The plethora of error codes encountered in QuickBooks keeps bothering users and also impugns the efficacy of the QuickBooks Desktop accounting software. However, every computer application is marred by technical glitches and intricacies. In this article, we shall be diving into one such error in QuickBooks- Banking Error OLS 334. We shall be elaborating on this error and enlightening you with the necessary measures to troubleshoot QuickBooks error OL 334 from your system once and for all.

QuickBooks Error OL 334 is a troublesome banking setup and connection error that can evoke due to a large number of assorted factors, a poor internet connection being one of the potential causes. This error generally indicates that there is an issue with the financial institution. Getting rid of this error is easy if you are aware of the appropriate steps that need to be followed. In this article, we will be discussing the steps and elaborate procedures to troubleshoot QuickBooks error OL 334. So keep reading on!

What results in QuickBooks OL 334 bank error in QuickBooks?

Several factors can play a contributory role in instigating Error OL 334 in QuickBooks. Some of the principal causes are illustrated below:

  • The very first reason can be a discontinued adaptation of Windows or QuickBooks desktop might lead to this problem.
  • Another reason – Check with your bank to see if they might have rolled out some improvements.
  • You might be using an inactive bank account for online banking in QuickBooks.
  • You might also face this issue with arranging the download or import.
  • Users also get this issue with the bank servers or with the internet service provider used by them.

Pre-requisites to note before proceeding with the troubleshooting

before advancing ahead with the implementation of the methods to troubleshoot QuickBooks error OL 334, it is imperative that you take the following pointers into consideration.

  • Re-check if there is an active internet connection. In case already connected, then verify the firewall and internet security settings to continue.
  • You will have to confirm that you are using a supported version of QuickBooks and internet explorer.
  • Make sure that the QuickBooks desktop is updated to the latest release.
  • Contact the bank to verify the account information and that the bank is not experiencing any outages at that moment.

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Effective Steps To Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error OL 334

You can perform the below-enumerated steps to get rid of QuickBooks error OL 334 successfully. Let us have a look:

Step 1: Enabling TLS 1.2 in Internet Options

  • Under this, you need to open the Internet explorer 11 or Microsoft Edge browser and ensure that the latest version is installed.
  • The next step is to hit the Gear icon.
  • And move to the Internet options and tap on the Advanced tab.
  • In the Security section move down.
  • Uncheck the USE TLS 1.0 and mark USE TLS 1.2
USE TLS 1.0 is checked option - Image
  • Now, hit on apply and hit the, Ok tab and close the programs.
  • The last step is to reboot the system.

Step 2: Make new test company file to troubleshoot QuickBooks error OL 334

Creating a new test company file - Screenshot
  • The first step is to select and Click new company and click on Express start from the QuickBooks company file menu.
  • Add a Bank account. In the newly created test company and then set up the account for Bank feeds.
  • Next step is to Download bank feed transactions to test the account.
  • Lastly, if the same error occurs, then there will be an error with the bank.

Step 3: Run the account setup while holding the ‘Ctrl’ key

Deactivate all online services - Image
  • The last step is to run the Bank feeds setup again and have to press and hold the Ctrl key.

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Step 4: Creating a new account and merging accounts

  • You will have to right-click and click on the Edit account option.
  • Highlight the Account name and click on Copy.
  • Enter an asterisk (*) at the end of the account name.
  • Click on the Bank feed settings and click on Deactivate all online services tab.
  • Next step is to click on Save and close.
  • Hit a click on Chart of accounts to create a new account.
  • Close and reopen the company file and click on Chart of accounts then choose Edit account.
Edit account - Image
  • Remove the (*)asterisk and right-click the Account to choose, and click on Save and Close.
  • When asked, click on Yes and Set up an account for bank feeds.
  • Download transactions to the newly merged account.

Step 5: Deactivation of all accounts

At the bottom, you will get an option that says chart of accounts. Choose the option include in the active checkbox and click on deactivate bank feeds.

Summing Up! Support is just a call away.

After you are thorough with the above steps, you might be able to troubleshoot QuickBooks error OL 334. However, if the error persists even after performing the steps above, then, in that case, contact our technical professionals using our toll-free i.e., 1-800-761-1787, and our QuickBooks error support team will ensure to come up with the most effective solutions for you.


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