Get to know you can resolve Error 1328. Error updating file C:\Config.Msi\PTXXX.tmp:

The QuickBooks software has proved to be a growth propeller for businesses of assorted types. It has unraveled a new milieu of growth by accentuating business efficiency and productivity. The software is equipped with evolved features that have immensely assisted in regulating operations in accounting sectors. However, what cannot be overlooked is the wide range of error codes that keep obstructing QB users every now and then. The current blog shall articulate all the aspects of the Error Code 1328. These aspects shall encompass the various causes, signs, and symptoms, and finally, something that you are here for – updated techniques for rectifying this issue.

In pursuit of troubleshooting this error, if you face any difficulty in implementing the various steps in this article, you can connect with our technical support team. With years of experience under our belt, our experienced U.S based professionals are well-versed in the technicalities involved while troubleshooting QB-related problems. Our team shall make sure that the error gets resolved, either through the helpline at 1-800-761-1787 or the live chat. So, without wasting much time, let us master the various techniques of troubleshooting the QuickBooks error code 1328. Thus, keep reading ahead!

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What does QuickBooks error 1328 means?

Error 1328 in QuickBooks desktop is just another error in QuickBooks that occurs when users embark on the process of updating or installing the accounting program. Several users have even faced this issue while repairing the QuickBooks software. The error is multifaceted; however, more often, it shows up in the following format:

ProblemError 1328. Error updating file C:\Config.Msi\PTXXX.tmp.
ErrorQuickBooks Error 1328. Error updating file C:\Config.Msi\PT19C6.tmp. System error- 1072807676
Learn how to troubleshoot QuickBooks update error 1328 - Image

Having gone through the overview, let us now take a step further and briefly go through the several causes that may be responsible for this error.

Contributory causes responsible for QuickBooks install error message 1328

The various causes that have a tendency to instigate the QB error code 1328 are briefly illustrated as follows:

  • Invalid registry entries created throughout the uninstalling process.
  • An abrupt power outage that results in an unwanted system shutdown.
  • Malicious virus attacks may contribute to such error.
  • The error code can also be triggered by an incorrect system configuration.
  • A damaged QuickBooks software file can make the installation process prone to error.
  • Another cause on the lengthy list is improper installation.
  • Any network outage can prevent the download or installation process from getting accomplished, in turn resulting in the error 1328.

The long list of various causes may incline you towards botheration. However, there is no need to worry as this article offers a comprehensive list of techniques to rectify this error.

Various Signs and Symptoms observed on the onset of QuickBooks Error 1328

Below are given certain cues to recognize the presence of such errors of QuickBooks. The list goes like this:

  • The QuickBooks software update process might not be accessible.
  • You can encounter obstacles while restoring the QuickBooks software.
  • The problem shows up in the form of an error message on the screen.
  • Windows may exhibit slow reaction times or frequent crashes.
  • The QuickBooks program occasionally crashes or responds way too slowly.
  • The process of installing or removing the QuickBooks program would be fraught with recurring interruptions and failures.

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Easy Techniques for Rectifying the QuickBooks Error Code 1328 (While Updating)

This section includes a comprehensive list of easy-to-follow techniques that will assist you in the removal of the error code 1328 in QuickBooks desktop.

Technique 1: Alter the filename of the ‘Config.msi’ File

The first technique that can help in fixing such error is to rename the file named ‘config.msi’ on your PC. Altering the name of this file implies making the file inaccessible for QuickBooks. This, in turn, may solve our issue. So, let’s start with the steps:

  • Initially, open File Explorer by hitting the Win + E keyboard keys. Now, jump to the C: Drive. Just search for the file named ‘Config.msi’ herein.
  • Once the system identifies the file, hit a right-click on the file.
  • Herein, you are required to choose the Rename option.
  • Move the cursor to the file name’s ending and introduce ‘.old’ there.
Rename config.msi - Image
  • To save the changes in the file name, hit anywhere on the screen.
  • Now, try updating the QuickBooks software again and see if the technique worked in resolving the ongoing issue. If not, follow up with the next technique.

Technique 2: Take the assistance of the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

Step 1: Download QuickBooks Tool Hub program

If you are facing up with several installations or update-related issues in QuickBooks, then the QuickBooks install diagnostic tool is a boon for you. To begin with, you must first download and set up the QuickBooks Tool Hub on your computer to use the diagnostic tool:

  • Close all the running [programs and QuickBooks.
  • After that download the QuickBooks Tool Hub program.
  • Next, you need to visit Downloads and run the quickbookstoolhub.exe file that you just downloaded.
  • Go with the on-screen steps to begin installing the tool hub.
  • Provide your consent to the terms by marking the box next to “I agree to the terms and conditions.” Afterward, proceed ahead.
  • The Tool Hub icon will appear on the desktop after the installation is finished.
QuickBooks Tool Hub - Icon

Step 2: Run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

Time to launch the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool to fix the QuickBooks error code 1328:

  • Double-clicking the Desktop icon of the QuickBooks Tool Hub will launch the tool.
  • Now, move on to the Installation Issues tab.
Network Issues tab in tool hub - Screenshot Image
  • Therein, opt for the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
  • Let the program run to correct any installation issues. The process can take considerable time to complete.
  • After the tool has finished with the repair process, restart your PC.

