Windows 10 versions you require to make the most of your QuickBooks Desktop:

One of the biggest aspects to take into consideration while running any software on a device is the Operating system. OS plays a great role in the overall experience of yours. It not only has a role in the number of features and updates you can get but also somewhat plays a part in the overall productivity. Windows 10 is currently one of the latest versions of the Operating system which is also being used by a huge user base. Also, to ensure that you can get the best experience, QuickBooks Desktop has optimized their software to work well for all the versions of Windows.

In this segment, we will be discussing about QuickBooks Enterprise compatibility with Windows 10?. So keep read on!. However, if you are looking for any type of help or want to talk with an accounting expert then contact our QuickBooks enterprise support team.

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Latest updates in Windows 10

The Windows 10 has come up with some updates, including the following:

  • The new start menu seems to be similar to the start menu of windows 7.
  • Also, this newer versions brings more control over optional updates.
  • Windows 10 consists of a virtual desktop known as the task switcher.
  • The cloud download for reinstalling windows
  • Renaming virtual desktops
  • Disk type and GPU temperature in the task manager
  • One of the most compelling features of Windows 10 is that it includes the latest version of .Net Framework (4.6).
  • It features a virtual desktop, named as task switcher.
  • Also, the start menu in this versions of Windows looks similar to that of windows 7 OS.
  • The Internet explorer 11 is available in the latest version of Windows, and it also includes a new browser named as EDGE.
  • Renaming Virtual Desktops
  • Disk type and GPU temperature in the task manager.
  • WSL 2 with a Linux Kernel
  • Bandwidth limits for windows update
  • More control over optional updates

How to check the version of your Windows 10?

The very initial fact of information that you need to know in order to move forward is the version of your Windows. Now, here are the steps that you need to go through in order to check your Windows 10 version:

  • Start by clicking on the Start menu and then type “About your PC” in the search box that reads type here to search.
  • Now, from all the options that pop-up, select About your PC.
Check the version of your Windows 10 - Screenshot
  • Once the new screen comes up on the display, scroll down the page and you will find the version number.
  • Go online and check for the latest version of Windows 10, it will show you all the list of Windows 10 versions and then you can match yours with the list.

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Windows 10 versions that are supported with QuickBooks Desktop Pro / Premier and Enterprise

As there is already quite a handful of Windows 10 versions in the market, some of the QuickBooks desktop versions might not compatible with Windows 10. So, here are some of the versions that support this QuickBooks accounting software without any error whatsoever:

Windows 10 version 1809 (latest):

Being the latest version of Win 10, version 1809 is certified to work perfectly with QuickBooks Desktop 2020 and QuickBooks Desktop 2021. We have yet to certify QB 2017-19 versions but as far as we have tested, no such errors have come up. So, you should not come across any trouble while using it in version 1809.

Windows 10 Version 1803:

This is the second-most latest version of Win 10. Version 1803 supports all the QuickBooks Desktop from 2017 onward. All these versions are fully certified to be working properly in Version 1803.

Windows 10 Version 1709:

This version of Windows 10 supports all the versions of QuickBooks Desktop from 2017 to 2020. All these versions are fully certified to be working properly in Version 1709.

Windows 10 Version 1507, 1511, 1607 and 1703:

In case you are using any one of these versions that you should update to the latest version of Windows 10. Firstly, the QuickBooks Desktop will not offer a great experience in these versions of operating systems. Also, Microsoft has already discontinued its support for these versions which means that you are missing out on a lot of features that you can experience just by updating to the latest version of Windows, which currently is Version 1809.

It should be noted that if you need to rollback a recent upgrade of windows 10, you can follow the steps on the process to recover or restore the previous version of Windows using Rollback feature from Microsoft Help. You can take assistance from IT or computer professional before making any changes to your windows operating system.

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QuickBooks desktop versions that are supported by Windows 10

Now that you have explored the Windows 10 versions, it is recommended to check whether your QuickBooks version is supported by Windows 10 or not, as not all versions are supported. Thus, find out whether you need to update your QuickBooks desktop or will it be compatible with your operating system.

QuickBooks Desktop 2016 R7 and later

If you are a QuickBooks 2016 R7 and later user, then need not to worry you can switch to Windows 10, as these versions are compatible with Windows 10. The QuickBooks 2016 R7 and later version user should not bother, as they will not face any kind of compatibility issue with Windows 10.

QuickBooks Desktop 2015 & 2016 (Release 1-6)

Talking about the compatibility of QuickBooks Desktop 2015 & 2016 (R 1-6) with Windows 10, they are compatible only with a condition that .Net Framework 3.5 is enabled on the system, or else you might encounter certain issues.

QuickBooks Desktop 2014 and earlier

Well, if you are a QuickBooks desktop 2014 and earlier version, then it is high time to update your accounting software to the latest version, as these versions are not compatible with windows 10. If you are still using the earlier versions of QuickBooks software, then you are more likely to receive errors and issues. Thus, make sure to update the software as soon as possible.

How to ensure optimal performance with QuickBooks desktop?

Despite the version of Windows 10 which you are using, there can be instances where you do not have .NET 3.5 Framework enabled. In such cases, you will lack a lot in terms of user experience. So, what you can do is to enable this function as it will offer you the smoothest experience possible of QuickBooks Desktop on Windows 10. Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to enable .NET Framework 3.5 to ensure optimal compatibility with QuickBooks Desktop:

  • Press ‘Windows + R’ keys on your keyboard, it will open up the Run Window.
Windows + R Keys - Screenshot
  • Now, in the textbox, type Control Panel and then click on the OK button.
  • Here, select the Uninstall a Program option.
Uninstall and Reinstall QuickBooks on your server computer - Screenshot
  • Click on Turn Windows features on or off.
Turn Windows features on or off - Screenshot
  • If you see the box in front of .NET Framework 3.5 enabled and .NET Framework 4.5 as well, then you are good to go, otherwise check both of the boxes.
.NET Framework 3.5 enabled and .NET Framework 4.5 - Screenshot
  • Once done, click on the OK button.

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These are all the versions of Windows 10 in which you can run different versions of QuickBooks Desktop. In case you are facing issues running the software on one of the versions which are tested to be working fine – you can contact our 24/7 QuickBooks support team by getting on the line using our dedicated support line i.e. 1(800)761-1787.

We will help you to get your software running and will also take care of any other queries in the best manner.


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