A complete guide to resolve QuickBooks error OLSU 1013

Are you facing QuickBooks Error OLSU 1013 and unable to decide what to do? Well, need not to worry anymore, as we have come up with this article, which is entirely based on the banking related errors. OLSU errors have always been a bit tricky, no matter of how experienced and knowledgeable you are. These errors can be a nightmare for you in just a few seconds. If you’re confronted with QuickBooks OLSU Error 1013 and are unable to figure out how to proceed, we’re here to help. You simply have to read this section and we’ll help you on the basic aspects on OLSU errors.

What is QuickBooks Bank Feed Error OLSU 1013?

When we talk about this OLSU error message 1013, it typically occurs when QuickBooks software isn’t properly connected to the bank. It could show up with an error message that reads as follows:

Problem“An unexpected error occurred. The branding and profile servers could not be accessed”.
ErrorThere is a problem with your login. Please try again OLSU1013
QuickBooks Error OLSU 1013 - Screenshot Image

QuickBooks error message OLSU 1013 could occur when communication is not able to be established between a specific banking institution as well as your bank account. This could be due to issues with the server of the bank. The error code may also happen if the internet connection used is not stable. Users can resolve this error by changing FIDIR or by ensuring they are using the TLS 1.2 Protocol that has been activated. A default account could be set up while performing the fix in QuickBooks.

You can either click ‘Cancel‘ to discontinue setup and retry setting up the account again for online services. In simple words, if the Error OLSU 1013 is seen, it means that the software is unable to communicate with the bank’s server. The QuickBooks bank feed error OLSU 1013 might occur due to various factors, which we will be discussing later in this article. However, if you require any assistance for this, then in this case, you can simply get in touch with our QuickBooks error support team. We are a nexus of technically sound accounting professionals, who work round the clock to provide best possible support services to all the users.

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What Triggers to the QuickBooks Error Message OLSU 1013?

As we said before, there are a handful of reasons, which could end up in the QuickBooks OLSU error 1013. We have listed below some of the most effective reasons behind the occurrence of this error. Let us have a look:

  • The QuickBooks desktop being outdated can be one of the major flaws.
  • Another trigger to this issue can be if you are using a mode other than express or side-by-side mode.
  • If you have entered wrong login credentials.
  • In case the connection between QuickBooks desktop and internet explorer is not being supported by internet explorer configuration.
  • QuickBooks is not being connected to or facing issues with connecting to the bank.
  • Any issue with the internet connection.

This article will guide you the way out of the QB error code OLSU 1013, especially when:

  1. Setting up American express account for Bank feeds.
  2. Downloading the Bank feeds information for a Quicken chase visa card.

Important points to remember

Before you start with the fixation process, make sure to check out these pointers:

  • Check the back up of the company file.
  • Another important point is to match any pending download transactions.
  • Ensure that you can sign in to the bank’s website outside of QuickBooks, and also ensure that there are pending alerts.
  • Also, check if you get the error in bank feeds classic mode. In case it is not, this would mean the file from the bank works best in classic mode.
  • Ensuring that you are connected to the internet is a must, and also, the windows firewall isn’t blocking the connections to QuickBooks.
  • You should also match any pending download transactions.

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Quick Fixes for QuickBooks Error Code OLSU 1013

Now that you know the important facts related to the QuickBooks OLSU 1013 error. It is the right time to fix the issue by carrying out the below-stated methods:

Method 1: Create a new company file

The very first method we recommend you carry out is to create a new company file. The steps to be followed over here are:

  • Move to the File menu and then choose New company.
  • After that, hit a click on Express start.
Create company file - Screenshot
  • Next step is to Add the bank account facing the issues.
  • Once done with that, you need to Set up the account for bank feeds on the new test company.
  • Lastly, you need to download the bank feed transactions to test the account.

Method 2: Updating Financial Institution Directory (FIDIR)

FIDIR is an online directory that is updated by using QuickBooks. Follow the procedure below to complete the update of FIDIR and correct an OLSU 1013 error.

  • You need to open your QuickBooks Desktop first.
  • After that go to the Banking tab and choose the Bank Feeds option.
  • Now hit a click on Bank Feeds Centre in this step.
Bank feeds center - Image
  • From the choices available in the drop-down bar, select Sync all for this Bank.
Sync all for this bank - Image

This solution will allow you to update your FIDIR, which in turn will solve the problem of 1013 error in QuickBooks software.

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Method 3: Enabling TLS 1.2 Protocol

  • Initially, open Internet explorer 11 and ensure to have the latest one.
  • After that hit a click on the Gear icon.
  • Now you need to Move to the internet option and then click on the Advanced tab.
  • Followed by moving to the Security section and un-mark Use TLS 1.0 and Mark Use TLS 1.2.
Verify TLS 1.0 Settings - Screenshot
  • Next hit a click on Apply and OK tab.
  • The final step is to close the running programs and reboot the system.

Method 4: Create and merge accounts

Another method to try out is to create and merge accounts. This can be done by carrying out the steps below:

  • At first, hit a right click on the Accounts facing issues and then choose Edit account.
  • After that, highlight the Account name and then click on Copy.
  • Once done with that, add an Asterisk (*) at the end of the account name.
  • Now hit a click on the Bank feed settings tab and then choose the option to Deactivate the online services.
  • Moving ahead, hit a click on Save and close.
  • Click on Chart of accountants and Make a new account.
  • Now you need to paste the Account name by removing the Asterisk.
  • Also, close the File and open it again. Click on the Chart of accountants with asterisk.
  • Hit a right-click on the Account and hit on the Edit option.
  • Next, eliminate the asterisk and click on the Save and Close options.
  • Followed by clicking on Yes when the warning message appears.
  • Hit a click on Setup an account for bank feeds.
  • Finally, download the transactions to the newly merged account.

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Method 5: Refreshing the connection with the bank

Turning off online banking on inactive bank accounts, is a must. And then, the process to refresh the bank connection on the affected account should be carried out:

  • First of all, check all Inactive bank accounts.
  • After that, move to the company file.
  • Now choose the chart of accounts.
  • Followed by selecting the include inactive box. Spot the inactive account with the lightning bolt.

The point to be noted here is that while setting up, hold the Ctrl key each time you have to select a tab. The exception is while entering the information. This will refresh the connection with the bank.

Method 6: Deactivating the Account having online services

You can deactivate the accounts having online services in order to fix the OLSU error 1013 in QuickBooks. The steps to be followed here are:

  • At first check the include inactive option present at the bottom of the Chart of accountants.
  • After that, deactivate the Bank feeds for an inactive account.
  • Followed by closing and opening the file again.
  • Finally, Setup every account for bank feeds.

Method 7: Keeping the default bank account under company and personal preferences

  • Initially hit a click on the QuickBooks icon to open the accounting software and then Sign into the company file as an admin.
  • After that hit a click on the Preferences tab, which can be seen under Edit menu and also choose Checking tab.
Checking - Image
  • Moving ahead, select Default under My preferences tab for all the options.
  • After that Company preferences tab is opted, choose the default account for all the options.
  • The last step is to hit a click on OK tab and then type in the credentials to log in to the online banking using QuickBooks again.

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Summing up..!

At this point, we believe that the QuickBooks error code OLSU 1013 might have been toned down and could have been solved permanently. however, if by any chance the error continues to bother you, or if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the 24-hour QuickBooks customer support team immediately via our helpline i.e. 1-800-761-1787. We are a group of Intuit certified ProAdvisors, who are available 24/7 to provide you with the best possible solutions immediately.


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