Get familiar with the most common QuickBooks issues after the Windows 10 update

Have you already updated to Windows 10, or are you facing any sort of issue in QuickBooks with Windows 10? Well, as per the recent stats and observations, Windows 10 users, after upgrading to it, are facing some sort of issues with QuickBooks. Many users are reporting that it is crashing after the most recent Windows X updates were installed in the system. Different QB users reported different errors, a few of them reported the unrecoverable error, whereas the others reported QuickBooks error code 3371. Some of them even reported error code 80029c4a. In case you have also landed into any such error after installing Windows 10 updates, then this segment will surely be of some assistance to you.

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Why QuickBooks fails to function normally on a Windows 10 system?

QuickBooks desktop pro for Windows is the most favoured small business accounting solution, which is used for keeping track of all financial transactions, tax, bills, and sales reports and quickly handles all the needed invoices and receipts with it’s invoicing and expense management solution. The most important thing is that it is completely compatible with Windows 7, 8.1 and all the later introduced OS. Many users have reported issues with their QuickBooks while working on a Windows 10 system, especially when new Windows updates are installed. The reasons behind the incompatibility can be:

  • Installation of Windows updates, while QuickBooks is running, can be one of the factors.
  • Another factor can be not shutting down the system in the recommended way or leaving the computer ON for several days.
  • Moreover, using an older version of QuickBooks can be another reason.

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List of Common QuickBooks Desktop Errors and their Effective Solutions

As we discussed earlier, there can be different errors that different set of users can come across. Let us explore some of the common errors that one can face with QuickBooks using Windows 10, along with their respective set of fixation methods:

1. QuickBooks error code 3371 after Windows 10 update

This error comes up with a warning message that states “QuickBooks could not load the license data. This may be caused by missing or damaged files”.

QuickBooks Error Code 3371 - Could not initialize licence properties - Screenshot


The solution to this QuickBooks error code 3371 can be to delete the ecml file. The steps involved in here are listed below.

  • Herein, you are supposed to first press Windows + R keys.
Press WIndows + E Keys - Screenshot
  • Later, enter this path C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8 in the window.
EntitlementDataStore.ecml file - Screenshot Image
  • Further, Windows Explorer will open up.
  • Delete the Ecml file and also close the window.
rename the Entitlementdatastore.ecml file - Screenshot
  • To end the process, you are required to run QuickBooks and register the item again.

2. QuickBooks Enterprise 2014 Crash with Win 10 update or QuickBooks Crashing

QuickBooks crash com error - Screenshot

Another commonly reported error is QuickBooks desktop is crashing or QuickBooks Enterprise 2014 might crash with Windows 10 update. This is a common error, and you can resolve it using a few simple steps.


If you are also facing QuickBooks crashing error after Windows 10 upgrade, then you can try resolving the issue by performing the steps to Update QuickBooks desktop to latest version. Let us explore the steps one by one:

  • In case you are making use of an outdated version, then it is required to Update QuickBooks by moving to the Help menu.
Update QuickBooks Desktop - Screenshot 1
  • Hit a click on the Update QuickBooks option.
  • Further, move to the Update now tab and select the Reset Updates checkbox to clear all previous update downloads.
  • Now choose the Get Updates tab and start with the download process.
Update QuickBooks Desktop - Screenshot
  • Next, you should Restart QuickBooks when the download finishes.
  • Moreover, accept the option to install the latest release when asked for.
Update QuickBooks Payroll Manually - Screenshot 1
  • This would resolve the issue up to a certain extent.

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3. QuickBooks error 80029c4a after Windows 10 upgrade

This issue is seen with a warning message stating as “QuickBooks couldn’t load a system component. Restarting your computer might solve the problem”. This is a critical error and can damage your important company file data.

QB Error 80029c4a: Error Loading Type Library/DLL - Screenshot


QuickBooks error 80029c4a can be rectified by conducting Windows repair of QuickBooks. This can be done by performing the steps below:

  • Under this, you are supposed to close QuickBooks at first and then click on the Windows tab.
  • After that, open the Control panel and then Uninstall or change program.
Uninstall a program - Screenshot
  • Select QuickBooks from the program list.
  • Click on the Uninstall/change tab and also hit Next tab.
Uninstall and Reinstall QuickBooks on your server computer - Screenshot
  • This will open the QuickBooks installation window, where you should click on Next once again.
  • Furthermore, you will have to opt for the Repair radio option and also click on the Repair tab.
Repair QuickBooks Desktop - Screenshot
  • Now hit a click on the Finish tab after the repair process is complete.
  • Moreover, reboot the PC and open QuickBooks to check the issues.

4. QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error after Windows 10 Update

QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error Message-xxxxx-xxxxx - Screenshot

QuickBooks unrecoverable error is a common problem that is seen with a warning message that indicates the error itself. The most appropriate method to rectify this error is to prevent QuickBooks from opening all the Windows and open in safe mode.


The steps in order to troubleshoot the unrecoverable error in QuickBooks be undertaken as follows:

  • You should start off by pressing Alt + Ctrl + Del keys from the keyboard and then move to the Task Manager.
  • Further, close all QuickBooks Processes under the Processes tab.
Close QBW32.exe process - Screenshot
  • Moving ahead, press and Hold ctrl key to start QuickBooks in safe mode and then double-click the Program icon.
  • Now avoid leaving the Ctrl key till the time QuickBooks launches, and you see the No company file open screen. Release the key of the QuickBooks open file. You are supposed to close and open the application normally twice or thrice to ensure that the problem is resolved before trying to open the company file.
No company open window - Screenshot
  • In case the application closes and opens fine, then it is suggested to open the company file by pressing and holding the ALT key and then close the open file two to three times and check if it is fixed or not.

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5. QuickBooks has stopped working or doesn’t start after Windows 10 update

QuickBooks has stopped working error - Screenshot 1

The last in the list of common errors in QuickBooks with Windows 10 is the QuickBooks stopped working error.


This particular error can be resolved by downloading and using the QuickBooks refresher tool. The steps involved are:

  • For this, firstly, close QuickBooks software.
  • And later on, Download the QuickBooks refresher tool.
QuickBooks refresher tool - Screenshot Image
  • Furthermore, Save the file on the PC
  • Now hit the Run tab to execute the QBRefresher tool.
  • Followed by, letting the tool to diagnose the running problem with QuickBooks and also wait for it to perform the necessary solutions.
  • Finally, open QuickBooks and check if the error is resolved or not.

Final verdict!

If you have updated to Windows 10, then any of the most common errors of QuickBooks desktop is probable to happen. In such a scenario, the above-stated set of steps are more than enough to fix each of the issue. This section is written with the intent to cater the best possible solutions for each of the errors respectively.

However, if the error continues to create any sort of nuisance, then in that case, it is highly recommended to reach out to our QuickBooks enterprise technical support team using our dedicated support line i.e. +1-800-761-1787. You can speak to us and let our U.S. based professionals rectify the issue on your behalf.


Can I roll back a Windows 10 update if it causes issues with QuickBooks?

Yes! You can revert back to a system state existing before the Windows 10 update. For this, make a move to the Windows Update settings, opt for View update history, and finally, tap on the option to Uninstall updates.

Is it possible to use QuickBooks in compatibility mode to resolve Windows 10 update issues?

Yes! Switching to the compatibility mode can help in the resolution of Windows 10 update-related issues. To enable compatibility mode:
1. Right-click on the QuickBooks icon.
2. Opt for Properties, and advance to the Compatibility tab.
3. Finally, proceed by choosing a compatible operating system version.

What are the steps to minimize QuickBooks issues after Windows 10 update?

Following are the steps to avoid/minimize the QuickBooks issues subsequent to the Windows 10 updates:
1. Create a backup of your QuickBooks company file and any important data to protect against data loss or corruption during the update process.
2. Check for any available QuickBooks updates and install them before updating Windows 10 to ensure you are using the latest version with improved compatibility.
3. Close QuickBooks and any related processes before initiating the Windows 10 update to prevent any conflicts or interruptions during the update process.
4. Temporarily disable any third-party antivirus or firewall software during the update process to avoid potential interference with QuickBooks installation or functionality.
5. Make sure your computer meets the system requirements for the Windows 10 update to ensure a smooth transition and compatibility with QuickBooks.


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