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QuickBooks users, ever since it is rollout by in 1983, have been bothered by numerous error messages and technical error codes. Although most of the well-known technical errors get wiped out by updating the QuickBooks software to the latest version, new error codes keep emerging and troubling the users every now and then.

One such error that has been annoying users is ‘QuickBooks Update Unable to Add Item List Error‘. Well, it is known as a common error but required to fix it as soon as possible as it can create other problems on your company files. This error generally occurs when users looking for the conversion of the Mac version of QuickBooks to QuickBooks for Windows.

How does update unable to add item to list manifest itself?

This annoying QuickBooks snag occurs when users convert QuickBooks from Mac to Windows. The following error messages have been reported by users:

Error MessageUnable to add the item to the List.
Error MessageQuickBooks is unable to complete the operation for ADD Item into List.

What are the causes of New VAT Code – “Unable to add item to list” error?

There are a couple of factors that may lead to this error in QuickBooks. Some of them are listed below:

  • Users may encounter this error when they add New Employee Item to the List
  • The error may also be provoked in the multi-user mode when QuickBooks is unable to add an item to the List.
  • When users convert QuickBooks Mac to QuickBooks for Windows, this error code pops up on the screen.

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Procedure to Troubleshoot Error: QuickBooks Update Unable to Add Item to List

A very quick way to get rid of from this error is, you need to search for the items that is blocking the addition of new items to the List. These items can easily be located via the QBWIN.LOG file. Now follow the below-given instructions sequentially:

  • Initially, it is required to locate the QBWIN.LOG file in the QuickBooks directory.
  • And further, this file needs to be opened with notepad (or MS Word).
    • For that hit a right-click on the File, and opt for Open with. Here you need to choose Notepad from the list of programs.
  • Next step involves searching for errors between verify log and end verifies log.
  • In case the users are unable to locate the errors, they can look for them in between: “rebuild log, LVL_ERROR – QuickBooks has faced a problem and needs a shut down.
Verify results - Screenshot
  • However, users need to look for the following:  ‘’LVL-SEVERE-ERROR _the list element write failed to abort Tran. & forced for a roll back now. list name:’’
    • Name of QuickBooks list item name: Item that is causing the issue error message: Record was not added to the trans. table. For e.g.: LVL_SEVERE_ERROR – List element write failed to abort database transaction and forcing rolling back now.
    • List name: Payment Method.
    • Item name: E-Check. Error Message: Record was not added to a transaction table. “error code: -6032.’’

The next step is to deal with the QuickBooks for Mac file

  • Visit the Lists menu and navigate to the correct list for locating the Item that is identified above.
  • Next, search the List of components in the QBWIN.LOG and fix or remove it.
  • In order to remove an item, the user need to select it and then choose Edit opt, followed by hitting on Delete key.
  • The next step requires conversion of the file to QuickBooks Desktop and then creating a backup of this file.

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What if the product is missing in QBWIN.LOG file?

In case the user is unable to locate the product in the QBWIN file, then the following steps should be followed:

  • Under this process, open QuickBooks desktop for Mac first.
  • And then, open the company file through QuickBooks.
  • Once done with that, rebuild the company file by following these steps:
    • Head to the File menu.
    • And go to the Utilities option.
    • Now choose Rebuild Data option from here.
Rebuild data utility - Screenshot

Miscellaneous Steps for Fixing QuickBooks Update Unable to Add Item to List Error

  1. In this method, you are required to move to the Network settings of your system.
  2. After that, go to the troubleshooting option.
  3. Now follow the steps to troubleshoot for Normal data and Standard data.
  4. If any issue is detected, then you need to fix the issue immediately.
  5. Also, you need to Change the name used in the List and then type a New name.
  6. Finally, Run a report on the damaged name. That’s it!

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We have now reached to the conclusion of this post, and at this stage, our experts hope that the steps provided in this article assisted you in fixing QuickBooks desktop update unable to add item to list error. However, if you still need any technical assistance to fix such issues, then you can call our QuickBooks error technical support experts at our helpline i.e., 1-800-761-1787. We will be happy to assist you,


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