Learn the simple troubleshooting steps to fix Script Error while Running QuickBooks Desktop Pro like a Pro:

QuickBooks desktop has sprawled a revolution across small and mid-sized businesses by helping them in the efficient handling of their bookkeeping and accounting operations. However, just like other computer software, QuickBooks is marred by limitations. It sometimes receives technical issues that may prevent you from performing important tasks or may lead to deferment of your deadlines. Now the issues confronted in this holistic software may appear due to a plethora of different reasons. In this post, we shall apprise you of the QuickBooks Script Error, which is typically caused by unaccommodating settings of your internet browser. So, Let’s proceed ahead!

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QuickBooks Script Error – An Illustrative Explanation

QuickBooks Script Error Message - Screenshot Image

It happens sometimes that QuickBooks gets troubled by the scripting errors like the following ones:

Script ErrorAn error has occurred in the script on this page. Line 22 char 2 error…
Script ErrorQuickBooks script error for line 7 char 5
Script ErrorQuickBooks script error unable to get property length of undefined or Null reference.

This error may be quite annoying, especially when you come across it while engaging in your daily work. This error typically pops up on your computer screen when you attempt to open your company file. Unlike most of the other errors, script error shows no cause of its occurrence, and comes unexpectedly. Also, the error message received provides no explanation about this issue. When you try to access a file or attempt to make use of the QuickBooks program, the particular may not load up, indicating an issue in the script of that page.

Important: Please note that it’s a minor error and has nothing to do with the safety of the page. This error can’t damage your files or cause loss of important data. These errors are generally related to the Internet Explorer and QuickBooks by default uses Internet Explorer’s settings to connect with an internet connection.

What can be the reasons for QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021 script error?

QuickBooks desktop script error may trigger due to a plethora of assorted reasons. We have earmarked below some of the most conspicuous reasons causing this error:

  • You are attempting to import data from a non-existing account.
  • Importing an invoice that has different account details from assets or accounts due.
  • You are inserting the account name and number that are already in use.
  • Corrupted Window user can be one of the reasons behind the occurrence of script errors.
  • Your QuickBooks data file might be damaged.
  • Active X components may also incite such errors.
  • Malware infection in your system.
  • You can also face any such error if the script debugging feature is enabled.

Typically, QuickBooks script error are associated with the settings of your Internet Explorer. QuickBooks by default uses Internet explorer and when you attempt to access a web-page from QuickBooks, the same may refuse to load up or not be of your use particularly. You may also receive a message that may read “A problem has taken place in the script of this page.

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Solutions to QuickBooks Script Error (10 DIY Methods)

There can be various solutions to QuickBooks script error, a few of which will be discussed underneath:

Solution 1: Turning off Notifications for QuickBooks script error

You must turn off notifications for script errors before commencing with the troubleshooting solution.

  • At first. open Internet Explorer and head to Tools.
  • After that, choose Internet Options and then go to Advanced tab.
Advanced Tab - Screenshot Image
  • Subsequently, click on the option to clear the Display a notification about all Script errors option.
  • Lastly, hit a click OK to save changes.

Solution 2: Clear SSL certificates from IE

This solution requires removing the SSL certificates from Internet Explorer. The steps for the same have been discussed below:

  • Select the Gear icon, and then from the top, choose Internet options.
  • Hit on the Clear SSL state tab within the Content tab.
Clear SSL State - Screenshot
  • Now hit a click on OK to save changes.

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Solution 3: Turning off the Add-ons in the Internet Explorer

Another potential approach to resolving the script error in QuickBooks is by disabling the Add-ons in I.E. Follow the instructions given below:

  • Select the Internet options under the Tools tab in the IE browser.
  • Navigate to the Manage Add-ons option in the Programs tab.
Manage Add-ons - Image
  • Once done the foregoing steps, choose the Disable add-on performance notifications tab after clicking on the Add-on option.
Disable the Add-ons in the Internet Explorer - Screenshot
  • Hit the OK tab and then exit the IE browser.

Solution 4: Verifying the active scripting and then uninstalling the Active X

The Active X controls are disabled in high-security level in Internet Explorer. Follow the brief walkthrough provided below:

  • Open the Internet Explorer and then head to the Internet options.
  • Choose the Tools option and then click on the Security tab.
  • Go to the Custom Level option and search for the ActiveX controls and plug-ins option.
Verifying the active scripting and then uninstalling the ActiveX - Screenshot
  • The, hit a click on the Default level and click on OK tab.

Uninstall or remove the ActiveX file in Internet explorer:

  • In order to uninstall and remove ActiveX file from your system, you need to first navigate to the options in IE.
  • Proceed to the Settings tab.
  • Next, choose the View objects tab.
  • Check all ActiveX files currently installed in the system.
  • Search for the file name starting with qboax like qboax11 or qboax11.dll.
  • You are also required to ensure to close all internet explorer running Windows and delete the file from the system.

