorization process,
5. Close conflicting programs running in the background.


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