A quick guide to Fix Payroll items on a paycheck are not calculating or are calculating incorrectly error:

QuickBooks is multipronged accounting software that has revolutionized accounting and business sectors by enhancing productivity and efficiency. It has provided businesses with assorted avenues of boosting efficiency while making no compromise on quality standards. It has transpired as one of the eminent accounting payroll software globally. Among the noteworthy QuickBooks features to leverage, the automatic tax calculations, free transactions, and e-payment services stand distinct. However, while availing benefits that this holistic software offers, you may come across many issues. One of such peculiar issues is the inability to calculate payroll items on the paycheck accurately.

If your QuickBooks payroll operations are impeded due to an erroneous calculation of your payroll items in QuickBooks , you need not feel irked. Follow the brief yet invaluable walkthrough provided in this post with utmost attention to troubleshooting the issue.

Important considerations to be noted before rectifying QuickBooks desktop calculates payroll taxes incorrectly

Before we embark on the process of changing payroll items on paychecks, you need to necessitate the following prerequisites:

Update QuickBooks desktop (Screenshot)
Latest Payroll Tax Table - Screenshot Image

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Walkways To Rectify The QuickBooks Payroll Is Not Calculating Payroll Taxes Problem

Follow the crucial troubleshooting methods provided below to correct QuickBooks not calculating payroll taxes correctly error. Make sure that you follow all the steps with utmost observance.

Solution 1: Check if the payroll item is calculated based on the amount, hours, or neither

Payroll items can be calculated on the basis of quantity, hours, or neither. Once you choose to configure the payroll item based on quantity or hours, provide the quantity or number of hours in the Quantity column of the Preview Paycheck window. To change the calculation settings of the payroll item, follow the steps provided below:

  • Choose Lists from the top menu bar.
  • Navigate to Payroll Item List.
  • Right-click on the item which requires alteration and then click on Edit Payroll Item.
  • Select Next until the Calculate Based on Quantity screen.
Calculate Based on Quantity - Screenshot Image
  • If the current payroll item does not need hours or quantity for calculation, change the setting to Neither.
  • Choose Next.
  • And lastly, click on Finish.

Solution 2: Check if the annual limit has been set or exceeded

If there is a limit set for the payroll item calculation, you may see incorrect calculations all of a sudden. Suppose a payroll item has been calculated accurately in the past but encounters interruptions while calculating on a paycheck. In that case, you may have inadvertently check-marked the ‘This is an annual limit’ checkbox. As such, you may have crossed the default limit. To verify whether the annual limit has been reached, follow the below-mentioned walkthrough:

  • Head for Lists in the top menu bar.
  • Next, go to Payroll Item List.
Payroll Item List - Screenshot Image
  • Right-click the payroll item which you want to change.
  • Subsequently, move to Edit Payroll Item.
  • Now, hit on Next.
  • Once the Limit Type screen appears, verify whether the limit in the bottom box is correct.
  • If correct, the employee’s payroll item should stop calculating at this limit.
  • If you identify an incorrect limit, change the amount.
  • Under Limit Type, confirm that ‘Annual – Restart each year,’ ‘Monthly – Restart each month,’ and ‘One-time limit‘ are selected.
  • Alter the default limit and the Limit Type selection.
  • To culminate the process, click on Finish.

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Solution 3: Check if the Deduction Item is Set accurately

You need to examine how the payroll item for tax deduction is being set for both the gross and net-based calculations. The final calculations on the paycheck significantly depend on the deduction item. To verify the deduction item in payroll, follow the steps given below:

  • Open QuickBooks, and from under the Lists option, select Payroll Item Lists.
Payroll Item Lists - Image
  • Next, right-click deduction and hit Edit Payroll Items.
Edit Payroll Items - Image
  • Click Next, and it will open the Net/Gross window.
  • Now inspect if the deduction item has been set accurately.
  • Click Next and then hit Finish to get the job done.
  • There can be different criteria for calculating every item, so you can reach the authority to confirm how a deduction item should be calculated.

Solution 4: Check the Ordering Of the Payroll Items

It is also important to check how payroll items are ordered for the calculation. Check the below-given points:

  • Go to the Other Payroll Items section to ensure that employee’s earnings-based payroll items are on the top.
  • Other alterations (additions or subtractions) to be made in the payroll items should come subsequent to the earnings-based payroll items.

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Sum up!

This post is an encapsulation of the diligent and consistent efforts of our experts. We are hopeful that the steps enumerated in this article served your purpose and assisted you in rectifying QuickBooks Desktop calculates wages or payroll taxes incorrectly error. If the miscalculations continue to linger or in case you face any difficulty while performing the remedial steps, feel free to connect to our QuickBooks payroll technical support Team at 1-800-761-1787. Our team comprises certified professionals who work selflessly towards providing you with unmatched support services.


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