A complete guide to resolve QuickBooks desktop payroll setup error code format 00000 XXXXX:

QuickBooks Payroll Services have offered innumerable benefits for businesses across varied sectors and have ensured productivity, efficiency and effectiveness in managing work across accounting and marketing sectors. However, while working with QuickBooks Payroll, a user may face several errors which hinder efficient working. The error codes ‘00000 XXXXX in payroll setup’ restrict the completion of the payroll set up and may lead several ancillary issues. Generally, these errors are caused when the name of a file in the Vendor or Employee Center, or on the timesheet, includes a particular character, or if there is duplicate entries for the employee’s name.

This article shall provide a detailed framework about QuickBooks error codes 00000 XXXXX in payroll setup. The forthcoming sections of the article shall assist you towards resolving these error codes and the related problems associated with them. It is pertinent to note that the general format of such errors is ‘00000 XXXXX’ and there is an error code associated with each format ranging from ‘00000 00001’ to ‘00000 99999’.

Numerous types of Payroll Setup Error or Unrecoverable Errors

When Payroll Setup Error occurs in QuickBooks desktop, it blocks the setup wizard of payroll in QuickBooks Desktop payroll program from being opening. Also, in case you are trying to access the Payroll Setup Wizard within QuickBooks Desktop Payroll and you see an error message that has an error code that reads: “00000 XXXXXX”, don’t be worried. We’ll help you identify the root of the problem and get it resolved. Few error codes 00000 XXXXX in payroll setup are listed by users as:

00002 7132800000 3804900000 97340
00002 2012300000 8857900000 88703
00000 1700200000 3877200000 40370

Additional errors you may see:

00000 9986700000 8870300000 34289

What leads to ‘00000 XXXXX’ Error codes in payroll setup?

Error codes of the format ‘00000 XXXXX’ occur due to the following causes:

  • There is some special character(s) in the file name on the Vendor list or the Employee Centre.
  • Some special character(s) in the filename of timesheet.
  • Some duplicate entry of an employee name has been identified.

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How Can QuickBooks Payroll Setup Error Code Format 00000 XXXXX be Fixed?

Since you are now familiar with the causes that trigger the Payroll Setup Error Codes, let us now acquaint you with the methods needed to resolve the error and the problems which come along with it. Follow the below mentioned procedure to fix the QuickBooks Payroll Setup Error Code 00000 XXXXX:

Method 1: When the Payroll Setup Error Code 00000 XXXXX pops up on your Screen

  • In the inception, you need to visit the report by clicking on ‘View Report’ option.
  • It shall display the details associated with the error.
  • Access the file titled ‘ReportHeader.xml’ from the list.
  • The aforementioned file must open in Internet Explorer browser. In case it doesn’t, you need to take note of the location/path of the ‘ReportHeader.xml’ file.
  • Visit the file location. Right-click on the file and select on ‘Open with’, followed by ‘Internet Explorer
  • Once the file is accessed from the Internet Explorer, press ‘Ctrl + F’ keys simultaneously and look for ‘Exception String 0’.
  • The statement following ‘Exception String 0’ in the report provides details about the origin of the error. Go for the necessary changes to solve QB Payroll setup error. For Example:

<Name>Exception String 0</Name> <Value>System.Exception: exception thrown in background thread —> System.ArgumentException: Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: ‘(unnamed employee)’ Key being added: ‘(unnamed employee)‘ at System.Collections.SortedList.Add(Object key, Object value)

Method 2: Fix the following error messages:

Error 1: When Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: “[Vendor or payroll item name]” Key being added

If the Exception String 0 Statement displays that the item has already been added, then you are required to follow the below mentioned procedure.

  • From top menu bar, select ‘Vendors’ and choose ‘Vendor Center’ or select ‘Items‘, then ‘Payroll Item List‘.
Payroll Item List - Image
  • Identify the Vendor which causes this error. The same vendor shall be enlisted twice.
  • After that choose ‘Show Inactives‘. This will show any potential duplicate items.
  • You need to rename one of them with some unique name.

Error 2: If the Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: ‘(unnamed employee)’ Key being added

In case there exists a duplicate name of the employee, you are required to remove the same in the Employee Center.

  • From the top menu, navigate to ‘Employees’ > ’Employee Center’.
  • Select ‘All Employees’ from the list (Note that this shall include inactive employees)
All Employees option - Image
  • Right-click on the Duplicate names and select on ‘Delete Employee’.
  • If you are unable to Delete the duplicate employee due to current payroll transactions, you can move the transactions to the primary employee listed. After that, try to delete the duplicate employee once more time. If there is no payroll transaction on the account of an employee then time card data might be damaged or corrupted. Navigate to Employees and then Entry Time and look for entries that contain ODD or INVALID characters.

