At the time of using statement writer, users might often face several issues. Today, we will be talking about the processes to fix the error with statement writer. The causes of this error can be many, which include automatic Windows updates, sudden changes with QuickBooks, among other causes. Thus, if you are facing any kind of issue with statement writer, then today’s post will be of great help in fixing the issue. However, if you need any sort of technical assistance, then feel free to contact us via our helpline at 1-800-761-1787 or live chat support.

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Procedures to Fix the QuickBooks Statement Writer Issues When Opening File

There are a couple of solutions that the users can implement, in order to get rid of the performance issues due to QuickBooks statement writer error (QSW).

1st Solution: Editing the QBDSK.INI file can fix Quickbooks statement writer error

Editing the QBDSK.INI file - Image

This solution will fix the QuickBooks SDK invalid result error while creating a new report in QuickBooks statement writer.

  • This can be done by moving to the location of the file C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks\QBDSK.INI
  • And then, right-click the QBDSK.INI file and tap on Open with, followed by choosing notepad.

Now, add the following:







  • You need to save the changes by moving to the file and then save in notepad.
  • Also, reboot the QuickBooks desktop and inspect if QuickBooks statement writer error got resolved.

2nd Solution: Reviewing the .log file

Examination of the log file can give you an idea of the cause of this error. To review the same, proceed as follows:

  • You need to navigate to the location of the file: C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Statement Writer.
  • Also, note that you might need to display Hidden files and folders in the folder in case the folder is not appearing.
Show hidden files and folders - Screenshot Image
  • After that, open isw.YYYY.log. This file shows the user activity and errors that have occurred.
  • Now, check the cause behind the QuickBooks statement writer error.

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3rd Solution: Running QuickBooks Statement Writer Diagnostics

The steps to run the QuickBooks Statement Writer Diagnostics are given as under:

Running QuickBooks statement writer diagnostics - Image
  • For this, select Preferences and formats from the Statement writer welcome page.
  • And then, choose Run diagnostics now.
  • Also, follow the wizard to diagnose and fix the error listed.

4th Solution: Refreshing QSW’s access permission

The issue may also erupt due to limited access permission. In such a case, the user should refresh the access permission related to Quickbooks Statement Writer as follows:

  • In this method, you need to select Preferences from the Edit menu.
  • And then, choose Integrated application and move to the Company preferences tab.
Integrated application - Image
  • Also, select QuickBooks statement writer and opt for Remove.
  • Next step is to close then relaunch the QuickBooks.
  • The last step is to open the statement writer.

5th Solution: Choose a different alternative to access .QSM file

  • In case you are unable to open the QSW data file over a network, then you need to save the file locally.
  • And then, access the QSW file while using a different company file. In case the file opens, you need to try out some basic data damage fixation methods.

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6th Solution: Ensuring the compatibility of M.S Excel

Ensure that excel is compatible - Image

QuickBooks statement writer 2014 and later versions are compatible with Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010, and 2013.

7th Solution: Making changes in Windows settings

Specific alterations made to the Windows settings can help in rooting out this issue related to the QuickBooks statement writer. The same are explained as under:

QuickBooks in Compatibility Tab - Screenshot
  • You are supposed to change the regional settings in Windows.
  • And then, change user settings:
    • Enable the User account control
    • Also, ensure you are not running QuickBooks or excel as an admin.
      • And then, right-click the Version of QuickBooks and or excel you are using from the Programs menu and then choose Properties
      • Also, go to the Compatibility tab and ensure no boxes are checked.

8th Solution: Updating your copy of QuickBooks Desktop

Update QuickBooks Desktop - Screenshot Image 1 (2)

You are supposed to update QuickBooks desktop to the latest release since many times a simple update can fix the QuickBooks Statement Writer error.

9th Solution: The latest version of QSW should be downloaded

You can download the latest version of QSW. Follow the directions below:

  • The first step is to open QuickBooks statement writer.
  • And then, choose Help center and also pick Update.

In case the download/install update prompts appears every time you open QSW or shows up after updating, then choose to Cancel to open QSW.

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Summing Up!

This drives us towards the conclusion of this article, where our team of experts hopes that the methods framed herein should successfully fix the QuickBooks Statement Writer error. But if in case the error continues by any chance, then do waste another second. All you need to do is call our certified Quickbooks professionals. Reach out to us at our toll-free number i.e., 1-800-761-1787, and let our QuickBooks enterprise technical support professionals handle the situation for you.


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