Are you trying to connect an app to QuickBooks desktop using web connector and suddenly an error appears on the screen stating as:

QBWC1039: If the QuickBooks company data file is not open…”

QBWC1039 - If the QuickBooks company data file is not open - Screenshot Image

QBWC1039: This application does not have permission to access the QuickBooks company data file…”

QBWC1039 - This application does not have permission to access the QuickBooks company data file - Screenshot Image

QBWC1039: Unique OwnerID/FileID pair value required”

QBWC1039 - Unique OwnerID FileID pair value required - Screenshot Image

QBWC1039: Unable to add FileID to company file for this Application”

QBWC1039 - Unable to add FileID to company file for this Application - Screenshot Image

QBWC1039: There was a problem adding the application. Check QBWCLog.txt for details”

QBWC1039 - There was a problem adding the application. Check QBWCLog.txt for details - Screenshot Image

Well, these are one of the most common errors that have been facing and reporting by users in the recent times. The QuickBooks error code QBWC1039 is usually seen when you tries to add the same configuration file twice within the application. There can be multi-faceted reasons that can trigger to this error.

If you are also a victim of this error, then we are here to rescue you. You can read this article and this will help you shun off the QuickBooks error code QBWC1039. But if you feel that you need our support at any point of time, then do not hesitate in calling us at helpline i.e. 1-800-761-1787. We will be there to help you out and get you out of this annoying error.

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What is QuickBooks error QBWC1039?

Before you get your hands to the fixation of QuickBooks error QBWC1039, we recommend you to first get a brief of what this error is all about. There can be several instances of this error that you can encounter while using QuickBooks desktop. You might see a couple of error messages when this error appears on the screen. Let us check out the error messages one by one:

Error Message 1:

QBWC1039: There was a problem with adding the application. Check QWCLog.txt for details

“If the QuickBooks company data file is not open, a call to the Begin Session” method must include the name of the data file.

Error Message 2:

This application doesn’t have permission to access this QuickBooks company data file. The QuickBooks administrator can’t grant access permission through integrated application preferences.

Error Message 3:

Unable to add FileID to company file for this Application

There can be a couple of factors causing this issue, which we will be discussing in the later part of this post. So, make sure that you scroll through the post carefully.

Why user faces QuickBooks error QBWC1039?

As we said above that there can be a couple of factors that can lead to such an annoying error. Let us explore the various possible factors one by one:

  • When QuickBooks company file is moved or relocated from the original location, the error code appears on the screen.
  • When you have already made several attempts to integrate the application, this error is probable to happen.
  • You could end up in similar issue if the name of the company file is changed.
  • Compatibility issues between the company file with the application.
  • There can be a situation when the QuickBooks admin restricts integration of the third party application.
  • Faulty removal of the third-party application or warehouse manager can also promote the QuickBooks error code QBWC1039.

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Getting rid of QuickBooks error code QBWC1039

There are a couple of solutions that could help you in resolving the QuickBooks error code QBWC1039. We will be exploring each of the methods one by one, so let us begin:

Method 1: Creating a backup of the company file

You can create the backup of the company file in order to resolve the issue. The steps involved in this are as follows:

  • First of all, open the QuickBooks software and the file. Followed by switching to the single-user mode.
Switch to Single user Mode-Screenshot
  • After that, you need to click on the file menu and then backup company option.
Backup Company option -Screenshot
  • Next step is to select to create local backup option and then choose the local backup.
  • Followed by clicking on the options tab for opening the backup window and then select browse.
Backup company file manually - Screenshot 1
  • Now you need to select the local hard drive location of the company backup file copy.
  • Also, click on ok and save it option after the backup is complete.

Method 2: Restoring the backup file to the previous location

In case you have saved the file in USB or another external file, then you need to move it to the local hard drive and then follow the steps to restore a file from the previous location. The steps to be followed are:

  • First step is to click on file menu in QB.
  • After that click on open or restore the company and select to restore a backup copy.
Open or restore company file in QuickBooks - Screenshot
  • The next step is to click on the next option and then select the local backup tab.
Choose the Local Backup - Screenshot
  • After that hit a click on next and browser backup company file.
Stepes to Restore the Company File from Backup - 5
  • Now select a folder to save the restored file.
  • Also note that you need to save the file by unique name and try not to overwrite the new company name.
  • Lastly open and save the restored company file.