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Technique 3: Update the Windows

Updating the Windows OS can fix a vast array of QB-related issues, including the update errors. A cakewalk of a process, let us implement the steps below:

  • To begin with, advance to the Start button and then proceed to choose Settings.
  • Afterwards, in sSettings, pick the Update & Security option.
  • From the Update and Security menu, choose Windows Update.
  • After that, opt for Check for the updates.
Check for updates in windows 10 - Screenshot Image
  • Once the system identifies any available updates, immediately embark on the downloading process and get all the essential updates downloaded.
  • Restart your PC and let the updates install.

Technique 4: Go for Repairing the QuickBooks Desktop software

  • Initially, you need to open Windows and log in as an System Administrator.
  • After that head to the Control Panel from the Start menu.
  • In the next step hit a right-click the Programs and Features option.
Launch Programs and features - Screenshot
  • Next, find QuickBooks in the list, and then opt for the Uninstall tab.
  • When the QuickBooks uninstaller window displays on your desktop screen, hit a click on Repair.
Repair QuickBooks Desktop - Image
  • Lastly, reboot your system.

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Technique 5: Use the System File Checker

  • Initially, hit a click on the Start button.
  • In the Search box, you need to type Cmd.
  • You need to run the CMD as an admin. For this, right-click on its icon and choose the Run as Administrator option.
Run as System Admin - Screenshot
  • Now SFC/scannow and tap on Enter key..
Type sfc-scannow - Screenshot
  • This process shall invoke the System file checker to check for any issues with the system files. The checker will automatically repair the Error code 1328 issues.

Technique 6: Opt for reinstalling QuickBooks (clean installation)

If none of the above-illustrated techniques work in your favor, you should consider clean installing the QuickBooks software.

Step 1: Initiate the QuickBooks Uninstallation

  • You need to first Uninstall the QuickBooks software.
  • For this, first, Open the Windows Start menu and visit the Control Panel.
  • Follow up by heading to the Programs and Features or Uninstall a Program option.
Uninstall or Reinstall QuickBooks - Image
  • Opt for QuickBooks Desktop from the list of programs and hit on the Uninstall/Change button.
  • Hit on Next tap.
  • Wait for the process to finish. Now, restart your PC.

Step 2: Clean Install the QuickBooks Desktop

Clean Install Utility - Screenshot

Now, you should restart the installation process that you followed at the time of installing the software afresh after purchasing it. You can either use the CD for installation or else install the software using the downloaded .exe file. In either case, you will require the Product and license keys. So, make sure that they are available with you at the time of installation.

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Summing Up!

That’s it! Still unable to root it out? No worries, as we are here to help! We have laid down all the easy techniques for rectifying the QuickBooks error 1328 in your system. We wrap up this blog with the hope that the contents proved helpful to you and assisted you in rectifying this problem. There may still be a chance that the issue keeps transpiring even after performing all the techniques; then, in that case, we recommend you contact our QuickBooks error support team for assistance. Our team can be reached through the helpline i.e., 1-800-761-1787 or through the live chat option.


How can I prevent QuickBooks update error 1328 in the future?

To prevent this error in the future, users should implement the following pointers:
1. The internet connection during the update process should be uninterrupted.
2. Quit all unnecessary programs in the background.
3. Temporarily turn off the antivirus before commencing the QuickBooks updates.

Can I encounter update error 1328 on a Mac?

No! This update error is usually encountered on Windows systems. Although update errors are also encountered in QuickBooks for Mac as well. Error codes associated with them may different.

What is the Config.msi file in QuickBooks?

The QuickBooks Config.msi file is a temporary file that is employed during the installation and uninstallation of QuickBooks.

What tools in QuickBooks Tool Hub can fix the update errors in QuickBooks?

The Tool Hub program is an encapsulation of multiple features that aid in fixing various QuickBooks desktop errors. These tools include:
1. Quick Fix My Program
2. Company File Issues
3. Network Issues
4. Program Problems
5. QuickBooks File Doctor Tool
6. Component Repair Tool, etc.

Does Windows Update lead to loss of Quickbooks company file data?

No! Updating Windows doesn’t cause any company file data loss, but it is suggested that users create a backup of their company files before updating or restoring Windows.


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