Need to backup company file, but unable to do it due to a warning message appearing on the screen? Well, in that case, you have landed on the right page, where you will get the most relevant information related to fixing backup issues in QuickBooks company files. You might messages related to password or assisted payroll data, you can resolve these issues and successfully restore your data, by performing certain set of procedures. This error is a serious error and you can’t afford to ignore it.

Today’s article is drafted especially for you, to assist in backing up the company file issues in QuickBooks. Dive in deep, to unleash the further process! When this error occurs you may see the following error messages:

QuickBooks Unable To Backup Company File or Backup failed.

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Procedures you can implement to restore the company file backup

Now that you know the basic causes, you are all set to perform the necessary steps. Let us explore each of the method one by one:

Cause 1: Incorrect admin password

Fixing Steps: Resetting the password

If you are facing an error message that states: Your data has not been restore if you failed to enter the correct admin password, then you can follow the steps related to automated password reset tool.

  • Start off with downloading the automated password tool for QuickBooks desktop. You can also use this for resetting the QuickBooks admin password in any version of QuickBooks desktop for windows.
  • Further choose the version of QuickBooks desktop.
Automated password reset tool - Screenshot 1
  • Enter in the QuickBooks license number and business info used when registering QuickBooks and hit Next tab.
  • Accept the license agreement.
  • Run the tool and enter the token number received on mail.
  • Select the QuickBooks version from QuickBooks desktop products drop down.
  • Choose browse for company file and select the company file you wish to reset the password for.
  • Enter correct company file admin user name.
  • Enter the new password and confirm password.
  • Select reset and end the process.

Cause 2: The backup is being restored by you over an existing company file

Fixing Steps: Avoid overwriting an existing file

  • Under this, you are supposed to save the file on the location that can be accessed easily.
  • Just in case the file name resembles the other file name then a message would appear on the screen “The file name exists. Would you like to overwrite this file?”.
  • Click on NO and change the file name.

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Cause 3: If the company file itself is causing error

Fixing Steps: Backing up the company file to an external drive or flash drive

  • You are required to move the file menu and select the save copy or backup.
  • Select the backup company and click on next tab.
Backup Company option -Screenshot
  • Pick the local backup option and hit next tab.
  • Select save it now, when asked and hit next tab.
  • Browse to a location on the local drive and select on save tab.
  • Minimize the QuickBooks desktop.
  • And locate the backup file on the local drive.
  • Right click on the file and select copy tab.
  • Open the windows explorer window.
  • The next step is to double click the driver letter that corresponds to the external drive or flash drive to open it.
  • End process by right clicking on the empty space that is inside the window and hit the paste tab.

Cause 4: Any special character in the file

Process: Renaming the company file and removing special character from the name

  • You should right click the file name and select the rename tab.
  • Enter a new file name and ensure to avoid entering special characters in the company file name.
Removing any special characters from the name - Screenshot
  • Hit enter tab.

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Other miscellaneous reasons

  • In case the company file backup is saved in an external disk, then there is possibility for you to enter such an error Also, just in case the company file name is including any special character.
  • If the size of your company file is more than 3 GB.
  • Another reason can be if there is any other program that is running in the background.

Miscellaneous solutions

Method 1: Backing up the company file to an external drive or flash drive

  • Under this step, you should visit the file menu and select the switch to multi-user mode.
Switch to Single user Mode-Screenshot
  • Select the backup company or save copy and select next tab.
Backup Company option -Screenshot
  • Pick the local backup option and hit next.
  • Select save it now when asked and hit next.
  • Browse to a location on the local drive and select save tab.

Method 2: Running Verify rebuild utility tools

QuickBooks detected no problems with the data - Screenshot
  • Visit the QuickBooks file menu and move to the utilities and verify data tab.
Verify data utility - Screenshot

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Final Words..!

That was all you need to know about backing up issues in QuickBooks desktop company file. For any queries, concerns, or comments, call us at 1-800-761-1787!

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