Get the best methods to resolve locked file errors in QuickBooks desktop:

Are you looking for the process to fix locked file errors in QuickBooks? If yes, then today’s article will be of great help to the users. In this article, you will learn the process to follow if “file in use” or other errors are seen, especially the ones that block you from using the company file in QuickBooks desktop for windows.

You can see the below errors while trying to open or edit the company file:

  • Company file in use. (Please wait Only one user at a time is allowed to do).
  • Another QuickBooks user is currently performing a task which must finish before you can continue.
  • Sorry, you cannot change this (transaction) now. (Another user) is currently doing a task that uses that in this transaction.
  • The automatic entry of (transactions) is being skipped because (another user) is accessing them.
Fix locked file errors in QuickBooks Desktop - Screenshot Image

Are you a victim of this error?, If yes, then need not worry the company file is still safe. You can carry out the mentioned steps in such situations. If you are also facing such an error, then read this article ahead carefully. Or you can also get in touch with our support team. Our U.S based experts will ensure to provide the best possible support services in the least possible time.

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Steps to Fix Locked File Errors (Company File In Use) in QuickBooks Desktop

Checkout the following conditions and solution methods in order to resolve the locked file errors in QuickBooks desktop:

Case 1: In case the error says another user is doing something

These errors usually happen when another user is doing a QuickBooks task that’s limited to one user at a time, even in multi-user mode. In such a case, you can start the task as soon as the other user completes. Also, if you are aware to know who is the another user, then you can reach out to him and ask for a heads up when they are done. However, if you are sure the error isn’t caused because of another user, then try out the other solutions.

Case 2: If the error consistently refers to a specific user

Another situation can be if the error refers to a particular user, and that particular user is not carrying out any task in QuickBooks. In such a scenario, the below steps should be followed:

  • You need to have the another user that’s referred to in the error close and reopen QuickBooks on their workstation.
  • Now, open QuickBooks on another workstation. You are then required to move to the company menu and then select users and also view users.
Users and also view users - Screenshot Image
  • After that have the users that’s referred to in the error sign out of QuickBooks on the workstation.
  • Lastly, go back to the list of users. If the specific user no longer appears as signed in, you should be able to do the task without the issue. In case error still appears, then carry out the solutions for both “Waiting for company file” and “error on multiple workstations”.

Case 3: If the error says “Waiting for company file” or company file in use. Please wait

These kinds of messages usually indicate performance issues. The examples include network issues, database issues, conflicting programs, and a server or workstations that doesn’t keep up with the system requirements for QuickBooks.

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Case 4: In case the error appears on multiple workstations

In such scenario, the below solutions could be used:

Method 1: Look for multiple host systems and stop hosting on all workstations

  • The very first step is to open QuickBooks.
  • And then, from the file menu select utilities and opt from the two of the options of stop hosting multi user access or host multi user access.
Stop Hosting Multi-User Access - Screenshot
  • Now, close QuickBooks.
  • After that repeat the steps.
  • Lastly, open QuickBooks and try doing the task that causes the error.

Method 2: Stop and reboot QuickBooks services on the server

  • For this, you need to go to the server and ensure all workstations have QuickBooks closed.
  • The next step is to choose the start menu and select run.
  • Now, enter services.msc hit OK button.
Type services.msc in Run Box - Screenshot
  • Followed by selecting QuickBooksDBXX from the name column.
  • The next step is to choose stop link.
  • And also select start. This will allow access to the company file.
  • Now, open QuickBooks and try doing the task.

Method 3: Using the QuickBooks tool hub on the server

QuickBooks Tool Hub - Logo

The QuickBooks tools hub brings together various tools to help the common issues. The steps below should be opted:

  • You need to follow the steps to download and install the tool hub on the server.
  • And then open the tool hub.
  • Also, select the program problems tab.
  • And then, run each of the tools on the program problems tab. After you run each tool, try doing the task again in QuickBooks.

Method 4: Reinstalling QuickBooks on the server

Clean Install Utility - Screenshot

For this, you can make use of the clean install tool on QuickBooks desktop on the server.

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Case 5: In case the error persists on only one workstation

There can be a situation when the error keeps happening on only one user’s workstation, there might be an issue with the QuickBooks or windows permissions. In such a situation, the below methods should be opted.

Method 1: Creating a new user in QuickBooks

  • For this, move to the company menu and select users, and then setup users and roles.
Setup users and roles - Screenshot Image
  • Select new in the users and roles window. And in the user name filed, add a name. In case you want, you can add an confirm a password.
  • The next step is to select a role from the window and then choose add and hit OK button.
  • To make changes to the role, choose the role list and edit tabs. Add or reassign permissions as needed and hit ok button.
Set up users and roles in QuickBooks - Screenshot
  • Choose close in the users and roles window.
  • After that sign out of QuickBooks and then sign in as the newly created user.
  • Try doing the task as the new user.

Method 2: Creating a new windows user with admin rights

  • The first step is to follow the steps to create a new windows user with admin rights.
Add New Windows Admin User in Windows 10 - Screenshot
  • And then, sign in to windows as this user on the workstation.
  • After that, right click the QuickBooks icon on the desktop and select run as admin. This should let you do the task on the workstation without getting the error.
Run QuickBooks as Administrator - Screenshot 1

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This brings us towards the end of the processes as well the article. It is expected that after reading these procedures, you will be able to resolve the QuickBooks locked file errors. However, in case you are facing any difficulty, then feel free to contact us at any point of time.

Give us a call right away at our dedicated helpline number i.e. 1-800-761-1787, and our QuickBooks enterprise technical support team will ensure to provide the best possible support services round the clock.


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