Several QB users have been witnessing sync license issues after upgrading QuickBooks to newer versions. This issue, in particular, has been widely encountered by users who upgraded from QuickBooks 2017 to QuickBooks 2020. Due to this error, the system is unable to communicate with the remote license server. The error typically appears in the form of the error message stating “There was a problem while synchronizing QuickBooks license data with Intuit.” Within the purview of this blog, we shall unravel multiple methods to fix QuickBooks Unable to Sync License Issues.

Factors that may lead to QuickBooks unable to Sync License Issues

There are a few possible causes that can lead to license errors in QuickBooks desktop:

  • The recent upgrade of QuickBooks may be incompatible with the O/S.
  • Crucial QuickBooks files may be damaged due to an improper update process.
  • The firewall may be impeding connectivity of QuickBooks with the server, thereby leading to the Sync License issue.
  • Ancillary causes including a corruption in the system program files or a mismatch in the files.
  • Certain network-related problems can also embolden the Sync license issue.

Some common symptoms that come along with the Sync License Issue

  • Frequent freezing of the system
  • QuickBooks crashes immediately upon being launched.
  • Error messages or warnings when attempting to sync data, such as “Sync License Error” or “License Expired.”
  • Unable to establish connection with the server.
  • Inability to access or retrieve important financial data due to sync license issues.
  • Data inconsistencies between QuickBooks and the third-party application, which can result in inaccurate financial reports and analyses.

It is important to address QuickBooks sync license issues promptly to avoid inaccuracies in financial reporting and potential legal and financial risks. Resolving sync license issues may require updating licenses, reinstalling software, or contacting technical support for assistance.

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Some Practical Solutions to Fix Unable to Sync License Issues

If you are experiencing issues syncing your QuickBooks license, there are a few things you can try:

Solution 1: Change the file name of the Intuit Entitlement Client folder

  • It is pertinent to note that the Entitlement Client folder is usually hidden. As such, users are required to display hidden files and folders to access the folder.
  • Once that is done, press the short key [Windows + R] so as to open the Run window.
  • Now, type the following command in the Run window:

C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client.

Delete the ‘EntitlementDataStore.ecml’-file - Screenshot
  • Soon after, press Enter key.
  • Follow up with a right-click on the folder v8.
  • From there, click on Rename.
  • Alter the folder name to v8(old).

Solution 2: Use the QuickBooks Database Server Manager

Another effective fix for Unable to Sync QuickBooks License issue is to use the QuickBooks Database Server Manager to develop connection with the server. It is an effective tool that can assist you in an easy management of multi-user network.

  • The first step is to download and install QuickBooks Database Server Manager (QBDSM) on the system.
  • The next step is to configure the QBDSM. The steps for the same are given as under.
  • For that, click on the Start button and type Services in the search tab.
  • Now, search for QuickBooksDBXX (XX stands for the version).
Start QuickBooksDBXX service - Image
  • Subsequently, head to the General tab.
  • Look for Service status. If the service is running, click on the option to Stop it.
  • After that, head to the Startup type and opt for Automatic.
  • Now, head to Logon and choose the Local system account.
  • Upon selecting the local system account, move to Recovery and after that, click on the option to restart the Service for the First failure,Second failure and the Subsequent failures.
QuickBooksQBXX Recovery Tab option - Screenshot.
  • Subsequent to that, head to General and click on Start.
  • This will restart the Database Manager.

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Solution 3: Check for Network issues using the File Doctor Tool

The QuickBooks Sync issue may also be caused due to network issues. QuickBooks File Doctor tool can come in handy in such a situation.

  • To access the tool, users are first required to install QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Upon installing Tools Hub, run the tool.
  • Now, head to the Company File issues.
QuickBooks file doctor in tool hub - Screenshot Image
  • Subsequently, click on the option to Run QuickBooks File Doctor.
  • Now, scan the system for any network-related issues and fix the same using the tool.
  • The tool will diagnose and automatically fix any network issues that incite the Sync License issue in QuickBooks.

Solution 4: Dissuade from using multiple systems on the same server

QuickBooks Unable to Sync License issue may also erupt if users have multiple computers set up on the same server. As such users should log off the systems from the server and then check if the issue got fixed.

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Solution 5: Double check the license and product keys

The steps to verify the correctness of the license and product keys are:

  • Initially, run QuickBooks.
  • Soon after, press the F2 key. This action will open the Product Information Window.
Product Information - Screenshot Image
  • Herein, check if the license and product keys are correct.

Solution 6: Configure the Firewall

Users should check if QuickBooks is not being blocked by the Firewall. Also, adhere to the below given instructions to configure firewall.

  • Head to the Firewall from the start menu and then visit the Advanced Settings.
  • Herein, click on Port and then right-click on Inbound rules.
Create a new rule in firewall settings - Screenshot Image
  • Head to the TCP option and then incorporate the following ports:
    • For QuickBooks 2019 users: 8019, XXXXX (XXXXX is the port in QuickBooks Database Server Manager).
    • For QuickBooks 2018 users: 8019, 56728, 55378- 55382.
    • For QuickBooks 2017 users: 8019, 56727, 55373- 55377.
    • For QuickBooks 2019 users: 8019, XXXXX (XXXXX is the port in QuickBooks Database Server Manager).
    • For QuickBooks 2018 users: 8019, 56728, 55378- 55382.
    • For QuickBooks 2017 users: 8019, 56727, 55373- 55377.
    • For QuickBooks 2019 users: 8019, XXXXX (XXXXX is the port in QuickBooks Database Server Manager).
    • For QuickBooks 2018 users: 8019, 56728, 55378- 55382.
    • For QuickBooks 2017 users: 8019, 56727, 55373- 55377.
Configuring QuickBooks firewall and security exceptions - Screenshot Image
  • Upon entering the correct port, hit on Next tab.
  • Give a name to the rule and hit on Finish.
  • Repeat the steps for Outbound rules.

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Solution 7: Perform a clean install

QuickBooks clean install tool - Image

If none of the above solutions work, try performing a clean install of QuickBooks. This involves uninstalling QuickBooks and then reinstalling it. Make sure to back up your company file before doing this.

Final Lines

That’s it! We hope that this comprehensive blog helped users to fix QuickBooks Unable to Sync License Issue. If you face any adversities while using the QuickBooks program, just connect with our QuickBooks error support certified experts at the helpline 1-800-761-1787.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is QuickBooks Sync manager not working?

There could be several reasons why QuickBooks Sync Manager is not working, including: Outdated version, Connectivity issues, Firewall blocking Sync Manager, Corrupt or damaged company file, QuickBooks compatibility issues, Sync Manager service not running, User account issues etc.

Why is QuickBooks not connecting to my company file?

There could be several reasons why QuickBooks is not connecting to your company file, including: Incorrect file location, Damaged or corrupt company file, File is already open, Outdated QuickBooks version, Connectivity issues, User account issues, Firewall or antivirus blocking QuickBooks.

When do I get an error when syncing license data?

If you are getting an error when syncing license data in QuickBooks, it could be due to several reasons:
Internet connectivity issues
1. Firewall or antivirus blocking QuickBooks
2. QuickBooks version is outdated
3. Damaged or corrupt license data file
4. User account issues
5. Sync Manager issues


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