Learn how to convert your QuickBooks desktop company files using QuickBooks conversion tool:

Being a QuickBooks user, you might have at least once heard about QuickBooks conversion tool. The conversion tool generally helps the user to convert the company file from another program. Amongst the several features and tools that are available in QuickBooks desktop, the conversion tool is one of the most useful tools. This tool usually allows them to convert the company from a plethora of different programs. With the help of conversion tool, users can do things like the conversion of QuickBooks 2017 to QuickBooks desktop premier to QuickBooks desktop premier 2018 or Pro 2018 or QuickBooks desktop enterprise solutions 18.0. Though the tool is a bit complex, it completest the process without any sort of data security compromise. In simple words, the QuickBooks conversion tool help the user to convert the company file from one program to another. This tool never compromises with the data security.

If you are interested in knowing the process to use QuickBooks desktop conversion tool, then make sure that you read this post carefully till the end. Or an alternate for the same can be to get in touch with a team of professionals or certified ProAdvisor’s, who will let you know all possible information related to the same. Give us a call right away at our toll-free customer support number i.e. 1-800-761-1787. We will be happy to help you.

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Advantages of QuickBooks conversion tool

As we mentioned earlier, QuickBooks conversion tool comes with amazing features and functionalities. The advantages include the following:

  • This tool permits the setup process for the conversion of QuickBooks file
  • Another advantage of this tool can be if the conversion tool doesn’t change the current/existing data files
  • Also, this will help in understanding the current state of the business
  • The tool usually imports the data from the new QuickBooks company
  • Moreover, this tool creates a log for every conversion, simply to maintain the records systematically
  • This tool offers the user with a choice for the imports list. This helps the users to list plus/minus balances as well as historical transactions in one go
  • Also, if the tool ensures that no such data security compromises are possible at the time of conversion taking place.

System Requirements for the QuickBooks Conversion Tool

Before you start with the QuickBooks conversion tool, it is important that whether your system is compatible with the tool or not. There are certain system requirements that a user should have to meet in order to get the conversion tool.

  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, windows 8
  • Processor: 500 MHz Intel Pentium II
  • Memory: 512 MB
  • Hard drive: 2.5 GB free space
  • Microsoft .NET framework: Version 2.0 is least
  • QuickBooks Desktop: Pro, Premier, or Enterprise 2018
  • Sage 50: Version 2013 and above
  • It should be noted that the operating system should be either windows 7, 8, or 10, or windows vista, windows XP
  • The user should have installation of .NET 2.0 framework
  • QuickBooks desktop should be installed in proper manner and should be registered properly
  • RAM storage should be either 512 MB or higher

How to Download the QuickBooks desktop conversion tool?

  • The user needs to firstly, Download the QuickBooks Conversion Tool.
  • And then, look for and open the folder having the downloaded file.
  • The user needs to right click on the QuickBooks conversion tool icon and also select properties
  • After that, under the compatibility mode, the user needs to select the checkbox for run this program compatibility for, and then select from the dropdown the window operating system being used
  • The user will then have to click on ok tab
  • And lastly, right click the file i.e. QuickBooks ConversionToolSetup.exe and also choose run as admin

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Steps to Use the QuickBooks Conversion tool effectively

Now that you know the relevant information related to the QuickBooks conversion tool, it is the right time to start using it. The below steps would surely help you in making the best out of the conversion tool.

  1. Initially the user is supposed to double click the conversion tool and open it
  2. Followed by selecting one of the two options that would appear on the screen i.e. My Client Company or My own company.
  3. The user will then have to select the accounting software
  4. And then, select next and opt for the company file and also hit next again
  5. The user will then require to select the QuickBooks product and navigate to the folder where you have saved the company file and also hit next
  6. The next step is to select the conversion levels as per the list which you see on the screen and then hit next
  7. The user will then have to select the accounting preferences as per the date and name of the company, and then hit next
  8. The last step is to check all the details for the last time and then hit start, and after the process is complete, the user needs to click on finish tab

Steps to Convert from Sage 50 to QuickBooks Desktop

Now comes the process to convert sage to QuickBooks desktop. Well, if you are a Sage 2010 user, then the below steps will help you out in converting it to QuickBooks:

