Users in QuickBooks have lately been facing MFC100.dll error. This error is related to a corrupted MFC100.dll file, and typically appears when users try to install QuickBooks on their systems. The conspicuous reasons for the corruption might be some malware/virus infecting your files, or it may be due to ancillary reasons, including a sudden system shutdown. To get rid of this error, you can either manually set up the .dll file or by inducting the QuickBooks.dll by using the register server. So, the methods of troubleshooting the MFC100.dll missing error in QuickBooks include the following:

  • Using the Microsoft Register Server to incorporate QuickBooks.dll/MFC100.dll file.
  • Manually download MFC100.dll file and replace it with the existing erroneous .dll file on your computer.

What are the major reasons behind a missing MFC100.dll file?

  • Your PC might be intruded on by a virus, which may also have affected the MFC100.dll file
  • The user may have inadvertently moved the MFC100.dll file from its original location.
  • Frequent sudden shutdowns of the PC may also incite this error code.
  • Some unauthorized third-party programs installed lately on the system may have tampered with the .dll file.
  • You may have previously added an erroneous/corrupted MFC100.dll file manually from some malicious source.

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When is the MFC100.dll file is missing error observed in QuickBooks?

This QuickBooks error is usually witnessed at times when users try installing/updating their copy for QuickBooks Desktop to an upgraded version. This error shows up in the form of an error message and puts a complete break on the installation process.

What error message gets displayed on the screen?

This .dll file-related error message that you may observe on the screen comes up in the following form:

MFC100.dll File is Missing Error - Image
Filename.exe – System ErrorMFC100.dll is missing on your computer. Try reinstalling.

What are the different .dll errors observed by QuickBooks users?

Besides the MFC100.dll missing file, users may also encounter similar issue related to the MSVCR110.dll and MFC 140.dll. Although the process of resolving the error messages related to those errors is also similar to the one mentioned above for MFC100.dll, the .dll files that are facing issues are different.

What to do if the MFC100.dll file keeps persisting?

Solution 1: System Restore:

Restore your computer - Screenshot image 1

Although the manual procedure of inducting the mFC100.dll file should easily resolve the issue if the error keeps showing up, then you should consider restoring the system to an earlier state and revert the system back to any change which you suspect may have caused the issue with this .dll file.

Solution 2: QuickBooks Clean Install:

Clean Install Utility - Screenshot

If the system restore does not help, or if there is no restore point available, then, in that case, consider the option of clean installing the QuickBooks Desktop software. Users can also employ QuickBooks Clean Install Tool to clean install QuickBooks.

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Summing Up

As a Windows user, you may have faced multiple issues with the .dll files, usually while installing some particular software/application. MFC100.dll missing error is a similar error that obstructs QuickBooks installation. In this brief blog on FAQs, we have tried to address all the prominent FAQs related to this error. For guidance on other QuickBooks issues, scroll past our other Articles and FAQs.


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