A thorough walkthrough to fix Company File Needs to be updated error:

The QuickBooks accounting program, beyond any doubt, has unfurled a boom in the accounting and bookkeeping industry. This unmatched software has eased the workload of accountants and has streamlined productivity and efficiency across businesses. In this context, the Company file forms the basic unit and nucleus of all operations in QuickBooks. This file contains all the financial information pertaining to your company. All the operations performed on QuickBooks are eventually stored in the Company files. However, users of QuickBooks 2022 have been facing various issues related to these files. One of the most common issues comes in the form of an error message that states, ‘The Company File Needs To Be Updated’.

Considering the vast array of benefits that it offers, the QuickBooks program is updated from time to time by Intuit. Updating the QuickBooks program to the latest version fixes a wide range of technical issues. However, as soon as you finish updating QuickBooks, you may receive an error message while opening the Company File.

Error messages you might see on your desktop screen are as:

Update Company: QuickBooks needs to update your company file.

QuickBooks needs to update company file - Image

Another warning you might see as:

Warning: This company file needs to be updated. Please ask your QuickBooks Administrator to update the file.

QuickBooks needs to update company file - Image 1

In this article, we have discussed various approaches to Fix error: The Company File needs to be updated. So, make sure to stay attuned till the end of this article. If you need technical guidance from a certified expert, all you need to do is just ring us a call and our steadfast team of certified professionals will guide you through the troubleshooting process.

Why does the company file needs to be updated error appears while opening the company file in QuickBooks 2022?

The primary causes behind this Company file error in QuickBooks 2022 are given as under:

  • This error typically occurs after updating your QuickBooks copy to the newer versions. Soon after updating QuickBooks, as soon as you attempt to open the Company file, you come across this error message. This occurs due to a version mismatch between QuickBooks and the Company file.
  • Although using an outdated version of QuickBooks is the primary reason, it is not the sole reason that may contribute to this error. There may be a possibility that the company file which you are attempting to open is corrupted. The cause of this corruption might be a sudden system shutdown or a virus attack.
  • You might not be logged in as an admin.

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How to Fix the Company File Needs to be Updated Error in QuickBooks 2022?

You should conform to the below-mentioned set of steps to fix this Company file-related error on your PC.

Method 1: Opening the Company file in the updated version of QuickBooks

The steps to force the Company file(s) to open via the new version are given below:

  • To start off, open QuickBooks.
  • Now, click on the file menu.
  • Within the File menu, choose the option to Open or Restore Company.
Open or Restore a company file - Image
  • Following that hit on the option to Open the Company file. Follow it up by clicking on Next.
  • You are now required to choose your Company file. Once that is done, click on the file and hit on Open.
  • At this stage, you should go through the information listed within the section for updating the Company file. Provide your consent by tick-marking the box at the end of the guidelines, followed by clicking on the option to Update Now.
Update now - Screenshot
  • A prompt will appear on the screen asking for your final confirmation for opening the Company file in the new version of QuickBooks. Herein, click on Yes.

Method 2: Repair QuickBooks

If the message keeps persisting even after following the procedure mentioned above, then try repairing QuickBooks. The process for the same is given below:

  • Hit on the start button, and soon after, type Control Panel.
  • Open the Control Panel by clicking on its icon.
  • Within the Control Panel, head to the Programs and Features section.
  • Now, choose QuickBooks.
  • Click on the option to Uninstall/Change.
Uninstall or Reinstall QuickBooks - Image
  • After that, pick the Repair option, followed by hitting on Finish.
Repair QuickBooks Desktop - Image
  • As soon as the repair process finishes, restart your PC.
  • Now, open QuickBooks and make another attempt to open the Company file.

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Method 3: Uninstall all other QuickBooks versions

Uninstall your QuickBooks desktop - Screenshot Image

If you are using multiple versions of QuickBooks on your PC, then it is suggested that you uninstall the other versions. For this, you need to open Control Panel and then head to Programs and Features. Choose versions other than QuickBooks 2022 and get them removed from your system. Afterwards, open QuickBooks 2022 again and try to open your Company file.

Method 4: Make sure that you are logged in as an admin

run as admin-screenshot

To ensure that you have all the admin privileges, right-click the QuickBooks Desktop icon. Choose the option ‘’Run as Administrator”. Now, try to open the Company file again.

Method 5: Move the Company file to a different location

Follow the steps to move your Company file from its original location:

  • In the beginning, visit the QuickBooks folder and then copy the specified Company file which is facing this issue. Just right-click on the file and click on the copy option.
  • Soon after, make a move to your Desktop and create a new Folder.
  • Right-click the folder and click on the option to Paste the copied Company file.
  • Now, open QuickBooks Desktop 2022 and perform Method 1 once again.
  • Once done, try opening the Company file again to make sure that the error no longer exists.

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Although updating QuickBooks comes in with a wide range of benefits, this Company file-related issue has been irking users who try to access their company files after updating their copy of QuickBooks desktop. This article encapsulated all the updated methods to fix the Company file needs to be updated error in QuickBooks. If the error keeps coming up, then you should call our QuickBooks enterprise error support experts at 1-800-761-1787.


What is meant by the QuickBooks error “The Company File Needs to be Updated”?

This Company file error indicates that the company file belongs to an old release of QuickBooks. It also directs the user to update the Company file.

Are there any precautions I should take before updating the company file in QuickBooks 2022?

Yes! Certain precautions should be undertaken when updating the Company file in QuickBooks 2022. These include:
1. Creating a backup of the company file.
2. The PC should meet all the system requirements.
3. QuickBooks 2022 to be updated to the latest version.
4. The user should close the conflicting programs.

Can I access the company file in QuickBooks 2022 after updating it from an older version?

Yes! Upon updating the company file in QuickBooks 2022, the same can be opened without facing any technical dead stop.


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