All about the issue QuickBooks unable to create Accountant’s Copy

The world of accounting saw a great change with the coming of the software QuickBooks a decade ago. This tool is known to have some amazing features and helps in managing finances, accounting and bookkeeping related tasks, inventory management and more. In fact, it has streamlined the business operations by making the accounting work quicker and hassle free. Today, QuickBooks is used by most companies and even many individuals for its many perks.

Though QuickBooks is an amazing software, its users do face errors at times. A common error encountered is ‘QuickBooks Unable to Create an Accountant’s Copy’. When preparing an accountant’s copy. This issue is related to the folder where the company file is stored. In QuickBooks, the accountant’s copy is the version of company file that can be used to make changes to the data when you proceed to function. When you are all set to make changes in the QuickBooks Accountant Transfer file, you can revert the changes already made for easy importing of the data to the company file.

In this article we will discuss the issue of QuickBooks unable to create an Accountant’s copy.

What Causes QuickBooks Unable to Create Accountant’s Copy Error?

Before you try to fix this error it is important to understand the causes of the problem. So below are the causes of QB unable to create Accountants copy.

  • QuickBooks Desktop requires an update
  • The Company Data file is damaged
  • The internet connection of your computer might be slow or the firewall may be affecting the upload
  • Getting a long dash in MS words and then copying it in the notes can cause this issue
  • The QBW file is 200MB or larger than that

The error can also happen when you make an attempt to send the Accountant’s copy with the file transfer. In case, you are sending the Accountant’s copy through the Accountant Copy’s File Transfer Service (ACTF), then you might see the following errors.

  • Problem in sending the file to the Intuit Server
  • Warning: There was a problem sending the changes to the accountant’s copy file transfer server. Try again later or  save the file and send via email.

How to resolve QuickBooks Unable to create an Accountant’s copy?

  • First  check your company file name for any special characters
  • Update QuickBooks to the latest version released
  • Reduce the size of the company file
  • The company file is damaged

Points to consider when creating the Accountant’s Copy

Once the Accountant’s copy is saved, QuickBooks displays on the screen of the computer ‘Accountant’s Changes Pending’ in the title bar and it will remain the same till the time you add the changes from the Accountant’s copy or remove the restrictions. In case, you remove the restrictions prior to the accountant sends back the changes, you will not be able to make any modification made by the accountant automatically in the application.

How to Remove Accountant’s Copy Restrictions?

On QuickBooks Desktop when you remove the Accountant’s copy restrictions, it means that you are making the initial accountant’s copy invalid. This happens when your accountant asks for another accountant’s copy or your company files needs to be fixed due to data damage. Before you remove the restrictions ensure that you have taken backup of your company file. Below are the steps to remove restrictions from the accountant’s copy.

  • First go to file menu and then select on Send Company File
  • Now select the Accountant’s copy and then client activities
  • After this click on Remove Restrictions.
  • Now choose Yes, I want to remove Accountant’s copy restrictions and then click on OK button.

I hope with the help of above given steps you have successfully resolved QuickBooks unable to create Accountant’s copy problem. However, if you face any kind of challenge in resolving it or have any queries then you can always connect with QuickBooks error support team at 1-888-383-0323 who are available all the time to guide you and help you with solution related to the application.