Every year, Intuit launches its newer version of QuickBooks software, which is one of the most preferred accounting software. Intuit comes up with some adds to the features and functionalities, which makes QuickBooks a seamless software. The newest release is the QuickBooks desktop 2020, which is designed and developed in a way that has the capability to take the business to new heights. The launch time is certainly the favorite times of the year for QB users and they are excited to follow up what’s new in the new version.

So, to update you with the features that roll in with QuickBooks desktop 2020, we have come up with this article. So, make sure to stay tuned with this article till the end. Or you can also get in touch with our experts and certified accounting professionals and they will answer all your queries. All you have to do is to dial our toll-free number i.e. 1-888-291-2294, and you are good to go.

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Brief into QuickBooks desktop 2020

QuickBooks desktop 2020 was release on September 20th,2019.  Intuit launched QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Accountant, and Enterprises 2020. Whereas, the enterprises software is available in here different versions: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The platinum version comes with all the features of the other two and also some added attributes. This 2020 version of QB boasts various features and improvements. We will be discussing the features introduced in the new version later in this post.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Plans and Pricing

As mentioned earlier, the QuickBooks Enterprise software is categorized into:

  1. QuickBooks Enterprise Silver
  2. QuickBooks Enterprise Gold
  3. QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum

And the prices for each varies and as one moves from silver to gold or platinum, a slight or visible increase could be seen.

QuickBooks Enterprise Silver Edition

QuickBooks Enterprise Silver Edition - Screenshot

The QuickBooks enterprise silver pack is the lowest edition of QuickBooks Enterprise, which comes with necessary features, but might have restricted choices. This version doesn’t come with enhanced payroll, advanced inventory, and pricing feature, which can be seen in the other two editions. It includes the following features:

  • Handle customer support
  • Online storage facility
  • Special benefits under the priority circle customer loyalty program
  • Automatic product up-gradation
  • Advance reports

QuickBooks Enterprise Gold Edition

QuickBooks Enterprise Gold Edition (2020) - Screenshot

Now comes a slightly higher version of QuickBooks enterprise is QuickBooks enterprise gold, which is not only higher in terms of prices but also in terms of features.

  • Hand payroll process or any number of users
  • Creating unlimited of paychecks
  • Direct payment to worker without any extra charges
  • Calculating tax as per the taxation rules
  • Generating W-2 forms on its own
  • Paying payroll taxes in time without any penalties

QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum Edition

QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum Edition (2020) - Screenshot

The advanced edition of QuickBooks enterprise is the platinum version. It comes up with all the features involved in the gold and silver packs and also some additional features.

  • Advanced pricing feature
  • Advanced inventory feature

Comparing QuickBooks Enterprise version on the basis of their prices

No. of UsersSilver QuickBooks Desktop EnterpriseGold QuickBooks
Desktop Enterprise
Platinum QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise
1 User$1155/year Annual subscription*$1502/year Annual subscription*$1848/year Annual subscription*
2 Users$1848/year Annual subscription*$2195/year Annual subscription*$2541/year Annual subscription*
3 Users$2310/year Annual subscription*$2657/year Annual subscription*$3003/year Annual subscription*
4 Users $2772/year Annual subscription*$3119/year Annual subscription*$3465/year Annual subscription*
5 Users$3234/year Annual subscription*$3581/year Annual subscription*$3927/year Annual subscription*
6 Users$3581/year Annual subscription*$3927/year Annual subscription*$4274/year Annual subscription*
7 Users$3927/year Annual subscription*$4274/year Annual subscription*$1848/year Annual subscription*
8 Users$4274/year Annual subscription*$4620/year Annual subscription*$4967/year Annual subscription*
9 Users$4620/year Annual subscription*$4967/year Annual subscription*$5313/year Annual subscription*
10 Users$4967/year Annual subscription*$5313/year Annual subscription*$5660/year Annual subscription*
Up to 30 Users$7277/year Annual subscription*$7623/year Annual subscription*$7970/year Annual subscription*

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Latest Features of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2020

Below is a list of new features of QuickBooks Desktop enterprise solutions edition in detail:

Scheduled Customer payment reminders (Get Paid Faster)

Get Customer payment reminders - Screenshot
Get Customer payment reminders - Screenshot (one)

This feature basically allows the user to create emails to send reminders to the customer for making payments against the invoices. The user is free to create different types of mailing lists for various clients. Also, this feature allows to customize messaging and change them according to the delay in invoices. Multiple reminders can be set depending on the number of days the invoices are due. When the user access QuickBooks file, he/she will get the total control to review the invoices before sending them to final client. Not only this, the user will also get to know if the client has seen the email and trail from the final payment.

Get Customer payment reminders - Screenshot 2
Get Customer payment reminders - Screenshot 3

Make purchase order as subject line

Make purchase order as subject line - Screenshot

The new desktop 2020 version can help you in putting the customer’s order number as the email’s subject line and along with that, the user can also attach the invoice. This will enable the client to spot the email by purchase order and also they would not have to waste time in browsing through every attachment in the inbox.

