Get the methods of Installing multiple QuickBooks desktop versions and editions on one system:

Are you trying for Installing multiple versions and editions of QuickBooks desktop on one computer? If yes, then don’t worry as this process doesn’t involve any rocket science for us. In case you’ve been using QuickBooks for a while, or you are an accountant who handles many clients, then you might use newer or older version of QuickBooks desktop. Multiple editions and versions can be installed on the same system. All it takes few specific steps to install each of the edition one at a time.

In case you require to move or reinstall QuickBooks to different system, we will demonstrate you how to use the migrator tool. Just read this entire article to find out further details related to same. You can simplify the process connecting with our accounting professionals and let them do the rest.

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Version: Basically, a version is the numeric notation of the product’s release. (For Example: QuickBooks desktop 2018 and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 18.0)
Region: A region refers to a specific location, such an United States, Canada and the United Kingdom
Edition: The term edition refers to the set of features included in a product. The examples of this include: Pro, Premier, and Enterprise
Flavor: By flavor it is meant an industry-specific set of sub-features of a product. (For Example: Contractor’s, Non-Profit, and retail.)

Important points to remember

There are few points that you should consider before beginning with the processes:

  • Users can work in multiple versions of QuickBooks desktop at the same time. In case they are working in premier 2019, users can also open premier 2018. It should be noted that users can open the same version of premier and enterprise if you use the accountant edition.
  • Also, the users can install the same version of QuickBooks desktop pro or premier and enterprise.
  • Another important point to remember is that users can only install one industry specific edition of QuickBooks desktop for each version. This means that you can have either QuickBooks desktop premier 2018 retail or premier 2018 contractor, but not both.

It should be noted that QuickBooks desktop accountant is an industry specific edition. If you are an accountant, ensure that you use the accountant edition of QuickBooks desktop to switch to any other industry-specific editions.

  • Users can’t mix and match different regional versions and editions of QuickBooks desktop. In case they need multiple regions on the same system, it is recommended to use a virtual machine or a web hosting service to create an environment for each region.
  • Users can’t easily share data or company files between QuickBooks desktop enterprise and pro or premier. They can also can’t share data between different versions of QuickBooks.

It is important to note that if you open a company file in newer version or higher edition of QuickBooks, then it automatically upgrades the company file to the most recent version or highest edition. Once you upgrades, you will no longer be able to open the company file in original version or edition.

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Steps to Install multiple versions of QuickBooks desktop

You can use some specific steps to install each version and edition of QuickBooks in single computer. the steps include the following:

  1. In case you haven’t already, you need to download the version or edition. You need to save the file somewhere it can be easily spotted just as the windows desktop.
  2. After that open the QuickBooks.exe that has been downloaded.
  3. Next, you are required to follow the on-screen instructions. After the installation type is selected, you need to opt for custom and network options. And it is recommended to avoid selecting express.
Install multiple versions of QuickBooks - Screenshot 1
  1. Now choose custom network option. In case you plans to use QuickBooks only on the system and not share the files over the network, you are recommended to select I’ll be using QuickBooks desktop on this system. However, if you are setting up a multi-user network, and then select either I’ll be using…..And or I will NOT be using depending on the setup.
Install multiple versions of QuickBooks - Screenshot 2
  1. Once you installs multiple versions or editions, QuickBooks asks if you want to replace what’s currently on the system. It is recommended to avoid replacing anything, unless that’s what you want to do. In order to avoid overwriting the data, you need to create unique install folders for each version and edition. When you gets to the upgrade or change installation location window, then you are recommended to select change the install location.
  2. Now you are recommended to choose browse. And hit a right click on the window and create a new folder. Also, avoid selecting the existing QuickBooks folder or any folders that have QuickBooks info.

Note: It is recommended to put the version and edition in the folder name.

  1. You should follow the rest of the onscreen instructions to finish installing.

You need to repeat the steps for each version and edition of QuickBooks to be installed. Also, ensure to install them in their own unique folder.

Update QuickBooks desktop to latest release version

Once you installs the QuickBooks desktop, run an update to get the latest release:

Update QuickBooks Desktop - Screenshot Image
  • You can also schedule automatic updates, so you do not have to do that manually.

It should be noted that in case you have multiple editions for the same version, then QuickBooks might not run updates automatically. In order to get most recent updates, updating each version manually is recommended. Also you can download updates for specific edition.

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Final Words!

As we mentioned earlier, installing multiple QuickBooks desktop versions on one system doesn’t involve any rocket science and we expect that after going through the above processes, you might be successfully able to carry out the task.

In case of any difficulty or if any of your question remained unanswered, you can simply contact our QuickBooks enterprise technical support team by means of our dedicated support line i.e. 1-800-761-1787, and they will guide you through the process.


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