A thorough walkthrough to fix No Printer installer error in QuickBooks

A bulk of QuickBooks users have been marred by various printer-related issues lately. One such error encountered in recent times is the No Printer installed error. This error has turned out to be a major impediment for many users as it prevents users from printing their reports/transactions through the QuickBooks software. Printing constitutes an inevitable part and parcel of any business operation, and getting the printing issues should be the first and foremost priority. In this illustrative article, we shall be discussing the various troubleshooting methods for getting rid of the no Printer installed error.

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No printer Installed Error Message – Possible Causes

There are a handful of different factors that may lead to this exasperating printing error in QuickBooks. These include:

  • The qbprint file got corrupted.
  • The driver for your printing device is incorrectly set up/a driver mismatch.
  • The Printer status may be Offline.
  • Some ancillary printing issues may be sorted out by using the QuickBooks Tool Hub.

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What are the Methods To Troubleshoot ‘No Printer is Installed’ Error in QuickBooks?

The methods for troubleshooting this printing error in QuickBooks are elaborated below:

Method 1: Examine the printer connection

The initial step is to check for the printer connection. An easy method to check the same is by attempting to take a printout. 

  • Click on the Start button initially.
  • Within the Start menu, search for Notepad or some other word editor.
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  • Type some random text and attempt printing it by pressing the short key Ctrl + P.
  • Opt for your Printer and then advance with the printing process.

Method 2: Renaming the QBPrint.qbp file

Rename the the QBPrint.QBP file - Image

Get the QBPrint.qbp file renamed in your computer. This file is available in the QuickBooks folder. To reach the file, follow the guidelines below:

  • Right-click the Desktop icon of QuickBooks and then hit on Properties.
  • After that, click on the Open file location tab.
  • When you are in the QuickBooks folder, search for the file named QBPrint.
  • When located, right-click the file and then hit on the option to rename the file.
  • For easy recognition of the file in the later stages and to make it distinguishable from the new qbprint file, it is recommended to rename it to qbprint.old.
  • Now, open QuickBooks and make an attempt to print a report using QuickBooks. If the error still pops up, consider restarting your computer as well as your printer device (enumerated in the next method).

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Method 3: Checking the status of the Printer

This error might be a result of some temporary technical glitch, which can be sorted out by a mere restart of the computer. Furthermore, users who are facing this Printer–related error should check the status of the Printer. The brief set of instructions given below should assist you:

  • Restart your computer and the printer device, and soon then follow the procedure listed below:
  • Advance to the Printers and Faxes option in the control panel.
  • Herein, check the status of your Printer, whether it is offline or online.
Status of your Printer - Image
  • If the current status shows offline, then, in that case, hit a right-click on the Printer and then change the status to Online.
  • Also, make sure to choose the option to cancel all documents in the Printer.

Method 4: Leveraging the QuickBooks Tool Hub

One important feature of the QuickBooks Tools Hub is the Print and PDF repair tool. This Tool can be used for fixing a myriad of Printer related issues faced by QuickBooks users. The steps to use the Tool are as follows:

  • Initially, get the QuickBooks Tool Hub downloaded on your computer.
  • When that is done, advance to the Download folder and then double-click on the downloaded .exe file to get the Tool installed on your system. While installing the Tool, pay heed to the online set of instructions.
  • Once the installation is complete, run the QuickBooks Tool Hub and then head to the QuickBooks Print and PDF repair tool.
Program Problems tab in tool hub - Screenshot Image
  • Use the Tool to fix any issues within the printer device.

Method 5: Bypassing the Printer Spooler

Another approach for resolving the No Printer Installed error message is by bypassing the printer spooler, the steps for which are given as under:

  • In the beginning, access the Control panel and then via the control panel.
  • Via the control panel, right-click the XPS document writer.
Properties of XPS document writer - Image
  • Herein, advance to the Printer properties.
  • And then, proceed by clicking on the Advanced tab.
  • Choose the Printer.
  • Conclude the process by hitting on the OK tab.

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This article briefed you on the various causes and methods associated to troubleshoot/fix No Printer installed error in QuickBooks. Printing operations are indispensable in every business, so fixing them at the earliest is deemed essential.

If you require any technical assistance, you may reach out to our QuickBooks error support team at the helpline, i.e., 1-800-761-1787. As an alternative avenue, you can also communicate with our certified professionals through the Live chat option.


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