Make purchase order as subject line - Screenshot 2

Express pick-pack

Express pick pack - Screenshot

The express pick pack feature of QuickBooks desktop 2020 will let the user to assign the picking and packing jobs to the same person, which will further simplify the process up to a certain extent. For this the user will have to move to the customers and select sales order fulfillment worksheet. And then the user will have not have to manage to deliver the sales order, as it will go to the right section ready to assign on its own.

Landed cost calculation

Landed Cost Calculation - Screenshot

The newest version of QuickBooks eases the process to calculate the landed cost. The real cost of a product sold normally carried shipping, freight, and other related expenses that are incurred during sales of the product. The added cost components can be included in the cost of the item while it is sold, and then the user will get the accurate margin reporting.

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Employee self-setup (Easy payroll setup)

Employee self setup easy payroll setup - Screenshot

This is a newly introduced feature in QuickBooks desktop enterprise 2020 version that will have an option to invite employees to update their details, bank details, and tax related details via secure link. The user will have to add an employee and an invitation email will then be sent to him to furnish the payroll details.

Alternative vendors

Alternative vendors - Screenshot

The users now get a centralized center for the user to manage and handle vendor contact and cost data. This feature will help the user to add alternative vendors for item codes. This feature is only available for enterprise users in the united stated and Canada. To use this feature, the user will have to move to the vendor center and then click on the item’s options. The user can also use alternative vendors to assign items to a particular vendor.

While checking a purchase order, the user will have a button to compare vendors and then select the appropriate option to purchase comparing item rates or vendor pricing.

Alternative vendors - Screenshot 1
Alternative vendors - Screenshot 2

Payroll status for direct deposit

Payroll status for direct deposit - Screenshot

The user can find out the status of direct deposit inside QuickBooks desktop 2020 version. And then move to the employees and then click on the view payroll run status.

Payroll status for direct deposit - Screenshot 1

Company file search becomes easy (After an upgrade)

Company file search becomes easy - Screenshot

The QuickBooks desktop 2020 will help the user to find the company file in a swift manner. It can save a significant amount on time and help in being more productive.

Find a company file - Screenshot 1

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QuickBooks upgrade becomes easier

QuickBooks upgrade becomes easier - Screenshot

This feature introduced in the 2020 version allows to upgrade to a newer version with much ease. The user will have access to relatively better pricing, if he/she makes purchase through local QuickBooks product expert.

Improved smart help option

Improved Smart help option - Screenshot

The user can simply access improved smart help feature while working on a QuickBooks company file. All you have to do is to click on the F1 key and then select the help option and then select the QuickBooks desktop help from the menu bar. This will offer relevant assistance to complete tasks with much ease. And also, this feature permits accessing Intuit help content and community content. Enterprise users can also access the chat support.

Combine multiple emails with this feature

Combine multiple emails - Screenshot

The combine multiple emails feature can only be accessed to non-payment customers and with this, the users will be able to combine all forms in one email. The user will simply have to click the option while composing the email and the subject will read transaction from (your company file name). If you are having the United stated, and UK or Canada version, then this feature can be easily accessed.

Horizontally collapse columns in class reports or jobs

Horizontally collapse columns in job or class reports - Screenshot

If you want to hide/unhide multiple columns in a report, then it is possible with QuickBooks desktop 2020. No need to export long slow reports to MS excel for customizing columns to be displayed.

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QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2020 – New & Improved Features

Checkout the latest and improved features of QuickBooks desktop for MAC 2020.

Modernize reporting

Modernize reporting - Screenshot

This feature aims at refreshed reporting structure that improves customization usability, presentation, and navigation. This feature allows the user to create customized reports and enable Real-time report updates with much ease.

Dark mode

Dark mode - Screenshot

The dark mode feature aims at the compatibility to use the dark mode user interface offered in Mojave operating system. The user can easily customize the viewing mode within QuickBooks desktop pro for Mac.

iPhone scanner

iPhone scanner - Screenshot

The iPhone scanner feature saves time and money by using the iPhone camera to quickly scan key documents. Also, spot the text in photographed bills, receipts, invoices contracts etc.

Bounced check processing

Bounced check processing - Screenshot

The bounced check feature easily processes the bounced checks and that too while maintaining its authenticity. The user can easily handle the bounced checks with least possibility of mistakes. And also save money for hiring accountants to correct wrongly recorded bounced checks.

Enhanced company snapshot

Enhanced company snapshot - Screenshot

The user gets more visibility into the business with a centralized dashboard that offers customizable data ranges, layouts, and widgets. The user will also able to configure the information shown, to have exactly what the user needs without running multiple report.

Invoice e-payments

Invoice e-payments - Screenshot

The user can get paid faster by accepting ACH, credit card, or e-check invoice payments. The user will also save a lot of time by having manually recording and processing payments.

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Final words..!

QuickBooks desktop enterprise 2020 has come up with a plenty of features, which we have discussed in this post. At the end of this post, we expect that the information shared in above might have helped you in knowing about the enterprise solutions 2020.

However, if any of your queries remained unanswered, then make sure to contact our QuickBooks enterprise support team via our toll-free number i.e. 1-888-291-2294 You can call us anytime and our experts and certified professionals will be there at your assistance.


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