Check to see if the Payroll Setup Error Code 00000 XXXXX has been rectified.

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Error 3: Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: ‘(unnamed employee)’ ‘the specified special account already exists’

To remove unnecessary blank spaces, follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Select ‘Employees’ from the top menu and click on ‘Employee Center’.
  • Choose ‘All Employees’ to include inactive employees from the View drop-down
  • Inspect all the name setups and remove unneeded spaces.
  • You can enter the First and Last Name in the fields manually.

Go to each profile of the employee to look over the employee’s First and last name fields. Delete any spaces that are blank before or following the employees’ first or last name. Or, enter a first name and last in the absence of them and they will only show up in the Print on check as field.

Error 4: The storage category map is invalid for the Local tax payroll item

If you encounter an error message stating ‘Storage map being invalid for the Local tax payroll item’, you can fix the error as follows:

  • First of all, you need to Create Employee Withholding report:
    • For this, Navigate to ‘Reports’ > ‘Employees & Payroll’ > ‘Employee Withholding’.
Employee Withholding - Image
  • Click on ‘Customize Report’ option from Columns, you need to remove checkmarks associated with current items and instead place a checkmark next to Employee, Local Tax 1, Local Tax 2, Local Tax 3, Local Tax 4, Local Tax 5, Local Tax 6, Local Tax 7, Local Tax 8, Local Tax 9, Local Tax 10, Local Tax 11, Local Tax 12.
    • Now visit the ‘Filters’ tab, select on ‘Active Status
    • Select ‘All’.
    • Click ‘OK’ and print or export it to Excel tab.
    • To export the report to Excel, click on Create New Worksheet.
  • Make a Payroll Item Listing report.
  • To make a Payroll Item Listing Report, follow the procedure mentioned below:
    • Navigate to ‘Reports’ > select ‘Payroll Item Listing’ > ‘Customize Report’.
    • Remove the Checkmarks associated with all the Items except for ‘Payroll Item’ and ‘Type’.
    • Click on ‘Active Status’ and click on ‘All’.
    • Select the ‘Filters’ tab, click on ‘OK’.
  • Keeping the report open, print or click ‘Excel’ and click on ‘Create New Worksheet’ to export the same to Excel tab.
  • You are now required to compare both the reports and look for ‘Local Taxes’ that are not associated with type ‘Other’ option.
  • It is necessary that you edit each employee with a tax item that is not type ‘Other’.
  • Open the ‘Edit Employee’ window by Double clicking the employee from Employee Withholding report.
  • Subsequently, click on ‘Payroll Info’ tab and click on the ‘Taxes’ button.
  • After visiting the ‘Other’ tab, remove the tax item that does not have a type ‘Other’.
  • Again, hit a click OK to save your changes.
  • Restart the Payroll Setup again and check to see if error related to QuickBooks Payroll setup has been fixed.

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Error 5: System.IO.FileNotFoundException:Could not load file or assembly…

The file inside QuickBooks has been damaged or is missing. To fix it, repair your QuickBooks desktop. If this does not work, then you’ll need to perform a clean install of QuickBooks Desktop in Selective Startup.

Error 6: Value does not fall within the expected range

This error is usually accompanied by an exact code: QuickBooks payroll error 00000 99867 – This means that the employee does not have a state configuration in their profile. Find the employee in the state missing, and then fix it.

  • At first, choose Employees and then choose Employee Center.
  • After that hit a right-click anywhere on the employee list and choose the Customize column option.
  • On the Available Columns list, choose State lived and then click to Add.
  • In the Available Columns list, Choose the State Worked column, then select Add.
  • Now choose OK tab.
  • Double-click on the Employee with who is not in state(s).
  • Choose Payroll Information.
  • Next, you need to choose Taxes.
  • Choose from the State tab, and then choose the State tab, and then select the Correct state.

QuickBooks Error 00000 88703: This means that the first and last name fields are not filled out on at least one profile of employees. The names of employees will appear within the Employee List, in the normal way however, you’ll need to go through each profile of the employee.

Change employee names:

  • Firstly, choose Employees and then hit a click on Employee Center.
  • In on the View drop-down menu, choose “All Employees” to include inactive employees.
All Employees option - Image
  • View each employee’s profile to look over the employee’s First and last name fields.
  • Enter a First and a last name in case they’re not there and only appear in the Print on check as field.

If the error code isn’t associated with a specific code, this means a payroll item has an missing or unexpected amount. Make use of Payroll Checkup to identify and change the amount that isn’t fall within the expected range.

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Winding up!

Hopefully, this article must have resolved the issues arising due to ‘Payroll Setup Error Code 00000 XXXXX’. In case you are still unable to resolve the issue, we recommend you to get in contact with QuickBooks Payroll technical support team by dialing toll-free 1-800-761-1787.


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