Learn how to fix errors or messages about not enough disk space or Insufficient disk space or memory on your hard drive:

Looking for a comprehensive guide to clear up disk space for QuickBooks desktop? Or want to know the process to fix issues stating not enough disk space on your hard drive? Well, if yes, then your search ends over here. When working on your software, you might come across some error messages that say that you require more hard drive to finish the task that is being performed in QuickBooks.

You might experience the below stated warning message:

There is not enough space on drive C:\ to extract this package
Free some hard drive space. QuickBooks is running slowly
Error: There is not enough free space
There is not enough space on drive C to extract this package - Screenshot Image

Well, when these type of errors appear, what basic step you would have to do is to ensure to make some space on your system. We have a few methods stated below that you can follow, so as to clear up disk space for QuickBooks successfully. Go through this segment with full concentration to learn some of the basic procedures that you can perform. However, if you don’t want to experiment on your own, then feel free to connect with our tech geeks. Our experienced accounting personnel will ensure to come up with the best possible support services for you.

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Steps you can perform to clear up disk space for QuickBooks

You can perform the below steps, so as to clear up disk space for QuickBooks. Let us explore the steps together:

Step 1: Checking the hard drive

Look for free space on hard drive - Screenshot Image

Before heading forward with the steps to make changes, it is very much essential to check the amount of free space that is currently available. It should be noted that QuickBooks needs at least 1 Gb of space, so as to run the install process and 2.5 GB to work at peak performance. The steps to be performed here are as follows:

  • You are supposed to choose the windows start menu.
  • After that, type in file explorer into the search and also open file explorer.
  • You now have to choose my computer from the navigation bar.
  • Later on, right click the icon for the hard drive.
  • This will be termed as C: drive.
  • You should now choose properties tab.
  • A window showing the available space will appear on the screen.

Step 2: Create space on the hard drive

Clear up the disk space using any of the below methods. Keep it mind that it is best to have at least 2.5 Gb free for QuickBooks to run optimally.

Clean up your disk

You can run disk clean up and perform the related steps, if you have lots of files in the downloads folder or recycling bin.

Clean up your disk - Screenshot Image

Remove the temp folder

Remove the temp folder - Screenshot Image

One can delete the files in the temp folder to free up some hard drive space. Before starting, you need to ensure that you sign in to the windows as admin.

Eliminate programs that you don’t use

Uninstall programs that you don’t use - Screenshot Image

Before you delete the files further, you need to check if you can uninstall programs you don’t need or don’t use anymore.

Cleaning up your photos and documents

Just in case you have already removed temporary files and unused programs and still need space, consider moving photos and documents to an external hard drive. It should be noted that photo and media files tend to take up a lot of space.

Important: One of the most important things to note is that avoid moving any of the QuickBooks files. You need to keep them on your local hard drive. Also, note that QuickBooks can’t access files on external hard drives.

Refreshing install file

Just in case you are trying to install QuickBooks desktop and still see an error after freeing up space, then you simply need to use QuickBooks tool hub. Or head to the installation issues section and perform the steps required. You are now supposed to start the install over again.

QuickBooks file doctor from tool hub - Screenshot Image

Steps to consider upgrading

Just in case you have tried all the solutions and you still face issues with the space, then you need to perform the below steps:

  1. You can go for cloud hosting service, if you have QuickBooks desktop enterprise.
  2. Whereas, if you plan to upgrade your system, ensure you are ready to move QuickBooks to your new system.

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Final words..!

Clearing up disk space for QuickBooks desktop becomes a little easy, once the steps that we have mentioned in above are performed in a proper manner. However, if for some reason you aren’t able to perform the steps or if you still face similar issue appearing on your screen, then in that case, you simply need to connect with our QuickBooks enterprise tech support team using our support line i.e., 1-800-761-1787. And our experts will be more than delighted to cater the support services required.


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