Error WLT1003 is an error that indicates connectivity issues between the bank and QuickBooks. This error is associated with a failure of storing the Credit Card values in the Wallet system and is typically encountered when the users try to add customer credit card through QuickBooks. With the advent of this error, the user may be blocked from score cards for 12 hours and generally, users need to wait for 12 hours and then make another attempt of adding the customer credit card. Read this article to know about the causes, signs and workable fixes for QuickBooks Error WLT1003.

You might get the similar error message on your computer screen when trying to add a credit card for a customer:

“errors”: [
“code”: “WLT1003”,
“type”: “RiskServiceException”,
“message”: “Risk Decision is DECLINED”,
“moreInfo”: “Risk Decision is DECLINED”,
“infoLink”: “https:\/\/\/v2\/docs?redirectID=PayErrors”

Causes of QuickBooks Error WLT1003

Some of the conspicuous causes that may spark this QuickBooks error are:

  • Poor Internet connectivity may be obstructing the connection between the bank and QuickBooks.
  • A firewall or antivirus might be blocking the connection with the bank server.
  • The bank’s website may be going through backend maintenance.

What are the signs related to QuickBooks Error WLT1003?

Users may witness the following signs that indicate this error:

  • Unable to store Credit Card values in the Wallet system.
  • While connecting QuickBooks with the server, the program crashes or the system gets frozen.
  • System experiences sudden restart especially when connecting QuickBooks to the server.

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Different Methods to Resolve QuickBooks Error WLT1003

Following approaches should be performed to root out Error WLT1003 and to allow users to add credit card through QuickBooks.

Fix 1: Clear system cache

  • Initiate the process by hitting on the Windows key.
  • Now, advance to Settings and after that, hit the Enter key.
  • After that, proceed by hitting on System.
  • Now, advance to Storage and then hit on the Free up space now option.
Clean the system junk files - Screenshot
  • Now, opt for the files to delete and following that, hit on the Remove Files tab.

Fix 2: Check Internet Connectivity

Use my computer's Internet connection settings - Image

Users should check internet connection. A slow internet connection could potentially lead to Error WLT1003. Cipher strength should also be checked.

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Fix 3: Update QuickBooks

It is a wise step that users update QuickBooks to the latest release. The walkthrough below should be of some help:

  • Run QuickBooks as an administrator by right-clicking the QuickBooks icon, followed by clicking on Run as administrator.
  • After that, click on the Help menu and follow up by hitting on Update QuickBooks Desktop.
Update Now Option When Updating QuickBooks - Image
  • Soon after, hit on the Update Now option and checkmark the Reset updates option.
  • Now, click on the Get Updates option.

Fix 4: Re-enable bank feeds

Re-enabling the bank feeds can fix Error Code WLT1003 in QuickBooks. The procedure to disable and re-enable the bank feeds option is given below:

  • At the start, the user is required to head to Lists.
  • Follow up by clicking on the Chart of Accounts option.
Chart of accounts option - Screenshot
  • The next step requires right-clicking the account, followed by hitting on the Deactivate option.
  • After that, hit on the Edit Account option.
  • Subsequently, head to the Bank Feeds Settings tab.
  • Follow up by clicking on the option to Deactivate All Online Services.
Deactivate all online services - Image
  • Proceed by clicking on Save and Close.
  • Culminate the process by hitting on Ok tab.

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Fix 5: Temporarily disable the antivirus

There can be a possibility of antivirus obstructing the connectivity between QuickBooks and the internet. As such, users should disable the antivirus protection temporarily. For this, the below given steps can help:

  • Hower over the Taskbar and Right-click the anti-virus icon.
  • Click on Temporary disable the antivirus protection.
Disable the antivirus - Image
  • Once done, run QuickBooks and try re-establishing the connection between the Server and QuickBooks.

Summing Up!

We have earmarked various important and workable methods for rectifying QuickBooks Error WLT1003. If you face any technical hindrance during the process, feel free to call our proficient QuickBooks desktop error support experts at the helpline 1-800-761-1787.


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