Best ways to resolve QuickBooks error -6000, -304 when opening a company file

QuickBooks desktop has caused a boom in the accounting industry with the innumerable features and functionalities that it offers. However, the fact that there are certain errors that might impede the smooth working cannot be neglected. Taking this into consideration, our experts have drafted this piece of writing which will be scrutinizing the QuickBooks error code 6000 304, and the various ways of fixing it. You might chance upon such an error when you seek to access the QuickBooks company file. This technical snag also reflects that the system may not have enough disk space available to open the file. The error may also be instigated if your account that is running QuickBooks has reached its limit.

Relocating the company file to a larger hard disk, turning off quotas, and increasing the disk quota of your account that is running QuickBooks are some of the effective avenues of resolving the error code. Go through this piece of writing till the end, in order to find out a complete solution to the QuickBooks error code (-6000, -304). Moreover, you can also get in touch with our U.S based dedicated QuickBooks error support team at 1-800-761-1787. Our experts will be happy to help you in getting rid of the problem.

QuickBooks Error Code 6000, 304: A Rudimentary Overview

QuickBooks Error Message 6000 304 - Screenshot

This kind of error is seen when you make an attempt to open the company file. It comes with an error message as given below:

WarningAn error occurred when the QuickBooks tried to access the company file. Please try again. If problem persists, contact Intuit technical support and provide them following codes (-6000, -304).

The QuickBooks company file error 6000, 304 can be very annoying, as well as confusing for us to tackle. This error generally occurs if there is insufficient disk space on your computer system or in case the disk quotas are turned on. There can be various causes behind this error. However, you need not feel concerned as this error can be resolved by carrying out simple steps and strategies earmarked in the later sections of this article.

Factors leading to the QuickBooks error 6000, 304

Though there can be several causes behind the occurrence of QuickBooks error 6000, 304. However, we are going to discuss the most common and primary ones:

  • Another factor leading to this error can be that the software crossed its memory usage limits.
  • You can face this error in case the disk space is running low and this prevents the software from loading the company file.

Now that we have explored all the causes and relevant facts related to the QuickBooks error code 6000, 304, it is high time to dive into the viable methods for getting rid of this annoying error.

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Methods To Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6000 304

In order to troubleshoot the QuickBooks error 6000 304, you can relocate the company file to a larger hard disk, turn off disk quotas, or increase the disk quota of your account that is running the QB program. For more details let us check out each of the methods one by one:

Method 1: Perform a Clean Install of QuickBooks

The very first method that one can opt for is to perform a clean installation of QuickBooks desktop. Sometimes it is essential to uninstall and reinstall the QuickBooks software to get rid of any damage and also avoid any further intricacies. This process is called the clean installation of the QuickBooks desktop. The steps involved in this process are as follows:

Clean Install Utility - Screenshot
  • Hit on the Start menu and then, proceed to the Control panel.
  • Follow it by choosing the Programs and Features tab.
Programs and Features option - Screenshot
  • You are then supposed to right-click and Uninstall the QuickBooks desktop.
Uninstall or Reinstall QuickBooks - Screenshot
  • Upon cleaning the software from your system, you need to reinstall the QuickBooks software using your License and product keys.

Method 2: Check if you have sufficient disk space

In case the above method does not fix the issue, then you can carry out this process. you are required to check if your system possesses enough disk space or not. For this, carry out the below steps:

  • In the inception, hit on My computer.
  • Visit the drive containing the company file.
  • Right-click on the Drive and then choose the Properties option.
  • Moving ahead, Check for the free space by hitting on the General tab.
Checking if the user is having enough disk space - Screenshot
  • Now you can either Move the company file to a different disk or clear the space from the drive containing the file.
  • Hit a click on the Quota tab when the hard disk has enough space.
Checking if the user is having enough disk space - Screenshot 1
  • Once done with that, look for the spotlight on the left side of the screen.
  • If the spotlight is red, it would indicate No disk quotas.
  • On the contrary, if it is green, it means the quotas are set.
  • End the process by turning off the disk quotas.

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Method 3: Repair the QuickBooks desktop

If none of the above methods worked out, you can resolve the issue by opting to repair the QuickBooks desktop. This could resolve the issue up to a certain extent. The steps involved in this process are as follows:

  • Initially, hit on the Start tab and launch the Control panel.
  • Moving ahead, move to the Programs tab.
  • Follow it up by hitting on the Program and Features tab.
Programs and Features option - Screenshot
  • Afterward, find and choose the QuickBooks option and then hit on the Uninstall button.
Uninstall and Reinstall QuickBooks on your server computer - Screenshot
  • You need to click on the QuickBooks window.
  • Hit on the Repair tab.
Repair QuickBooks Desktop - Screenshot
  • Hit on Next and afterward, choose the Repair option.

Method 4: Rename the .ND and .TLG files

The .ND and .TLG files are a part of QuickBooks files. In case these files are corrupted, then you might encounter errors while opening QuickBooks files. Renaming these files is quite easy if you carry out the steps below:

  • Initially, open the folder housing the company file.
  • Look for the files with the same file name as the company file but with .ND and .TLG extensions.
Rename the .TLG and.ND files - Screenshot
  • Right-click on each file and hit on the Rename option. Include the word ‘.OLD’ at the end of each file name.
  • End the process by opening the QuickBooks again and Sign in to the company file.

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Method 5: Open the sample company file

By opening a sample company file, you can test if there is an issue with the company file or with the QuickBooks application. If the sample company file doesn’t open and shows an error, it means that the QuickBooks installation is damaged and needs to be repaired.

  • You can hit on the Open a Sample company file option in the No company open option. Afterward, choose from any of the Sample company files.
Open a Sample Company File - Screenshot
  • After opening the sample files, proceed to the next step. In case the file is not opened and shows the same issue, then, you need to Repair the QuickBooks installation files.


We hope that the above-stated methods should be sufficient in fixing the QuickBooks error 6000, 304. However, there can be a situation, where users might not be able to fix the issue even after carrying out the steps above. In such a scenario, they can get in touch with our QuickBooks customer support team by dialing 1-800-761-1787.

Contacting our experts can help you in fixing the various errors with much ease and that too permanently. So, do not hesitate in calling us anytime, as our professionals will be happy to help you!


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