Searching for the process to remove duplicate the transactions in QuickBooks desktop? Well, your search ends with this post, read ahead to know further. QuickBooks permits you to eliminate the duplicate transactions from the bank feeds. This simply means that you can remove the duplicate transactions directly from the bank feed. The major point to be noted here is that the process to delete the transactions largely depends upon the mode you are using.

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Confused? Well, read the article to clear all your clouds of confusion. This article will provide you with a clear vision of how you can remove duplicate transactions in QuickBooks desktop. Another way of getting rid of all confusion is just a call away to our accounting professionals.

What Causes QuickBooks Double Entry?

Below are a few of the reasons, causing QuickBooks double entry:

  • You might come across double entry when importing lists and transactions into the company file. The importing can be caused due to external software. In certain cases, the QuickBooks rebuild data utility can lead to double transactions in QuickBooks. This is experienced when the utility tries to recover the unrecoverable transactions.
  • In case some of the details are missed out, then duplicate entries can occur in QuickBooks point of sale.
  • Also, if you added a few of the transactions manually, especially when the automatic feature is turned on, then double entry issue can be seen.

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Steps to Check for Duplicate Transactions in QuickBooks Desktop

Though this isn’t a specific method to look for duplicate transactions in QuickBooks, but with the help of filter and sorting, you can spot such items. The below steps use filtering and sorting to find duplicates and also delete duplicate transactions in QuickBooks.

  • Herein, you simply need to click on gear icon in the bank account and also choose chart of accounts tab.
  • Heading forward, choose View register tab.
  • Moreover, from bank register, click on filter menu and open it.
  • You are also supposed to apply the filter to search for a month or quarter transactions.
  • Along with that click on payment or deposit column, and sort the list by their amounts.
  • Sub sort by date, though it would be done automatically.
  • You now have to look for QuickBooks duplicate transactions from there to consider them for deleting.

Eliminating Duplication transactions side by side mode

In case if you are using the side -by-side mode, then in that case the downloaded transactions are on the left of the screen:

  • The very first step is to visit the banking menu.
  • And then you will have to select the bank feeds and then choose the bank feeds center.
  • Followed by, selecting the account with the transactions you wish to remove in the items reviewed section.
  • Next step is to choose the items to delete.
  • Moving ahead, you need to select the deleted transactions and hit yes to confirm.

If you have already matched the statement, you can opt for the select all downloaded transactions older than option and then set the date to the last statement end date. After that choose the delete selected. You might also be required to switch to the register mode to delete everything.

Getting rid of duplicate transactions in Register mode

Talking about the register mode, you will see the register on the top part of the screen and the downloaded transactions will be visible at the bottom. In case you have confirmed the fact that the QuickBooks software is correct and wishes to delete the transactions that doesn’t tally, then the entire statement will have to be deleted. The steps to be carried out are as follows:

  • Initially, visit the Banking menu.
  • And then choose the Bank feeds and then bank feeds center.
  • Now spot and select the statement from the items received from the financial institution section. Followed by selecting the view option.
  • Next step is to match the appropriate transactions and choose done to match them.
  • Followed by, selecting yes in the not finished matching screen. You will return to the online banking center.
  • And then spot and select the same statement from the items received from the financial institutions section. Followed by selecting delete.

Eliminating the statement will prevent unwanted transactions from displaying the next time the statement will be downloaded. In case you do not delete the matched statement then the transactions that weren’t matched will continue to appear on the screen.

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Removing duplicate transactions or personal expenses from bank feeds

In case you need to keep a personal expense out of the business finances or if you are having duplicate bank transactions. The steps involved in excluding the transactions are as follows:

  • First step is to select the transactions from the left menu.
  • And then, put a check mark on the transactions you want to exclude.
  • Once the step is done, visit the batch actions drop-down and then select the exclude selected option.

You can opt for the excluded tab, in case you want to see the ones that are excluded. However, the transactions won’t appear in any associated account registers or reports, as they are not tracked or reported as part of the business finances. If you have accidentally excluded the transaction, you can include again it by the steps below:

  • Choose the transactions from the left menu.
  • And then move to the excluded tab.
  • After that, check mark the transactions to be included.
  • And when done, move to the batch actions drop down and select undo.

Important points to note

In case personal expenses are excluded

  • If the user excludes a transaction, the bank register won’t reconcile due to the bank balance, and the QuickBooks balance will show a difference. In case you do not reconcile the bank statements with QuickBooks online, there is nothing to worry about.
  • In another situation, when the user reconciles the bank registers, he/she needs to track the personal expenses by adding the user himself as a supplier and assigning the transactions to an owner’s equity account.

In case duplicate transactions are excluded.

  • If you exclude a downloaded transaction, then the balance will match, and the user will be able to reconcile.

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Carrying out the above steps will surely help to remove duplicate transaction in QuickBooks desktop. However, in case you find the process a bit confusing, then in that case, feel free to call us at our toll-free i.e. 1-800-761-1787. Our QuickBooks desktop support team and certified professionals will help you in dealing with all possible QuickBooks issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What leads to duplicate transactions in QB?

Duplicate transactions can show up when users try to import transactions from some external third-party program to the company file.

What are the quick steps to find duplicate transactions in QuickBooks?

Follow the steps below to identify any duplicate transactions:
1. Head to the Bookkeeping option.
2. After that, advance to the Transactions option.
3. Now, tap on Expenses and then choose No. Column to sort transactions.
4. Herein, check for any duplicates.

How do I get rid of duplicate transactions in QuickBooks?

The steps to delete duplicate transactions in QuickBooks are:
To start off, go to the Banking tab and herein, choose Bank Feeds. At the next step head to the Bank Feeds Center and also navigate to the Items reviewed section, and therein choose the account with transactions to delete. Now pick the items to delete and finally, hit a click on the Delete Selected option. That’s it.


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