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Method 3: Renaming and saving QuickBooks company file

You can rename and save QuickBooks desktop company file, in case the above method didn’t work. The steps to be followed are as follows:

  • At first, open QuickBooks and then press function F2 key or Ctrl + 1 keys for opening information of company file.
Product Information window - Screenshot
  • And then remember and note down location from the file information field.
  • Also hit a click on the start tab of windows.
  • Next step is to click on file explorer only windows 8, 8.1, 10, or for windows 7 and vista users open windows explorer.
  • Now you need to right click on file and select the rename option.
  • Also, change file name and then hit enter key.
  • To confirm all action, you need to hit a click on Yes tab.
  • After that, set up the QuickBooks desktop to use a new file name, and then click on file menu.
  • The final step is to open company file and then click on next and also open the renamed file.

Method 4: Needed unique ownerID/FileID pair value

In this method, you can carry out the steps below:

  • To begin with, you need to open the QuickBooks desktop and then download CP3 tool.
  • After that, open the CP3 tool and then click on file option.
  • Next step is to look for the QWC file and then enter QBC file location.
  • Also open the file and click on remove stamp.
  • This will open up a pop message QuickBooks application certificate, click on yes.
  • Now choose continue and select ok in the access confirmation window.
  • Also, follow the instructions and hit ok tab.
  • Once the confirmation message appears, then you need to hit a click on OK tab.
  • Lastly you should close the CP3 tool and add a third-party app.

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Method 5: Troubleshoot permission issues in accessing QuickBooks company file

If you are using admin credentials, then carry out the below steps or you can also ask your admin to carry out the steps for you.

  • You need to sign in the QuickBooks as admin.
Run QuickBooks as Administrator - Screenshot 1
  • And then, visit the file menu and switch to single user mode, if the QuickBooks is on multi-user mode.
Switch to Single user Mode-Screenshot
  • Also, from the edit menu and then select preferences.
  • Next, choose the integrated application and then choose the company preferences tab.
Integrated Applications followed by the Company Preferences - Screenshot Image
  • After that, uncheck the box for don’t allow any application to access this company file.
  • Also, in the SDK app authorization, you need to select Yes.
  • Along with that check the third-party application to allow access.
SDK App Authorization - Screenshot Image
  • And then, end the process by clicking OK button.

Method 6: Configuring web connector to run when QuickBooks is closed

In case you haven’t already, then you need to configure the web connector to run when QuickBooks is closed. The steps involved in this process are:

  • For this, you need to sign in to QuickBooks as the admin user.
  • And if the QuickBooks is on multi-user mode, then navigate to the file menu and then select the switch to single-user mode.
Switch to Single user Mode-Screenshot
  • Also, from the edit menu, select preferences.
Preferences option - Screenshot
  • Followed by selecting integrated application and then select the company preferences tab.
  • Next step is to choose the third-party app.
  • Also, choose properties.
  • And then check allow this application to log in automatically.
  • And in the authorization window choose yes.
  • Also select user to log in, and then hit OK button.

Method 7: Download and install QuickBooks to the latest release

Update QuickBooks desktop to Latest - Image
  • You simply need to download, install and update the QuickBooks desktop to the latest release.
  • Furthermore, save it to the default that is downloads folder.
  • Along with that, head to the downloaded file.
  • Right click the file and choose run as admin.
  • Perform the steps related to installation wizard.
  • Click on finish tab.
  • Reboot the system.
  • Start using the QuickBooks latest release software.

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In the post above, we have tried to sum up all possible methods that could help you in resolving the QuickBooks error code QBWC1039. However, if you are facing difficulty at any stage or if you are doubtful of any step, then do not think much in calling our QuickBooks error support experts anytime. Make a call at our dedicated support line 1-800-761-1787, and our certified QuickBooks professionals will be happy to resolve the error on your behalf. Getting in touch with a professional cuts off the difficulty up to a great extent.


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