Have you stumbled upon an error message “QuickBooks found a problem with the Acct.#/Card #/Note field for other asset” while working on the QuickBooks desktop? Need not to worry, this article will answer all your queries related to this problem. In case error message appears while running the verify data utility, the QBWin.log file will show the following:

Error“DMEDLEditListElement.cpp (127) : CHECKPOINT: 6204: Tue Mar 19 14:24:07 Decryption error in [Record Field Name] for ‘[Error Displayed Name]’: Failed. The decryption has failed.”
ErrorQuickBooks found a problem with the Acct. # / Card # / Note field for other asset.
Verify Error (QuickBooks found a problem with the Acct, Card or Note field for other asset) - Screenshot Image

This error can be seen by the QuickBooks 2013 R7 users while:

If you’re a sufferer of this issue, be sure to keep following this blog until the very end. However, if you are in a hurry, there is an way to contact our support team by calling our dedicated U.S support number i.e. +1-800-761-1787. Our experts will be delighted to permanently resolve this issue for you.

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Fields that show up in the QBWin.log file


Record Type: AccountsRecord Field NameError Displayed Name
BankBank Account NoAccount Bank Number
BankRouting NumberAccount Routing Number
IncomeNoteAccount Bank Number
ExpenseNoteAccount Bank Number
Fixed AssetNoteAccount Bank Number
Other Current LiabilityAccount No.Account Bank Number
Other Current LiabilityRouting NumberAccount Routing Number
Credit CardCredit Card Acct No.Account Bank Number
EquityNoteAccount Bank Number
Accounts ReceivableNoteAccount Bank Number
Other Current AssetAccount No.Account Bank Number
Other AssetAccount No.Account Bank Number
Accounts PayableNoteAccount Bank Number
Long Term LiabilityAccount No.Account Bank Number
Cost of Goods SoldNoteAccount Bank Number
Other IncomeNoteAccount Bank Number
Other ExpenseNoteAccount Bank Number
Non-PostingNoteAccount Bank Number


Record Field NameError Displayed Name
Credit Card No.Customer: Job Credit Card Number
Resale No.


Record Field NameError Displayed Name
Social Security No.Employee Social Security
Date of BirthEmployee DOB


Record Field NameError Displayed Name
Vendor Tax IDVendor Tax Identification Number

Important Points to remember

There are certain pointers that you can’t afford to miss. Some of the most important ones are listed below:

  1. You need to ensure that you are having the latest release of QuickBooks desktop.
    • One can set up automatic updates, by moving to the help menu and then selecting Update QuickBooks desktop.
    • Followed by, moving to the update now tab. It is recommended to select the reset update checkbox to clear all previous update downloads.
    • Now select get updates to start the download.
    • After the download finishes, you are recommended to restart your QuickBooks desktop.
    • Followed by accepting the option to install the new release.
  2. It is also recommended to create a backup before performing the steps ahead.
  3. In case you gets the error while using QuickBooks or if the error gets displayed in the QBWin.Log, then it is recommended not to run rebuild. And carry out the steps ahead.

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Methods to resolve the Verify Error: QuickBooks found a problem (Encrypted Errors)

There are a couple of methods that could resolve the QuickBooks found a problem with the Acct #/ Card #/ Note field for other asset error. Let us check out the methods one by one below:

Technique 1: Checking for a damaged admin user

The very first method is to check for the damaged admin user. This can be done by following a couple of steps, which includes the following:

  1. Start with logging in to the company file as the QuickBooks admin.
Run QuickBooks as Administrator - Screenshot 1
  1. From the company menu:
    • The Pro/Premier user needs to opt for the set up the users and password and then hit a click on the setup users option.
    • Enterprise users can opt for the users and then select the set-up users and roles.
  2. Head forward by selecting the built-in admin user and then click on edit user tab.
Edit User - Screenshot Image
  1. Next, change the admin password to a temporary password such as TEMP123.
  2. After that hit next and finish tabs respectively:
    • In case QuickBooks crashes while encrypting the file, you need to restore the backup and follow the other solution.
    • However, if the encryption process completes, then you need to try to do the QuickBooks process that triggers the initial error.

Technique 2: Manually editing the information

After you are done with above method, if you continue to face the issue, then it is recommended to manually edit the information. This can be done by carrying out the steps jotted down:

  1. To begin with, you need to edit the account, customer, employee, or vendor referenced in the warning or QBWin.log
  2. Once done with that, you need to delete the information in the field and then make it blank. In simple words, you need to clear the field.
    • In case the information in the field appears to be correct, then you need to note down the information and then only clear the field
    • If the information is not present i.e. no information in the field, then in that case you are required to highlight the field and then clear the field
  3. Next step in the process is to hit a click on Ok tab.
  4. Move back and edit that same account, customer, employee, or vendor.
  5. Later, you need to re-enter the appropriate information in the field name.
  6. Now hit a click on OK tab.
  7. Lastly, make sure to repeat the steps from 1 to 6 for each name where the warning message was seen or QBWin.log file.

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Winding Up!

Our professionals have tried their best to provide all possible information related to QuickBooks found a problem with the Acct.#/Card #/Note field for other asset. In case the issue persists after following the above given steps, then the experts are available to resolve your issue to ensure minimal downtime and continue running the business. Getting in touch with our QuickBooks enterprise tech support team by means of our technical support line i.e. 1-800-761-1787 will help you in shunning off the error permanently.


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