Discontinued features in QuickBooks Desktop 2022 and Enterprise 22.0 and their alternatives:

QuickBooks desktop 2022 and Enterprise 22 has come up with a lot of new features, but there are certain features discontinued in these versions. In this write-up, we have mentioned the features that didn’t make it into QuickBooks desktop 2022 and Enterprise 22.0. You might have noticed that with the launch of QuickBooks desktop 2022, features like loan manager, scan manager, and cash flow projector are no longer available.

Go through this segment with full concentration to find out the features that are no longer available in QuickBooks desktop 2022 and Enterprise 22.0. You can also connect with our tech support professionals at 1-800-761-1787, simply if you need any advice or guidance related to the same.

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List of features that are no longer available

Below is a list of information that has replaced the earlier features in QuickBooks Desktop 2022:

Attach documents with your mobile

The scan manager feature was replaced with attached documents. This feature continues to help you in scanning documents using the mobile device and then importing the documents into QuickBooks.

Track loans in QuickBooks

It should be noted that the transactions like principal repayment and interest expense are not automated any longer. You will have to manually enter them in QuickBooks desktop 2022. You might need to know the principal and interest components for each of the payment. Further, you should refer to the amortization schedule provided by the lender. In case you aren’t able to obtain the schedule, then look for the amortization calculator online.

Search for QuickBooks desktop Marketplace

You should look for an alternative low-cost solution to cash flow projector in the QuickBooks desktop marketplace featuring third party applications that are developed by the independent developer partners.

If you want a complete article on QuickBooks Desktop service discontinuation policy then hit a click on here.

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Final words..!

These were the information related to features discontinued in QuickBooks desktop 2022 and Enterprise 22. However, if you have any query or concern, then connect with our tech geeks using our support line i.e., 1-800-761-1787. Our dedicated QuickBooks support professionals will ensure to help you in finding out information related to discontinued features in QuickBooks desktop 2022.


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