A complete guide to repair error code 1903 when you install QuickBooks Desktop:

Trying to run QuickBooks but aren’t able to? Or witnessing QuickBooks error code 1903 on the screen? Well, this particular error falls under the category of installation errors, and the reason behind this error re adverse. This error usually shows up when you are trying to install the QuickBooks desktop or when opening it after the installation of the software on your PC. QuickBooks install error code 1903 can be considered as a technical error and can also be categorized as a runtime error.

You might face a similar sort of issue as a result of .Net framework. Such sort of technical snags interrupt in opening of the program and might also freeze up important work. The basic reason triggering this issue can be missing of some mandatory components or damaged Windows files. You can go through this segment with full concentration to find out the right solution to such an error.

What triggers QuickBooks error code 1903?

This particular error can be triggered due to the following factors:

  • One of the root causes for such an error can be inappropriate QuickBooks installation.
  • If the Windows aren’t working properly.
  • You might also end up in this runtime error when there are issues with the Microsoft .Net framework.
  • If in case the components required are damaged, including Microsoft MSXML and C++ files.

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Troubleshooting methods to resolve QuickBooks install error code 1903

You can perform the below measures to fix the QuickBooks error code 1903. Let us explore them one by one:

Solution 1: Make use of QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool from the Tools Hub program

The QuickBooks Tool Hub contains a wide range of crucial features to put a restraint on technical issues encountered by users in QuickBooks. One such feature is the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool. This vital tool diagnoses a myriad of installation-related issues in QuickBooks. The steps for setting up the tool to use for annihilating QuickBooks error 1903 are given as under:

Step 1: Download and install the QuickBooks tool hub

The initial step requires downloading and installing the QuickBooks Tool Hub, the procedure for which is given as under:

  • Under this process, Download QuickBooks tools hub
  • Head to the download folder by pressing the Ctrl + J keys.
  • You now have to double-click on QuickBooksToolsHub.exe under the downloads list.
  • Furthermore, click on Yes to permit this app to make changes.
  • Later on click on Next to install it and also click on Yes again for Accepting the license agreement.
  • You would then have to click on Next and then Install.
  • After the installation is complete, hit on the Finish tab.
  • Conclude the process by opening QuickBooks tool hub.
QuickBooks Tool Hub - Icon

Step 2: Run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

Afterward, you are required to access the Install diagnostic Tool from within the Quickbooks tool Hub. The procedure for the same is given as under:

Installation issues tab in tool hub program - Screenshot Image
  • This might take some time to Configure.
  • Later on, click on Yes to accept the License Agreement.
  • With that, click on Proceed to start repairs on the QuickBooks desktop components.
  • Summing up the process, reboot the system.

Solution 2: Updating Windows

As always reiterated, updating your Windows O/S is crucial to safeguard your computer and its programs against an unending array of technical issues and glitches. Updating Windows will also prevent QuickBooks errors like error code 1903.

  • In order to update the Windows, you should right-click the Start tab and also choose the Settings option.
  • Afterward, hit a click on Update and security.
  • Go for the Windows update section.
  • Subsequently, hit on Check for updates.
Check for updates in windows 10 - Screenshot Image
  • Just in case the updates are available to download, then it will start installing it automatically.
  • Reboot the System now.

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Solution 3: Reboot the system in selective startup mode

It is recommended that users facing Quickbooks error code 1903 resort to the selective startup mode. The steps to reboot your PC in this mode are as follows:

  • This particular process requires you to press Windows + R keys from the keyboard, and a Run box will appear on the screen.
  • You then have to type ‘MSCONFIG‘ into the run box and also hit the OK tab.
  • Now, under the General tab, opt for the Selective startup option.
  • Ensure that the Load startup items option is unchecked.
Perform a clean install of QuickBooks in selective startup mode - Screenshot Image
  • Furthermore, hit the OK tab.
  • If asked to, click on the Reboot tab.
  • You now have to Uninstall and reinstall the QuickBooks desktop.

Get your system back to normal startup mode by performing the steps below:

  • Kickstart the process by pressing the Win +R to open the Run window.
  • Furthermore, type MSCONFIG into the run box and also hit the OK tab.
  • Choose Normal startup.
Select normal startup - Screenshot
  • Also, click on Apply tab and hit the OK tab.
  • Reboot the system.

Solution 4: Fix Windows components manually

You can try performing the below steps in order to troubleshoot the QuickBooks install error 1903, if all of the above methods didn’t work for you.

Step 1: Repair Microsoft .NET framework

The steps for repairing .NET Framework are discussed as under:

  • Herein, you would have to press the Win + R keys.
  • Type ‘Control’ into the Run window.
  • Move to the Programs option and also head to Program and features option.
  • You now have to click on Turn Windows features on or off.
Launch Programs and features - Screenshot
  • In case .NET Framework 3.5 and later are checked, then uncheck them and hit OK tab.
  • Reboot the system.
  • Ascertain to Check .Net framework 3.5 and later pay heed to the on-screen instructions.

Step 2: Repairing Microsoft MSXML

Similar to .NET Framework, MSXML also constitutes a crucial Microsoft component that plays a vital role in the unhindered functioning of QuickBooks. The steps to repair MSXML are given as follows:

  • You simply need to press Windows + R keys.
  • Furthermore, type in Appwiz.cpl into it and hit OK tab.
appwiz.cpl - Screenshot Image
  • You now have to choose MSXML 6.0 from the list and also click on Uninstall.
  • You further have to Download the MSXML.msi file from the Microsoft website.
  • After it is downloaded, you would have to double click on it and also pay heed to the prompts.
  • Lastly, Install your QuickBooks desktop after completing the install of the MSXML file.

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Winding up!

Once you are thorough with the steps and procedures discussed in above, it becomes way easier to tackle through the QuickBooks install error 1903. On the contrary, if you are still not able to deal with such runtime issue, then in that case connect with our QuickBooks error support team using our dedicated helpline i.e., 1-800-761-1787. Our support guys will be more than happy to rectify the issue for you.

FAQs – QuickBooks Error 1903

What is QuickBooks Error 1903 and 1905?

QuickBooks Error 1903 and similar errors are an installation error encountered while setting up the latest updates for QuickBooks. The error is typically caused due to corruption or damage of the .NET Framework component.

What causes QuickBooks installation errors?

The various causes behind Error 1903 are:
1. Inappropriate QuickBooks installation.
2. .NET Framework not functioning properly.
3. The Microsoft components required by QuickBooks are damaged. These include Microsoft MSXML and C++ files.

How to fix installation errors in QuickBooks?

The various methods to fix QuickBooks Error 1903 are:
1: Use QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool
2: Update Window O/S.
3: Switch to Safe Mode with Networking.
4: Fixing Microsoft components manually.


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