Learn How to fix Error H202 if you use Windows Server 2012 with QuickBooks Desktop:

Want to unleash the procedure to tackle out QuickBooks H202, especially in case of windows server 2012 Essentials R2? If that is the case, stay hooked to this segment. In QuickBooks accounting software you might stumble upon various typical errors. The fun fact about these errors is that it can be easily resolved by carrying out a few simple steps. QuickBooks error H202, in case of Windows server 2012 Essentials R2 is a pretty common issues that might be seen due to different factors. In this segment, we are going to discuss about the causes and fixes to this error. You should follow these steps only if you see Error H202 and you are using Windows Server 2012 Essentials R2. 

In case you find the solutions a bit complicated, then in that situation you can contact your network admin before you begin. Moreover, reading the article till the end will help you in getting rid of the error without much hassle.

Error H202 - Problem with multi-user hosting setup  (Screenshot)

You can also get in touch with our QuickBooks error support team in order to save your time and efforts for a hassle free fixation of this problem. Our U.S based best accounting experts will ensure to fix the error on your behalf.

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Procedure to Fix H202 in case of Windows Server 2012 Essentials R2

The causes of this error can’t be defined, therefore we have directly jump down to the solutions:

Step 1: The very initial step is to check the server version

In this step you need to verify the server version you are having, for ensuring that the steps are appropriate accordingly. You are required to carry out the steps below:

  • Start off with opening the Windows start menu on the server system.
  • Type in settings into the search bar. Followed by opening the same.
  • Select systems and then about option.
Check the Windows Server version - Screenshot

You will see the server version listed in the about section. For the ones who are using windows server 2012 essentials R2, the below steps are a must. However, in case using any other server operating system, the basic H202 troubleshooting steps can be carried out.

Step 2: Installing QuickBooks database server manager

QuickBooks Database Server Manager Tool - Screenshot

For the ones who have not already installed QuickBooks database server manager on the server system for each of the versions of QuickBooks, it is very much important to download and install it. The QuickBooks database server manager tool maintains the stability of the multi-user network. Now the steps below can be continued:

The setup process can be done in two ways:

  • Either by opting the full program option: This involves the full version of QuickBooks desktop and database server manager installed on the server computer.
  • Or else opt for server only option: This involves only the QBDBSM installed on the server system.

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Step 3: Rebooting base filtering engine service

This step is to be carried out every time the server system is restarted. You should always sign in to the server system as a user with admin rights while troubleshooting.

Stopping the base filtering engine service

  • The initial step is to open the Windows start menu on the server system.
  • Type in run into the search bar and open run.
  • Followed by typing in services.msc into the run window and hit enter key.
Type services.msc in Run Box - Screenshot
  • Next step is to spot the base filtering engine on the service list.
  • Hit a right click on the base filtering engine and select the stop option.
Stop base filtering engine service - Screenshot
  • Make sure to dismiss or stop again the error message, in case it displays on the screen.

The above listed steps will end the connection to the workstations, which will be restarted later on.

Scanning the QuickBooks files

Intuit QuickBooks Database Server Manager (GIF Image) - Screenshot
  • In this process, open Windows Start menu.
  • Now type QuickBooks database server manager into the search bar and open the same.
  • Once done with that, choose the folder with the company files or you can also browse to spot the folder on the computer.
  • Tap on start scan option.
Scan Company File in QuickBooks Database Server Manager - Screenshot
  • And end the process by selecting the close option, as soon as the scan finishes.

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Restarting the base filtering engine service

Now that you have completed the scanning process, it is time for you to start the base filtering engine service that we turned off earlier. The steps involved in this process are:

  • Open Windows Start menu.
  • Type in RUN in the dialogue box.
  • Also type services.msc into the run window and press Enter key.
Type services.msc in Run Box - Screenshot
  • Now look for the base filtering engine on the service list.
  • Followed by right clicking the base filtering engine and selecting Restart.
Restart base filtering engine service - Screenshot
  • In case you encounters an error message, you are required to dismiss it and select Start again.
Start the base filtering engine service - Screenshot
  • Before you close the window, make sure to spot windows firewall on the service list. And also check out the status, if it’s running, then the process is complete.

In case the windows firewall is not running, you can carry out the steps below:

  • First of all, hit a right click on Windows firewall and opt for the properties option.
  • In the properties window, select Start and restart the firewall.

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The Final Words..!

These were a few steps that can be followed in order to get rid of QuickBooks error H202 especially when using windows server 2012 essentials R2. If you are still having any query or in case the error still persists then feel free to reach us at our QuickBooks enterprise support team by dialing our U.S based dedicated helpline 1-800-761-1787. We work round the clock to provide the best possible assistance for all queries.


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