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Solution 5: Clearing cache data folder of Microsoft Internet Explorer or the default browser

This error in QuickBooks can also occur due to excessive accumulation of the cache files. To delete these file through your browser, you can abide by the below-given set of instructions:

  • Open the Internet Explorer browser.
  • Select the Tools option.
  • After that, click on the Internet options and then click on the General tab.
  • Now choose the Delete option under the browsing history.
Clearing cache data folder of Microsoft Internet Explorer or the default browser - Screenshot 1
  • Place a checkmark beside Cookies and website data, history & temporary internet files.
Clearing cache data folder of Microsoft Internet Explorer or the default browser - Screenshot
  • End the process by clicking on Apply and OK options respectively.

Solution 6: Resetting the default browser to IE

There may be a possibility that you are using a browser other than I.E. as the default web browser to access QuickBooks. This may also lead to such error. You should, as such, make sure to set I.E. as the default browser.

  • In order to reset the default browser as IE, you will have to open Internet Explorer.
  • Once the browser is open, move to Tools and then choose the Internet options.
  • After that, click on the Advanced tab.
Reset settings of the internet explorer - Screenshot
  • Now select the Reset to default option, followed by clicking on Apply and OK to end the process.

Follow the instructions below to set Internet Explorer as your default browser:

  • At first, Internet Explorer should be opened.
  • Subsequently, opt for “Settings.”
  • Find the “Program” tab.
  • Select “Make Default” from the menu, and then check the box next to the “Tell me if Internet Explorer is not the default web browser” option.
Resetting the default browser to Internet explorer - Screenshot
  • Select the option for thorough instructions.
  • Make Internet Explorer the default web browser after that.
  • Once you’re finished, verify that the script problem has been repaired. If not, don’t worry; simply continue on to the following troubleshooting technique.

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Solution 7: Disabling Script debugging in the browser

You can consider disabling the script debugging in your browser, as it can be one of the potential factor behind the issue. The steps involved to disable Script debugging have bee enumerated as follows:

  • Initially, open Internet Explorer.
  • After that, navigate to the Internet options.
  • Now hit on the Advanced tab.
Advanced Tab - Screenshot Image
  • Subsequently, scroll down below to the two options.
  • Check them and click on Apply, followed by clicking on OK.

Solution 8: Adding Intuit as a trusted site

You can resolve this error by adding Intuit as a trusted site. This can be accomplished by conforming to the steps given below:

  • Access the Internet Explorer browser and choose the Gear icon.
  • Head to the Tools section and then proceed to the Security tab.
  • Choose the Trusted sites section and then hit Sites tab.
  • Once done with that, enter the https://*.Intuit.com and subsequently, click on Add tab, in the Add this website to the zone field. After that, you need to carry out similar steps for https://*.quickbooks.com.
Adding Intuit as trusted site - Screenshot
  • Hit a click on close and get out of the Trusted sites window.
  • Choose Custom level and then scroll down to Miscellaneous.
  • Under the allow cross domain requests, choose Enable and hit OK button.
  • Hit apply and OK tabs in order to close the Internet options window.
  • Finally, restart the Internet explorer browser and Apply changes.

Solution 9: Configuring Internet Explorer Browser in the Compatibility View

The steps to configure I.E in the compatibility mode are thoroughly explained as under:

  • Initially, open the Internet explorer browser and then click on the Gear icon at the top right corner of the screen.
  • After that, choose the Tools option and also click on the Compatibility view settings.
Display intrasites in compatibility view - Screenshot Image
  • Checkmark the box stating Display intranet in compatibility view, in the compatibility View settings window.
  • Finally, hit on the Close tab.

Solution 10: Add URL to the Restricted Websites List

This is the most recent technique to resolve the script errors in QuickBooks 2020. 2021, 2022 & 2023 and any other version of the QuickBooks software.

  • At first, open QuickBooks and hit click on Internet Connection Setup from the Help menu.
  • After that, click on Next, and navigate to the Advanced Connection Settings
  • Next, you need to click on the Restricted Sites option from Security tab.
Advanced Connection Settings - Image
  • The next step is to click on Sites and Copy and Paste the URL that you are getting in the error message.
  • Now hit a click on Add and then click on Close tab.
  • To save your changes, click OK and Done. That’s it.
  • Now restart your system once and check whether the error is solved or not.

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Winding up!

We hope that the above-mentioned solutions must have assisted you in fixing QuickBooks desktop script errors. If still the issue continues to linger, we advise you to reach out to our 24×7 QuickBooks enterprise customer support team for assistance related to all your QB-related issues.

Connect with us using our dedicated helpline: 1-800-761-1787, and our support team will be there to assist you or will fix the error for you. Don’t think much in calling us anytime, as we will be happy to help you!

Frequently Asked Questions related to Script Errors

How do I fix a QuickBooks file issue?

To fix a QuickBooks file issue, you can try verifying and rebuilding the file, restoring a backup, or contacting QuickBooks support for further assistance.

Why does script error keeps appearing?

A script error may keep appearing due to issues with browser settings, outdated browser or software, conflicting add-ons or extensions, or issues with the website’s code.

How to fix invalid content error in QuickBooks?

To fix invalid content error in QuickBooks, you can try running the Rebuild Data Utility, deleting and recreating damaged transactions, or restoring a backup.

What are script errors in QuickBooks?

These errors can occur when there are issues with the website’s code, browser settings, or add-ons or extensions, causing the script to fail to execute properly.


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