QuickBooks company file carries a lot of important and sensitive data, which needs to be backed up time and again. The user can either backup the data manually of can set up QuickBooks automatic backup. Talking about automatic backup, it is a great feature offered by QuickBooks desktop. One can set up QuickBooks to automatically backup after closing the company file a certain number of times. For example, every 3 times a company file is closed by the user, a backup can be created by the software without any sort input from the user.

However, to get a detailed guide about setting up or scheduling QuickBooks automatic backups, make sure to read this post till the end. Or contact our technical support team for further assistance. keep reading…

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Steps to Set up Schedule Backups in QuickBooks Desktop

The below steps can be helpful in setting up scheduled backup in QuickBooks:

  • Under this, the user needs to first select the File menu.
  • And then go for the Save copy or Backup.
  • After that the user will see that the backup wizard window will open up.
  • Now, click on Backup copy.
  • And hit Next.
  • In case you haven’t set backup defaults, select options to do so. The user can select the location where the Local backup will be saved.
Create a Local Backup in QuickBooks - Screenshot Image
  • After that, select Next.
  • And click on the Options from schedule future backups, and save & schedule future backups.
  • The user is then required to select Only Schedule future backups and click on Next tab.
Schedule future backups - Screenshot Image
  • Look for the section, backup on a schedule.
  • Select New.
  • For scheduled backup, type a description. The name of the scheduled backup will help in easily finding it from the list of scheduled backups.
  • The user will then have to select the Folder where the backup copies will be stored. Click on the Browse tab. And also keep in mind that the software will not allow you to schedule a backup to compact disc.
Schedule a backup - Image
  • The user can place a checkmark against the number of backups copies that are to be kept. And then type the number in the number field.
  • After that open Store Windows password tab. You will be requested to type the windows login information. Ensure that the windows login information that you have typed gives you all the Windows permission required for the location that you have chosen above for the backup.
  • The user needs to enter the following information for the backup- time, weekly frequency, and days. For instance, if you want that the backups run on a daily basis, you have to select every day of the week and run the backup task every one week.
  • To return to previous window, select OK tab. The user will see the backup listed in the list in the section, backup on a schedule.
  • End the process by closing the wizard and clicking on the Finish tab.

Steps to Schedule Automatic Backups in QuickBooks Desktop

In order to set up QuickBooks automatic backup, the below steps can be used:

  • The very first step is to navigate to the File menu in the QB menu bar.
  • After that select Save copy or backup.
  • The next step is to click on the Backup copy after the save copy or backup window opens up.
Backup Company option -Screenshot
  • Now, select Next.
  • In case you haven’t already set up backup defaults, then select Options to do so. The user can also select the location where the backup would be saved and then hit Next button.
Create a Local Backup in QuickBooks - Screenshot Image
  • Laster on, hit a click on one of the Two– use this location or change location.
  • The next step is to select Next button.
  • And, click on one of the Two options that appear on the screen.
  • Then, click on Next once again.
  • And head to the box that asks the number of times you should close QuickBooks company file to save backup copy automatically.
  • Also, type a Number in the number field.
  • After typing the number click on Finish tab.

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Steps to Setup Backup Reminders in QuickBooks

The user can carry out the below steps for setting up backup reminders.

  • At first, move to the File menu and select Save copy or backup.
  • After that, select Backup copy and hit Next.
  • The next step is to click on Options.
  • Followed by, browse to the directory where you want to save backups.
  • Moving ahead, select the remind me to backup when closing data every time and enter a number in the field as per the requirement.
Remind me to backup when closing data option - Image
  • Also, select the Add the date and time of backup to the file name box and click on OK tab.


By now, the user might be able to set up QuickBooks desktop automatic backup successfully. Well, if not, then reach out to our professionals team right away using our customer support helpline i.e., 1-800-761-1787. Our QuickBooks desktop support team of experts and professionals will ensure to come up with the best possible solution in the least possible time.


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