QuickBooks Error code 108 is a banking error that obstructs users when they try to get access to their online banking through QuickBooks Online. This error is usually sent by the financial institution and can be resolved by following the methods given below:

  1. Getting the pop-ups disabled
  2. Logging into the bank account via the bank’s website
  3. Running the SFC/scannow command (System File checker)
  4. Configuring Firewall settings
  5. Updating Windows
  6. Bank connections should be updated

A detailed insight into the various troubleshooting Methods for QuickBooks banking error 108

Checkout these DIY methods in order to resolve this banking error 108 from your QuickBooks desktop:

Solution (1): Getting the pop-ups disabled

  • Herein, disable the popup blockers on the PC.
  • As an extra safeguard, also clear the temporary files, cookies, and cache from the browser.
delete all the cookies and temporary internet files in the browser - Screenshot
  • Now, restart the browser and enter the URL of the bank’s website.
  • Try performing your Online banking transactions to check if the Error code 108 faded
  • away.

Solution (2): Logging into the bank account via the bank’s website

  • Open the web browser and enter your financial institution (bank) URL to navigate to the same.
  • Get logged in to your online bank account and locate KB details.
  • Then, turn on the pop-up blocker.
Turn on the pop-up blocker - Image

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Solution (3): Running the SFC/scannow command (System File checker)

  • Head for the Windows start button on the Desktop screen.
  • Simply type “SFC” and double-click on the SFC icon to open it. If the SFC icon doesn’t appear in the search box, open the command prompt from the start menu and then type SFC/scannow in the command prompt.
Type sfc-scannow - Screenshot
  • Let the scan conclude. It will check for any errors, including the QuickBooks Error 108.

Solution (4): Configuring Firewall settings

  • Navigate to the Control Panel after venturing into the Windows start menu.
  • When the control panel window opens on the screen, proceed to Windows Firewall after searching for the same in the Search box (top right corner of the screen).
  • Now, on the left side of the screen, hit on Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall.
Firewall and Network Protection - Screenshot
  • Herein, make sure that QuickBooks is not being disrupted by the firewall.

Solution (5): Updating Windows

  • Hit on the Start menu and then type “Update” to let the windows update icon appear in the search bar. Open the same and then search for updates.
  • Click on the boxes corresponding to all the Microsoft Components, including other supporting programs which you find essential for QuickBooks functioning.
  • Finally, download the updates and then restart your computer to let it automatically install the updates.
Install Windows Updates - Screenshot
  • Once that is done, open QuickBooks Online again and try opening the bank account to process your financial transactions.

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Solution (6): Bank connections should be updated

  • After signing into QuickBooks Online, head for Bookkeeping and then proceed to Transactions.
  • After that, proceed to the Bank Transactions option.
Update Bank Transactions - Image
  • Finally, click on the update option.

Finalizing up!

A plethora of error codes keep impeding users of QuickBooks, be it QuickBooks Desktop or its online counterpart, QuickBooks Online. Due to the disruption caused by these technical issues, including the QuickBooks Error Code 108, users get inquisitive about seeking ways to resolve them or prevent them beforehand. Although the queries are adverse, the methods to address them are equally multifold.


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