Trying to open QuickBooks company file, but again and again bumping into an error message stating as:

Warning: The company file you selected could not be found. You can try one of the following:

Choose the ‘Open or Restore Company…’ command from the ‘File’ menu to look for this file in a different directory.


Use the ‘Search’ tool from the Windows ‘Start Menu’ to search for this file in your computer.

QuickBooks Company file cannot be found - Screenshot Image

Well, this is a severe issue and it’s usually occurs because your company file was moved or renamed, and you need to tackle it out as soon as possible. There can be some practical reasons behind company file being missing, which we will be elaborating in this segment, along with some hand-picked solutions for the same. So, dive into this segment for better understanding of this error, and also to learn some quick fixes to QuickBooks desktop company file is missing or cannot be found problem.

What can instigate this QuickBooks company file not found error?

Well, as we mentioned earlier, there can be some unknown reasons that can lead you to such an error. Out of the huge list, we have jotted down some of the common reasons below:

  • Just in case you company file name is too large
  • If the QBWUSER.INI file is missing or damaged
  • You might come across similar error if the hard-drive itself is damaged
  • If the program files are damaged
  • If the QuickBooks desktop version being used by you is incorrect
  • The QuickBooks data it corrupted
  • You might face this error if there is any issue with the location of the QBW file, which includes access permission.
  • A conflicting QBW.tlg file

Measure you need to take before starting the fixation process of QuickBooks company file not found error

Before you directly jump on to the fixation process, there are certain measures that you need to follow, which include:

  • Before you start the troubleshooting, you should ensure that the issue is with the company file and not with the software.
  • Ensure that you have an updated QuickBooks version.
  • We also suggest you to ensure your QuickBooks program isn’t corrupted.
  • Only one system should host the company file.

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Solutions to implement for QuickBooks company file cannot be found or missing issue

Under such a situation, you would have to perform the below stated methods, in order to tackle out the QuickBooks company file missing error. Let us have a look:

Case 1: If you are accessing QuickBooks file saved locally on the system

Method 1:  Look for all the company files

In such a scenario, you need to navigate to the server system and then perform search for all company files. Ensure to include the asterisk (*) before extension type. The below are the file extensions you need to search for:

  • *.qbw (working files)
  • *.qbb (backup files)
  • *.qba (Accountants copy files)
  • *.qbx (Accountants transfer files)
  • *.qby (Accountant changes files)

After you have found the files, you should note the location and move to the solution. In case the file isn’t detected, you will have to ensure consulting an IT professional.

Method 2: Open file in QuickBooks

You would have to open the file depending on the type of the QuickBooks files.

Step 1: At first you would have to open the company file or an accountants copy
  • From the file menu, select open or restore company.
  • Select open a company file and hit next
Open a company file - Screenshot Image
  • Select the company file.
  • And select open

Step 2: You need to restore the backup of qbb file extension

  • You would also have to select open or restore company from the file menu.
  • And select the restore a backup file and click on next tab.
Open or restore company-screenshot
  • Furthermore, select local backup.
Local Backup option - Screenshot
  • Choose the company file and hit next.
  • Select the location where the restored file is to be saved.

Step 3: Restore an accountants copy transfer file

  • Herein, you need to select open or restore company from the file menu.
  • Furthermore, you would have to select convert and accountant’s copy transfer file and hit next.
convert and accountant’s copy transfer file - Screenshot Image
  • After that select next, if what the accountants’ copy can and can’t do window is seen.
  • Now select the transfer file and open it.
  • Finally, choose the location where the file will be saved and click on save tab.

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Case 2: If you are accessing QuickBooks file over network

Method 1: Verifying the network connectivity

  • Under this process, you would have to spot the name of the server system.
    • By pressing Windows + R keys.
    • And open run dialog box.
    • The next step is to type in CMD and click on enter key.
    • Type ipconfig/all and click on enter key.
  • Note the server names
Ping the Server - Screenshot Image
  • Type ping and name of the server in the next window.
  • Select enter tab
  • You will see a reply for each pocket.
    • If you get any packet loss then it means that there are some issues with the network connection.

Method 2: Find the QuickBooks company file

  • Use windows feature to look for the file type.
  • Click on windows start tab and type the extension of the company file along with the asterisk sign (*) in the search programs and files search box
    • *.qbw (working files)
    • *.qbb (backup files)
    • *.qba (Accountants copy files)
    • *.qbx (Accountants transfer files)
    • *.qby (Accountant changes files)
  • After you have found the file, right click the file and select open file location tab.
  • Open the file from the right location to eliminate the error.

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Alternate methods to follow

In case the above methods didn’t work for you, then in that case you can follow the steps below.

Method 1: Copy the company file to a new location

  • Under this method, you would have to create a new folder in C: drive
  • And then, open the folder where the company file is saved.
  • Furthermore, you need to press and hold ctrl key and select the company file and the corresponding .tlg file.
  • You would then have to right click and select copy option.
  • End the process by opening the new folder and right clicking and selecting the paste tab.

Method 2: Checking the properties and file extension

  • Herein, you would have to open the folder where the file is saved.
  • Right click the company file and select the properties tab.
  • You would then have to ensure the type of file is QuickBooks company file and the file size is 7MB.
  • Further, select advanced tab and ensure that boxes to compress and encrypt attributes are unchecked.
  • Hit OK tab and you are good to go.

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Winding up!

That was all you need to know to tackle out the QuickBooks can’t find company file or company file is missing problem!. However, if you have any queries or concerns, feel free to call us immediately at 1-800-761-1787! Our 24/7 QuickBooks error support representatives are ready to help you 24/7, 365 days a year!


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