Step 1: Firstly, the user needs to set up the data access credentials

  • For which the user needs to launch the sage application and also open the company file
  • Once done with that, move to the main menu and choose maintain, along with users and setup security tab.
Set up the data access credentials in Sage - Screenshot
  • The user will also have to click on data access/crystal reports
Data Access or Crystal Reports - Screenshot
  • After that, the user needs to click on change to set the password
  • Followed by choosing close Sage

Step 2: Once done with that, the user needs to select the Sage company file

  • And then, download and install QuickBooks conversion tool from the Intuit website. The user will then have to use the tool by running it as admin. Now, the user needs to right click the QuickBooksConversionToolSetup.exe file and also choose the run as admin option
  • After that, the user needs to select the company file by clicking the browse option, from the database name window.
Convert from Sage 50 to QuickBooks Desktop - Screenshot Image
  • And also choose the company name and hit OK tab

Step 3: The last step is to convert the company file

  • This can be done by simply selecting the QuickBooks version to convert Sage to and also look for the folder, where the QuickBooks file is to be kept. Also, hit next
  • Now, in the new window, the user will have to verify the accuracy of the information, and then hit convert file option.
Convert the company file - Screenshot Image
  • The process might take some time, and the user will have to wait for the message to appear prompting done.
QuickBooks Desktop Conversion Tool - Screenshot Image
  • The last step is to open the QuickBooks file and check if the process was completed successfully or not

Step 4: Review the conversion

In this step, the user needs to opt for the option to open in QuickBooks, after the tool completes the task. The user needs to review the data in QuickBooks and also ensure that everything is present. The user will then have to review the transfer log:

  • The very first step is to open the windows start menu
  • And then, look for and open the file explorer
  • Also, the user needs to move to the C:\USERS\[Your Windows User Name]\My Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks
  • Now, the user needs to review the failed transaction log file in the folder. This will tell you if the data didn’t transfer over.

Important Point: It should be noted that, the user can only convert the versions of Sage 50 and QuickBooks desktop from the same region. In case, the user is having a US version of Sage 50, then it is important for the user to convert it to the US version of QuickBooks desktop only.

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Steps to Convert from Quicken to QuickBooks Desktop

Quicken 2011 or the earlier version users can easily switch to QuickBooks, with the steps listed below:

  1. The user needs to first download the QuickBooks conversion tool. In case the user is converting to QuickBooks of same year from Quicken of same year, then the tool is not needed. This tool is very much effective and is needed when the QuickBooks is newer than Quicken.
    • The user will have to launch the Quicken converter and then hit next
    • Also, accept the terms in the license agreement and click on next and install options
    • Followed by, selecting launch quicken converter and click on finish tab
    • The user will then have to select I am transferring data from Quicken to windows option and then choose the get started option
    • Now, the user needs to select open a data file located on this system option and also browse the file by clicking on select file tab. The user should also hit convert and OK tabs
    • Once done with that, click on save to save the updated quicken file and also choose the exit option. The Quicken file will not be upgraded
  2. After completing the steps above, the user should launch the QuickBooks desktop
  3. Followed by moving to the file and utilities tab. The user will also have to opt for convert and from Quicken option
Convert from Quicken to QuickBooks Desktop - Screenshot Image
  • The last step in this process is to carry out the onscreen prompts

Limitations of the QuickBooks conversion tool

Along with the above stated features, there are certain limitations to the QuickBooks conversion tool as well. These limitations are related to importing data, transaction, and account balances from other financial software into QuickBooks. This would help in converting employee list information which includes the social security number, as well as payroll general ledger account balance information.

There is certain payroll information, that one can’t convert using the QuickBooks conversion tool. This includes: paycheck, employee year to date information, payroll item, individual employee wage, etc. Along with that, job costing, fixed asset items work tickets and then close or partially closed sales orders, estimates, and purchase order might not be converted with the help of conversion tool.

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Winding Up!

This drives us towards to the conclusion of this article, where we expect that information shared in above information might be of some help in using the QuickBooks desktop conversion tool.

However, if you have any query regarding the same or for any further information, you can contact our QuickBooks support team right away at our toll-free customer support number i.e. 1-800-761-1787. Our team of experts and certified professionals will ensure to provide the best possible support services.


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