Learn the easy steps to move QuickBooks Desktop company file to QuickBooks Online

Are you in pursuit of migrating QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks online, but unsure of the process? Well, need not to worry. This segment will guide you through the process to export a QuickBooks Desktop Company file and import it into QuickBooks online. No need to start over again. You just need to convert the desktop file to a QuickBooks online company. Continue reading to learn the process to transfer from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online.

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Are You Sure About Migrating To QuickBooks Online?

Before you start, make sure that your decision is firm enough. QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks desktop both are powerful tools, but there are some things that need consideration to help you determine if the company is good candidate for migration.

The success of the migration process depends largely upon the complexity of the company file. This file is where all of the information about the business is stored, including inventory, employee information, customer lists, banking history, accounting records, and so on.

When the company files are large, they are usually complex with extensive histories, large inventories, and large overall file sizes. In case you are a QuickBooks enterprise user, then this might indicate that your company file isn’t a good candidate for migration based on the complexity of the company file.

This usually doesn’t mean that you can’t migrate to QuickBooks Online if you understand that the size of the company might need additional setup in QuickBooks online.

In case you are small or medium-sized company using QuickBooks desktop pro, premier, or premier accountant, then you can easily opt for migration to QuickBooks online.

Should I convert to QuickBooks Online?

I use QuickBooks Desktop to…Can be done in QuickBooks OnlineCan be done in QuickBooks Desktop
Access my company file and manage my dataBack up my dataAll editionsAll editions*
Revert to prior version of my company fileNot availableAll editions, with backups
Work with my accountantAll editionsAll editions
Access my company file remotelyAll editionsAll editions**
Allow multiple users to access my company fileEssentials, PlusAll editions
Maintain multiple company filesRequires additional subscriptionsAll editions
Work with multiple QuickBooks windows open at onceAll editionsAll editions
Work with my customersCreate and manage invoices and bill customersAll editionsAll editions
Create and manage estimates, send to customers, convert to invoices, and use progress invoicingAll editions; Progress invoicing in Plus onlyAll editions
Track sales, accept payments, and calculate sales taxAll editions, with QuickBooks PaymentsNot available
Track sales and expenses in multiple currenciesEssentials, PlusAll editions
Track projects including time expenses, pending payments, unbilled workPlusAll editions
Invoice with batch invoicingNot availableAll editions
Prevent sales to customers with overdue invoicesNot availableEnterprise
Work with my suppliersManage bills and pay suppliersEssentials, PlusAll editions
Billable expensesPlusAll editions
Track and manage contractorsAll editionsAll editions
Manage employee dataTrack employee time, including billable hoursEssentials, PlusAll editions
Pay employees, e-file payroll taxes, and print and file T4sAll editions, with Enhanced PayrollAll editions, with Payroll subscription
Connect to my bank, download transactions, and reconcileAll editionsAll editions
Use online bankingUndo previous bank reconciliationsBy an accountant, in QuickBooks Online AccountantAll editions
Use the FIFO method to track inventory quantities, sales revenue, and COGSPlusEnterprise, with Advanced Inventory
Use Average Costing method to track inventoryNot availableAll editions
Manage inventorySet and manage inventory reorder pointsAll editionsAll editions
Track income and expenses and organize according to tax categoriesAll editionsAll editions
Run custom, Profit & Loss, expense, and balance sheet reportsAll editionsAll editions
Create and run reportsForecast sales and expensesPlusPremier, Enterprise
Create custom reports with Intuit Statement WriterNot availableEnterprise
Use Advanced ReportingNot availableEnterprise

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Steps For Converting From QuickBooks Desktop To QuickBooks Online

You can perform the below steps to move QuickBooks desktop company file and import into QuickBooks online.

Step 1: Get your desktop file ready

The first step in the process to move QuickBooks Desktop to Online requires getting your Desktop file ready. You should note that:

  • You can only Move a company file within 60 days after signing up to QuickBooks online.
  • Some of your Lists and reports won’t be converted due to feature differences.
  • The company file is already Set up for payroll in QuickBooks online.

Herein you need to perform the steps below:

  • Ensure that the QuickBooks is up to date.
  • Check if the company file isn’t too big to export.

Step 2: Import Desktop file to QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Desktop Pro or Premier

  • Start off with Signing in as admin to the company file you need to Import.
  • Further, move to the Company menu and choose Export company file to QuickBooks online.
Export company file to QuickBooks online - Screenshot Image
  • Choose the Start your export option.
  • And Sign in as admin to QuickBooks online company.
  • Just in case you Track inventory in QuickBooks desktop.
    • Choose YES to bring them over and then specify the as of date.
    • Opt for the NO tab to Set up new items later in QuickBooks online.
  • Go for the choose Online company drop-down and select the QuickBooks online company you wish to be replaced by the company file.
  • Now choose for the Continue tab.
  • Enter in the Agree tab and select Replace.
  • Choose YES, go ahead and replace the data and select the Replace tab.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

In case you use the advanced features, then start fresh because some of the data won’t get converted. In case you want to keep using these features in enterprise, then learn about cloud enabled QuickBooks desktop enterprise. Or move to QuickBooks online advanced, which has powerful tools like smart reporting and accelerated invoicing.

  • Start off by Signing in as an admin to the company file you wish to Import.
  • Hit the Ctrl + 1 keys to open the Product information window.
Product Information - Screenshot Image
  • Further, hit the Ctrl + B+ Q, and chose OK to display the Export window.
  • Now select Get started opt.
Get Started Option - Image
  • Sign in as an Admin to QuickBooks online company.
  • In case you Track inventory in QuickBooks desktop.
    • Go for the YES tab to bring them over and then specify the as of date.
    • Opt for NO if you want to Set up new items later in QuickBooks online.
  • Then, go for the choose Online company dropdown and then choose the QuickBooks online company you wish to be replaced by the company file.
  • Choose the Continue tab.
  • And enter in the Agree tab in the text field and hit Replace tab.
  • Lastly, choose YES, go ahead and replace the data and choose Replace.

Step 3: Ensure that the books match.

You can run one of the financial reports to check if your import is successful.

  • You need to Run the report, such as Profit and loss on accrual basis on QuickBooks desktop.
  • And run the same report on Accrual basis in QuickBooks online.

In case your reports tally, then start with QuickBooks online. Else:

  • You can check the guide again to know what happened to the data when you moved from QuickBooks desktop to online.
  • In case your reports have issues, then contact us. We can assist you reach out to the data services team to Fix report discrepancies.

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Winding up..!

That was all you need to know to move QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks online. For any queries please call us at 1-800-761-1787. We are a hub of technocrats, who work round the clock to provide the best possible QuickBooks desktop support services. So, do not hesitate in calling us anytime and seeking for assistance! Our experts are always available to address all your QuickBooks-related doubts and queries.


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